Wednesday, April 30, 2008

water, water, everywhere!

Mick did get to see us on Monday for a brief period before he had to get back to school work. During that time we went to dinner and on the way home we heard Micah chuckling...not laughing really but chuckling. I look back at him and he is banging his sippy cup on his leg. I am like well now that is just so funny, Micah. I gave him his cup in hopes that he would perform a miracle and drink out of it like other kids I know...not that I am comparing! Then I realize why he is laughing. He had somehow gotten the top loosened and poored the whole cup out onto himself. Hardly any got on the seat because his intentions were obviously to soak his clothes. He found the whole scene amusing and Mick and I couldn't help but laugh too. Of course it was deemed my fault because I was the one who gave him the I loosened it and hoped that he would poor it all out, right!
Notice the circular wetness on the belly...
Notice how dark his right pant leg is...that is because water was dripping from it, it was so wet. What a silly boy!

crazy week

I am a single mom this week...I don't know how real single moms do it. The past three weeks Mick has not been home much at all but this week is the worst. Seriously he will not get home this week before ten o clock any day! Yikes. Micah and I are just flying solo this week. Funny how Micah decides to stop sleeping through the night on our craziest week. Oh well. I have had lots of silly little things that I would have posted about but I can't do it with a baby on my hip. He is napping now but I know that is shortlived so I will have a few silly stories to follow, if he keeps snoozin'!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Sunny!

After Micah's haircut and lunch with the Harper's we went to one of my best friend, April's daughters birthday party. We have been so busy that it has been hard to get together with them and that makes me sad. April and her husband aren't from Dville originally...we met them in Sunday school at our old church. They still go there though, so we don't see them at church anymore. They have two kiddos who were just babies(or seemed like it) when we met them and now their youngest is turning 5. Time goes by too fast.
This is April and I. We don't have very many pictures together lately since we haven't seen each other in so long. I am looking rough in this picture but it is one of the few of April and I...
This is funny because I insisted Mick put Micah in the jumpy thing. I waited for it to clear out and then I made them hop in . But as soon as they got in...if you look below you see what happened. Mick wanted to kill me.
For Sunny's birthday it was a Hannah Montana party. April made it look so cute and I know Sunny loved it. We got Sunny a Hannah Montana wig. Here is April trying to put it on. It was really creepy actually because Sunny has really curly hair and it was really straight. Anyways, it was a fun Saturday for us and even though it was busy it was nice to be together as a family and see friends that we hadn't been able to hang out with in a while.
Today marks a week, no five days left in the baseball season and I have never been so glad. In years past I have hoped for the playoffs or even a trip playing some south Ga. team, but not this year. I couldn't be happier that we stunk. Just teasing. They are a good team and they are good boys. It has just been a weird year. There is alot going on in alot of families and it is a transition year for Mick as well. We will see what next year holds...prayerfully we will make the right decision for our family.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Boys First Haircut!

We said goodbye to Donald Trump on Saturday as Micah Reed got his first haircut. We were going to go to one of those cutsey places and get the whole kid package but the girl that cuts my hair has 3 kiddos herself and I felt way more comfortable with her in case Micah was to go psycho. Well it was a good decision because she was SO good and Micah did SO good. And at my expensive hair place first haircuts are FREE! Thank you Jesus, what a good day and a small blessing! We took the dog in with us for reinforcement but she was so fast and he was real brave. I was definitely more nervous than he was...I will say my hairdresser was smart and asked me to get him to sit by himself. When we cut Hayden's hair he sat in his mom's lap and she and he were both hysterical by the end. She had to hold him down. So starting them off by themselves definitely worked for us. Micah looks so grownup now. It gets me everytime I look at him. We had a busy weekend and there will be more pictures to follow but I have got to get some sleep before Monday gets here. More stories to follow too...


Micah loves to be outside and he loves to be at the ball field. I used to take a chair and sit and watch the game but this year I might have actually seen one whole game in total if you combine all of the parts of games I have seen. Now that Micah is walking there isn't even a chance that I get to sit. He is everywhere...but he sleeps good at night! Here he is in his daddy's John Deere gator at the game Friday night. Just one more week to go, Thank you Lord!

hot date

On Friday Micah and I took the day off and headed to the mall and to Mick's game. We met my friend Alison and her daughter Charlotte for lunch. Alison and I work together and see each other often but the kiddos hadn't had the opportunity to interact in a while. They are both growing and changing. Micah loved to tickle Charlottes feet and she just laughed and laughed. It was too cute to see them finally both acknowledge each other. It was also nice to have some girl time. Thanks Alison!


Friday, April 25, 2008


Ok, I don't have much to write about but my last post was so depressing that even I am tired of looking at it...I am still struggling with those feelings and emotions but I will go back to masking it with humor now. Just teasing.
My husband new I was close to loosing it yesterday so he did alot of little things to make my day easier so much thanks to him. He even skipped a baseball practice to rescue me so I could go to work...for those of you who know him you know that is HUGE.
I had promised Micah we would go to this big playground but we didn't quite make it...he is struggling with his nap schedule. So, we just stopped at the very small playground in our neighborhood. All he could do was slide and swing with me, I thought he would be like yeah mom, whatever this is boring. The child cried real tears when we had to leave. I took a picture when we got home because there was this one big crocodile tear on his little cheek and he was just smiling at me. He had stopped crying because he had started playing with that silly dog of his. We are off to lunch with friends! I am not sure if you can see the tear in the picture or not...but here is my mistreated boy:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

good enough?

I am fully aware that the blog I am about to write probably has little purpose and may be pretty uninteresting to read. I am writing it to relieve myself of my current frustrations and feelings, I promised more funny stories...I hope those come back tomorrow.
I am sure that whatever the circumstance when things get tough each of us feels that what we are going through is the hardest. I am no different. I know that there are stay at home moms who feel as though there job is the hardest and it is...and I know there are moms who work outside the home and leave their children with someone else each day and they feel their job is the hardest and it is... Well, I stay at home with Micah sometimes (like during naps and meals) and then I take him to work with me sometimes during his waking and happy moments. I am so thankful that I have the kind of job where I can do this... knew there was going to be a but...On days like today though I think trying to do both is the hardest (although I am fully aware that I am kidding myself and there are many that have it MUCH harder) But I live in my world in my house with my child and it is all that I know, so pretend with me that mine is the hardest. Because I do both work and stay at home there is no real end and beginning with job and home time. It all blends together...I answer phone calls, trying to be professional while I wipe poop off my hand. I smile and refill someones drink, while trying to keep Micah from dipping his finger in it and licking it. I sing to Micah while I hang up bulletin boards. I find myself promising him just one more stop then we can go home... I try to read to, feed, play with Micah all while trying to ignore my phones buzzing. On days like today I wonder to myself, what am I accomplishing? Is this really good for Micah? Am I giving anyone my all? Is God pleased with our parenting? I once again rack my brain for a way to make money and not work...still nothing. So I will get up tomorrow and it will be a new day and I will pray that God graciously allows me to continue to do both and that I am not damaging my child in the midst of it all. I so want what is best for our family and I so pray and hope that doing the best I can is good enough, but today it doesn't feel like it. But today will be over soon...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


When we went to visit Amy today there were alot of emotions welling up in me. I had a very hard time after Micah's birth and dealt alot with post partum depression. As I am coming so close to this whole process again I am even a little anxious for Amy and the thought of doing all of this again myself sometime. At lunch we both cried as we talked about the overwhelmingness of it all. With that being said it is so good to have friends like this to help carry you through. On "The View" today ( I love the view) they talked about the key to happiness being relationship and friendships. I mean I think Jesus is the answer but through Him we are given amazing relationships with His children. Today as I watched my best friend care for Micah even while she was dealing with just having her own baby I realized how special and how needed human relationships are...not that I didn't already know it but it reminded me. These are pictures of us sharing our boys with each other getting to appreciate all the different stages and changes that they are each going through. I know that Micah appreciated that his Aunt Amy stopped to read him a story even though Paxton has entered the picture now...
I will try to get back to silly stories instead of my philosophical reminders but if you are bored then just stop reading:)

I knew you since before you were born...

I used to always tell Amy that I knew her since before she was Micah can tell Paxton the same thing. I believe this week on my blog will be almost strictly devoted to the Dobbs fam. I mean since Amy doesn't have a blog it is only proper that I inform everyone in this way:)

Micah met Paxton today. They were each pretty self centered and didn't have much to say to each other but I am sure that will change with time. There will be days where I am sure they will have too much to say to each other. What a joy to introduce our boys today. Micah and I took Amy and Brad lunch from the chicken house and got to visit with them for a bit. It is a whole new world we are entering into now that we both have boys. .. I know that it is both more than we can ask or imagine.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

life is short...

when you are three days old. I went to see Paxton again today while my boys napped. Paxton was doing so well and I enjoyed some time with Brad and Amy. I have seen him everyday of his life so far. We are close now. It is really weird to see him so tiny and all of the stuff Aim is going through it was just a year ago that I was experiencing all of the things that she is, in some ways it seems like yesterday, in others forever ago. Life is funny like that.
Seeing a new life come into the world and then all of the friends and family there to love on it remind us of how much God loves us and the way that he cares for us. We love Paxton now just because he is here...he didn't have to do anything we just do...and its the same way with God, he just loves us. What a great reminder, thanks Pax!

gettin lucky on prom night?

Before the prom Mick gives his boys a talk about how to act at the prom. Mick likes to conclude this talk by telling his baseball boys that the only person who should get lucky on prom night is him. Good luck with that one I say. I am hard pressed to look them in the eye after that little speech. I am sure they are thoroughly grossed out as well.

Anyways, we have been going to the prom together now for 4 years. Of course that isn't counting the year we were both at the prom when I was a senior and he was my teacher...we didn't go together that year of course. I don't remember him being there, but I am sure he remembers me in my lovely white and gold dress. Nice.

We went to see Paxton and the happy parents on the way to the prom. It isn't everyday you stop to see your knocked up best friend on the way to the prom...sorry there are too many prom jokes to be made. And most are only funny to me. Mick hadn't met Paxton and they hit it off immediately. I will have to say so far it seems that not only did Paxton hit the jackpot with his parents, but they seem to hit the jackpot with a very good kid. I have yet to hear him cry in his 3 days of being out of the belly. After that Mick and I headed to the prom where I enjoyed people watching and seeing some of his ball players.

I will digress for a moment because I know most of you are removed from the high school world and I wanted to rant a bit.

Most of the students behaved well. There were a few girls that had on dresses that were so short you could see far too much and most of those girls had to much junk in the trunk to be sporting the dress in the first place. Other than that there were holes cut out of dresses that made me thankful I have a boy...or maybe not. Poor Micah doesn't have a chance of guarding his heart or eyes when girls walk around half clothed...ok, wrong digression.

There was one boy who had a cane and a large wine glass with PIMP enscribed on it. He kept walking in to rooms and holding it up in the air...everyone would cheer and it was just disturbing to me. Sometimes these kinds of things hit me as humorous but this time I just wanted to go snatch it out of his hands and say, REALLY? pimp? is that what you want to be? Second of all he was white and not that attractive either, so the chances of him actually being a pimp were really very limited anyways. Kids today have no idea. Here was this middle class white kid thinking it is funny that he went to prom acting like a pimp. If only his momma knew how he was acting...or maybe she did know and thought it was funny.

It's official I am old and a real mother. I found myself almost talking to the silly kid. Even Mick had to say leave him alone. All I can say is the day that Micah even thinks about doing something remotely similar and stupid there will be consequences and reprecussions and they will be painful, no matter how old he is...

Other than that prom night was great and we were lucky to have a date, lucky to go see Paxton and lucky for nana to keep for getting lucky in any other way I will keep that to myself.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The events of the day...

Paxton Bradley Dobbs
Best Friends
The Happy Fam
Summer, Me and Suzie (my new bff's)
Adam and I

Today has been extremely long and it is only 4:00. Amy had Paxton this morning before I made it to the hospital. Micah did too good and was ready for me to leave him with Nana but the Hill Family had another stroke of unluckiness(I don't believe in luck but I can't think of a better word) Mom's accord was stolen out of their driveway last night. What mean and awful people to come into someones place of living and take something so important from them. My mom was hysterical and Hayden just kept asking why the policeman was there. I think he wanted to make sure he wasn't there to get him. So, extra prayers for my fam please. I then took Hayden to daycare and regrouped to go see Aim at the hospital. I got there before anyone had seen him so all was still good. It was a good day there spending time with Aim and Brad's fam and two of Amy's friends that I think I can now call my own. I have decided that Lord-willing when I have my next baby I want Summer there to do the blog and Suzie there to take pictures. Amy has other friends from Berry so it is only fair she shares a few of them with me right? So, since Amy doesn't have a blog here are more pictures and memories. I am now home with Micah who is so big now after looking at Paxton. I am sure I will have so much more to write in the coming days, but I think I might try to rest after this whirlwind of a day.

Happy Birthday Paxton!

I will have more info to follow but I wanted to let the other two people that read my blog know that Amy had Paxton. He weighs 8lbs 3ounces and 20 inches long. Go to The Gernatt Family blog to see lots of amazing pictures. I will have more to follow. Thanks for praying!

Pray for Aunt Amy and Paxton

Paxton will arrive today. Pray for health and safety. More info to follow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's In a Name?

Alot when it comes to our child!
WARNING: This is lengthy...

Here is the typical scenario that happens to Mick and I when we take Micah anywhere...
Someone walks up and says "Aww, he's so cute what's his name?"
I respond "Micah"
Mick responds "Micah Reed Seven Harper"
And then we must proceed into the explanation below everytime. I like Micah's name and it will always be unique but perfect strangers really don't need to or care to know the whole drawn out story. But my husband likes attention, I am sorry but it is true.
Some of you have asked about the blog title, Micah's name, etc. and I guess I need to clarify. It is pretty strange I know.
Since before we were talking children Mick wanted to name our child Seven. I mean his first name, seriously. I told him that unless it was our seventh child no way no how. He likes Seven because it is his baseball number, it was Mickey Mantle's number and Mick is named after Mickey Mantle and 7 is an important number in the Bible.
I said, who cares I want a name with real meaning a biblical name and a family name. So we chose Micah, good book in the Bible and good meaning of a messenger of God. Reed is Micah's middle name and that is Mick's mom's maiden name. We had it all figured out: Micah Reed Harper.
Then a week before delivery I got hormonal and started thinking it would be a neat present to surprise Mick and put Seven on the birth certificate. At the hospital ( on a lot of drugs) I told Mick he could put Seven as a 2nd middle name and he jumped on that like crazy.
So for better or worse our kid has no idea what he is up against. We figure he has to be cool to deal with all the name issues he will have.
When I was choosing a blog name I wanted it to be something different so I chose Seven answered prayers because we had prayed for Micah to be for quite sometime and I wanted to chronicle other answered prayers as well. I would like for there to actually be 7 of them, but Mick says he knows how to stop that and he would be dead by the time they all graduated! Just teasing honey!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

fun facts about Micahbird

I keep meaning to do this for my own here is a list of some funny and not so funny things Micah is doing with his 11 month old self:

1.Micah gave up his plugs(pacifiers) this week. I mean he wont even put it to his lips. Now, I am not complaining it is just so very strange to me. I guess one attacked him in the night or something... It shows how strong willed he is...if he wants something he wants it, if not, get it the heck away from him.

2. Micah loves his laugh and learn puppy. This is one of the best toys we own. We thought it was the cheesiest toy but it has entertained him since 3months. On the way to the lake I just threw it in the back seat to have at the lake. Micah found it and we listened to that thing talk for an hour. Now he screams to have it in the car everytime. I have to crank the radio up to hear it over "Do my ears hang low". I should be ashamed for indulging him but oh the work I get done while he squeezes that dog so I am not.
3. Micah loves to fall on anything in the floor and love on it. It is so cute. His big horsey is his favorite and any time we throw it in the middle of the floor he crashes on top of it.
4. Micah is still eating baby food. He sometimes wants to be a big boy and eat table food but other times he wants to be lazy and let it slide right down. Another thing I should be ashamed of but you can bring those jars anywhere so I like to still feed him that slime.
5. Micah still will not drink out of a sippy cup. We have purchased every brand they make, even the weird ones at Babies rus. He will teethe on it for hours but drink anything substantial he will not. I AM ashamed of this but don't know what to do to get him to use it.
6.Micah cries when anyone he likes leaves. He gets over it quickly but it is neat to see that he loves the people he hangs with...
7. Anytime we pull up to Nana and Pops Micah starts saying, da da da da...he isn't saying Daddy he is saying dog! He loves their dog, Berra, who runs and hides whenever Micah arrives.
8. Micah already thinks burping and tooting is funny. Are men born with this instinct? He laughs anytime he does either..which I then say, that's not funny and laugh out loud.
I think that is enough for can tell I love my child way too much (nana says you can't love them too much). But if you read all that you are a real friend!

me and my boy...

I can never get a good picture of Micah and he looked so cute that I had a little photo shoot with him walking. But...he kept walking on top of me while I was trying to take the picture. I fell backwards and we landed together. I told him to look at the camera and smile and he did! These are two of my favorite pictures of us... I know they are silly but they surprised me that we were even in the picture. By the way it looks like we are all on the mend. Thank you Jesus! We ALL slept through the night last night! Hip Hip Hooray!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

date night!

Nana helping Micah walk....he really didn't want the help. She is a great babysitter and we are so thankful for her!
Making the turn around the corner. Micah is walking like crazy..and falling like crazy too! Everyday it is a new bruise or bump on his noggin'.
Date night...we just had to take a picture since it is so rare!

Mick and I did manage to get in a date night over the break. Unfortunately I couldn't smell, taste or breathe. But I was determined that we would take advantage of our night away. (the whole fever in the morning told me I might have overdone it) But we had a good time just being together. I did get my hair cut on Friday and I finally washed it and fixed it myself today. AND it actually looked similar to the way the girl that cut my hair made it look. I am so excited. I got alot cut off but it is hard to tell from the picture. My hair had gotten very furry on the ends and Micah had pulled it for the last time. I can still get it in a ponytail so that is all that matters. This week hasn't been what I had hoped for but I am trying to be are things that I am thankful for this week:

This is more of an exercise for me so you don't have to keep reading:)

1-Mick was home.

2-Mick got to experience a couple of days of what I do everyday and he even mentioned that it seemed pretty hard.

3-We are all getting better.

4-Paxton will be born Friday and better to be sick now than then.

5-Micah is somewhat sleeping through the night consistently.
6-We got to spend some good time with Hayden and he was so sweet!
Ok, so things aren't really as bad as satan makes them in my head...


Jake and Micah playing nicely! Which is hard for Micah...
Micah and his very pregnant substitute Mommy fo the day...notice twinkle toes has some shoes on! This is hard work to keep those babies on!
Micah and Mr. Mom!

Well I haven't been on the computer because yesterday morning I woke up with 102 temp. Who knows what is wrong with me...I just thought I might die. This is the first time with Micah that I have been so sick that I had to stay in the bed for a brief period. Mick had to play Mr. Mom almost all day yesterday. I am feeling better after getting an antibiotic. I think I have a sinus infection and may have started to get mastitis (breast infection) on top of that. So, things are looking up today if I can just rid myself of this terrible cough. I also had to miss out on going to Jake's Birthday party yesterday. I was so looking forward to it...and to getting ideas of what to do and what not to do at Micah's party but I was stuck here at home, I made Mick take Micah and they were sweet to take some pictures for me so that I could feel a part of things. Mick did say he was the only dad with a camera around his neck and that he felt pretty silly. I am also posting pictures next from the date night so things are kind of in reverse order...oh well I feel like I am in reverse today anyways.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Does satan make us sick?

That is a theological question and I am not sure if he makes us sick but I think he definitely uses sickness to his advantage. I am feeling awful and today was supposed to be my fun day. Getting my hair and nails done and going on a date. But I feel so rotten. I can not breathe. I am trying hard not to be frustrated because I think satan wants me to get depressed and angry. So I am trying to look on the bright side...Micah feels better, Mick is home, I didn't get hit in the head with a tree. Things really aren't that bad but satan wants me to have a pity party and I can't say that I wouldn't mind it. Oh well hopefully I will feel better soon and I will have something better to post about!

what a night!

Well my dad came over to help Mick with the backyard and we were all going to have pizza together. When my dad came in he started talking about his terrible day. The insurance company isn't paying for their roof, his truck started dying at the red light and the part to fix it wasn't coming sounded like a terrible day. My dad has never had good luck in the first place. The last thing I told him before he and Mick headed outside to work on stairs and cutting down a dead tree was that he might should avoid heavy machinery when he is having such a bad day. He didn't listen. He went to cutting down the tree while he sent Mick to "fetch" something. Mick does a lot of "fetching" when working with my dad. They are both the boss so it is so humerous to watch them work together. Anyways, Micah and I went to sit outside on a blanket while dad worked on the tree. He got one big limb down and another came crashing down on his head! Next all I saw was blood. Yikes! Micah and I rushed inside to get ice and towels and Mick performed first aid. Dad refused to sit down and said he didn't think he needed stitches. Mick disagreed. They discussed it for a while and then my mom got here and she insisted they head to the emergency room. That place is such a joy! We kept Hayden and he was so worried about his budda(that is what we call my dad). He kept saying "you'll be alright budda, you're alright." He was such a good boy and he helped Mick finish the steps while I got Micah to sleep. Then Hayden got a bath and we waited on Jenny and Budda to call...they went to the emergency room at about 6 and got back about 11. If they had wanted some time alone they should have just said so! Dad seems to be fine now and hopefully he can get over here today and finish the job on the tree! Just teasing. He actually did keep cutting after he got hurt...he is so silly.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

pollen stinks! (not that I could smell it)

I am blogging right now to avoid going to get Micah who is refusing to take his second nap. He fell asleep while nursing and woke up on the way to the crib and he apparently thought he took a nap in those 2 minutes he dozed off. He was wrong and now we are arguing and have been for the past hour. I am not a "cry it out" momma usually but today or right now I am.
Micah is feeling better but I am understanding why he's been so grumpy because I feel worse today. I have a hot date tomorrow so this crud better leave tonight. I can't believe it is already Thursday, which means spring break for Mick is coming to an end. He and my dad are working on steps for the backyard because Mick has plans to make it presentable by summer. We shall see though...thanks for the continued prayers and hopefully tomorrow will be a new day.
Oh and he is still screaming at me...I wonder who will win this battle, it better be me!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We were up all night with Micah...when I say we I mean mostly Mick because I feel like poop. Micah is full fledged sick and maybe teething too. He hates life right now...I mean really hates it. Nothing makes him happy. Please just pray that we would all get well real quick because we had alot of things we wanted to do this week and it is all going by the wayside and I am very frustrated. I have to go tend to the one with snot running down his face and wiped to his ear. Nice mental picture I know...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

pit stop at the chicken stop

Today we stopped at my grandmama's new apartment. I know everyone thinks their grandma is the best, but well mine really is...just teasing. She is 85 and one of the greatest women I have had the privilige to know and I am so stinkin thankful that Micah is getting to know her. We went to lunch in her small little town and the choices are pretty sparse. We ate some really good grease, I mean food, at a place called the Chicken stop. It was no chicken house, but it was not too bad. Here are some pictures of Micah with his Great Grandmama. They are quite the pair. It brings back memories of how I saw her when I was young. She was just the best and she still is and I can tell Micah already thinks so too.

Mick will be home for the next few days and we are so thankful. I will get to do some things for me and I can't wait. We may even get to have a date!

time away

Well, we are back in town and Mick has given me a few minutes to update the blog minus Micah at my feet. Boy is it nice to have some help around here for a few days. We went to the lake and had a great time. Micah loved being able to be outside and playing in the sand was definitely his most favorite thing to do. For those of you that have traveled with children in tow you know that it is almost not worth the trip but Micah did really well after the first day of transition. He is such a boy of structure and if you mess that up boy does he make you pay. Hayden and Micah had a great time...the lake truly is a boys paradise. Mom and Dad cooked two of the nights that they were there and it was delicious. Mick caught, cleaned and Dad cooked the fish for our fish fry. What manly men we have. The other days we went to Oscars as much as possible. It is our favorite restaurant ever and it is always good! The only not fun thing is that we brought back runny noses and sore throats courtesy of cousin Hayden who was snotting all over us all. Here are some pictures of the long weekend.

Friday, April 4, 2008

away we go

Yesterday did not get any better...but today is a new day and so far so good. Micah Bird is in alot better mood and I think I got some is hard to remember which night is which.
We are taking the day off to pack and get ready for the lake. We are going there tonight after the ball game if everything goes according to plan(famous last words) Hayden is going with us, so it should be especially fun to travel with two very active boys. Next week is Mick's spring break and we are doing the cheap vacation by going to the lake house for a few days. How many days will be determined by how long Micah will sleep in the rickety old bed at the cabin. We shall see...I obviously wont be blogging since we don't even get 3 tv stations and for one of those Mick has to stand outside and hold the very large antenna. You think I'm kidding...I am not. It's always snowing on whatever we watch. It will be fun to get away and I will update you when we get back. My prayer is to get a slight break from my sweet child. Maybe a bathroom break on my own or a meal without green beans on my forehead. But I am learning that my plans are exactly that these doesn't mean they will actually happen. Maybe this is God's way of teaching me a lesson I could be taught no other way. As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. I guess Micah is sharpening me!
Much love and I will miss reading about everyones life but I might be a bit more productive!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

one of those days...

Today is one of those days. Wouldn't you know after I have such a joy and peace about what is going on that it would be followed by a day like today. silly satan knows exactly when to attack. Nothing has gone terribly wrong today (thank you, Jesus) but nothing has gone terribly right.

Micah woke up in a bad mood and it has continued throughout the day. He has started yelling at me when he doesn't want to do something, eat, sit, etc. Which is bad at home but if you are trying to work while he does it well that is another thing altogether. I finally just gave up on my errands and headed home to play. Micah didn't even show any appreciation for me dropping everything and playing with down for his second nap he went. Hopefully when he wakes up we will both have a new outlook and I will have gotten some real work done.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

1 Thess. 5:17

We are on our way to the ball field but I just had to stop and post the emotions I have right now. As I got Micah up from his nap, he looked at me with those sleepy just awake eyes and I begin to cry. He and I prayed "Thank you Jesus"(we pray thank you Jesus prayers throughout the day together for little things that go right) prayers for giving him to us and also for the overwhelming joy that Micah brings to our lives. It is amazing to feel this way because two years ago on this very day I probably sat crying on our bed because I didn't understand why we couldn't get pregnant. I had no idea what God had in store for me then and it makes it all the sweeter now. I know that in my dispair if someone had of said these things to me I would have thought thanks but you have your I don't pretend to be someone I am not... Both then and now I am driven to prayer because I don't know any other place to be when you feel either of these emotions. I say this because I know there are friends struggling with infertility or discontentment. Usually I am as well, so if I can get to this least for an hour or so there is hope for us all. I feel this peace when I am before the Lord and choose to honor Him. I don't feel this peace, or it gets crowded out when I let satan tell me things that aren't true. This may not make any sense to anyone but I was compelled to share at this very moment. Thank you<>< Jesus!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

first steps...

Micah started taking one or two steps a few days ago but today he has been taking it a bit more seriously. His longest stretch of walking happened today while he was crying and tired. He didn't even realize he was doing it. Then when Mick got home of course they really worked on it. Micah was sweating when I came home from work because the slave driver dad was making him walk over and over. I am not really that into practicing walking because the sooner he can walk the further he has to fall and bonk that big ole noggin of his...

I tried to get a picture but it just wasn't happening. Here he is about to walk and then a close up as he was walking towards me. Silly delayed flash camera!