Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sacie Mae (my favorite name for SJ)

My sweet SadieJane. The girl with more nicknames than curls! Seems like I started this blog to tell stories about Micahbird and poor SayJ has gotten the slack end of the blog. She'll probably be thankful. Just thought I'd post a little about her. A few weeks ago, after our great trip to the beach. SadieJane had bad fever/injury/vacation/watchdvdalldaylong hangover. When we got back she was out of control. We went to breakfast at a friend's house and she completely let loose. I spanked her the max amount of spankins' before we ever left for lunch! Ugh, I got so frustrated, embarrassed and angry that I completely let her get to me. We had a long prayer meeting with the Lord and I realized, in tears that the way I was looking at SadieJane is NOT the way I want Jesus to look at me when He needs to discipline me. I was way convicted of letting my anger and rage be where I disciplined out of instead of love and teaching. So, while she is still driving me baaazonkers at times, I am trusting the Lord to help me do it His way not mine. I can still remember going away pregnant for our five year anniversary when Micah was her age and telling Mick in tears that I had thoroughly messed Micah up and there was no hope. Thankfully I was wrong, and thankfully God forgives me way better than I set the example for my children. But without them, I wouldn't learn these lessons and I wouldn't see my immediate need to draw near to Him for strength. And, Micah has come out on the other side for the most part so I know it is possible with SadieJane. Amazingly, since I have stopped engaging her during her "battlecries", I "win" alot easier and am alot saner for it. The neatest part, that is straight from the Lord, is all the sudden she is HILARIOUS. I don't know if she has always been and I've just been to doggone mad to notice or if she has just picked up her game. She has always been "silly", but now she is FUNNY! Oh, how I love it. The pictures above are from her swinging. It is her new obsession and she would swing if I let her. She seriously wakes up from nap asking to go swing, when I drug her off of it to put her down in the first place. She squeals and screams and laughs the whole time. It is just pure joy for her apparently. One of the funniest things of late that she did, is Mick gave both kiddos Valentine's cards from him. This was a huge hit. SadieJane's was a Tinkerbell one so she literally wanted to sleep with it. Instead I put it by her bed and we have read it on and off after V-day. Well, the other night, she looked at me and said " I read it to you!". I said, sure, thinking she'd make up a story, something she loves. Oh no, she verbatim repeated the card. In her own sweet voice with her own little twist on things. It was so hilarious. She didn't know why I thought it was so funny. Now, before she reads it to me, she says "Now this not funny, don't laugh Momma." So I don't. Here is the little ditty she recites, strictly for future reference:
A magical, lovable girl like you, deserves a Valentine's day, that's pixie-dust happy enchanted and fun!
She also recites "My wittle Valentine, Love, Daddy" Last thing, since we realized we have a regular memorizer I decided we'd start back with some scripture memory. I mean Tinkerbell jingles are great and all, but not alot of eternal value in pixiedust! I started this week with my favorite of course, Romans 8:28 and 4 days later, she has got it. Tears streamed down my face as my precious girl starts hiding His word in her heart! Goodness knows she will use all those powerful words hidden in her heart to draw close to Him one day and to fight all this world will entice her with in the future.


Micah had his Alphabet Parade on Wednesday at school. Although we will have a repeat of most of the events this year again next year I still have to document. So next year at least I wont need to explain. Anyways, Each student gets a letter and they have to dress up as something that starts with that letter. Can you guess what letter Micah got??? B? Is that your guess?? Well, no, while we tried to pay the teacher to give us B we failed. Those silly Christian principles. But we got the dreaded O! Ugh. We racked our brain and for those that know Micah it was pointless anyways, because unless it has a Nike swoosh on it the boy isn't gonna wear it. But then someone suggested a police Officer. I entertained the idea but then couldn't find an outfit. Plus it meant Micah would have to wear a button up. Which equals an act of congress. I had an epiphany during school that Micah could be an Outfielder!! Hallelujah. So he agreed to it. But then of course the day of nothing fit right and he wanted his nike shorts. He made it through the parade but I think he had his shorts on before he got back in the room. The fun part of the Parade is that the whole school comes out to see them and the parents too of course. So SadieJane got to sit (strapped in) mind you, in the "Bye, Bye Buggy" that her class travels in. I think she might've had an aggresive morning as she was riding solo!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lucky Prom Night 2012

As if putting on makeup and doing my hair one night in a week wasn't enough...prom happened to be the same week and Mick finally found us a sitter, so I just couldn't say no. Since I looove the prom. We went to dinner at Tap in the ATL and it was so good. Then we headed to the prom. It was the calmest one on record but the people watching was still pretty good. There was a girl dressed in cotton candy (aka the tutu I made for 50's day but for a dress and with no leggings, the girl did not need to bend over), there was a party bus with not one, but TWO polls on it, there was a lit up Cinderella's carriage drawn by a horse, and there were only a few people there that weren't seniors(apparently the juniors are saving for next year). The best part of the night was that I got to dance at the prom, most of you know, Mick forbids dancing at prom like the Baptist on church grounds. He is afraid that some boy would mistake me for his date, but I am getting old enough now that I feel that is no longer a reasonable worry. They had a line dance for the wobble and another younger teacher and I did it together. My wish to dance at the prom again has been granted. I was amazed at the change in cost of prom now, from what it was just a FEW short years ago when I went. I thought I'd give those of you who aren't in the teenscene a little update since this means it'll double again in a few years when SayJ and her friends are going. Lord, please don't let there be a poll on HER bus because goodness knows she would be owning it, I have NO idea where she gets it!

Prom Dress 1998 - 99 bucks or under was the price of each of my 3:)
 Prom Dress 2012 - most girls said close to $500
Prom Tickets 1998 - I think they were close to 50 bucks for 2
Prom Tickets 2012 - $60 each
Prom Limo Ride 1998 (thank you Jesus there weren't any polls for me) - around $50 - $75 a couple
Prom Bus Ride with Polls 2012 - $90 a Person!

Don't hold me too any of these prices as it might not have been that few years ago and my memory is fading.  

Winner, Winner Hamburger Dinner!

My sweet friend Katie won tickets for a limo, dinner and Dove Awards at the Fox last week. The fun part of it all is she had no idea she won them til Mick heard her name on the local Christian radio station and asked me about it a few days later. I called Katie and she hadn't a clue:) After she confirmed she indeed was the winner she graciously offered them as a girls night for two of my other close friends and I. We agreed to get dolled up and go. Mick was so kind to agree to handle some of kid duty and Aunt Wendy did the rest. I have not worn makeup in a loooong time. I never really knew how to do it anyways but when SadieJane and Micah wanted to play with all my really old makeup recently I just went ahead and let them have at it. I figured it saw more use then that it ever had on me. But then this night out came about so I had to improvise. One $5 trip to Walmart and a little leftover bronzer later and I looked presentable. We had dinner at Two Urban Licks, (shout out to my PC girls!) We sat at the exact same table so it made me miss each of you so!!! The awards were fun too and interesting to see how Christians award things. The whole thing is sort of awkward. No one felt deserving, everyone complimented the others in their category, everyone was so gracious and humble. It was all very genuine and sincere but sortof cliche at the same time looking in from the outside. We did discover a few new favorite artists, The Isaacs (a bluegrass type family group) and LeCrae (a rapper, my personal favorite of course) Mostly it was a great night out with other girls and I am so thankful to have them in my life.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Serial Birthday Party Goers

We are the proud parents of 3 kiddos this week and last as JennyandBudda headed to the Dominican Republic to see my dear cousin Clinton get married. So they left Hayden in our care and we have had a blast so far! Love that sweet boy so much. Seems like yesterday he was my only baby:) Hee hee. But this weekend was very busy but we managed to squeeze in two birthday parties with some of our favorite people. Both Momma's outdid themselves and I am confident our party will not compete with the fun level of these two. Sunny, my BFF April's baby girl turned NINE. Mercy, how did that happen?? She had a sleepover but was kind enough to invite SayJ to the girly festivities. SadieJane loved it but I am not so sure the other girls did. Sunny was such a trooper and even stood up for SadieJane when the other girls went all "mean girls" on the trampoline. I wish I could bottle what I see in my friends kiddos and put it into mine. Proud moment seeing Sunny go against the flow, even if it wasn't the cool thing to do. On Sunday I flew solo with all three kiddos to Jake's 5th birthday party. He is such a dear friend and he and Micah will always have their duedate bond. Both due on the same day but both arrived early. Jake entered 6 weeks early and Micah 3 weeks. Jake's Dad, Brad and I were friends from when we were little and I'm pretty sure we attended each other's 5th birthday parties too. Rare, I know. Micah, Hayden and SayJ LOVED the ponies and riding them. Such a fun weekend.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

We were just happy to be home this Easter after such a crazy week away. Wendy(Mick's sister) always has all the family to her house so we headed over there for lunch and let the kiddos hunt eggs just one last time! We had a great time and even did a little photoshoot. So thankful for family close by and cousins who love, love, love each other!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I fought the wall...

and the wall won. Sadly These pics are how sweet SadieJane spent her vacation. She is not looking forward to the word condo or vacation any longer. She had a viral fever for 5 days. So she watched MickeyMouseClubhouse ad nauseum. Bless her heart she just felt sad. Then after getting some ibupropen in her she perked up and we headed to dinner. On the way back in she decided to race Bubba. She got far enough ahead that all I could do was hear a huge thud and then her whimper and then scream. She apparently ran into the corner of the concrete wall. I scooped her up and started hugging on her and checking her very bloody head when she whimpered one more time then went limp for about 3 seconds which felt like 37 minutes! I then went into full freaker mode and didn't come out of it til we were talking to firemen 30 minutes later. Mick thankfully took her from me as I screamed she went limp, something is bad wrong!! He applied pressure, got bleeding stopped and directed me to do something other than pace around the condo aimlessly. We got on the road and the firemen told us where to take SayJ to get fixed up. They glued her back together in no time. While I hate what all happened on vacation, everytime we went in to the dr they were super helpful, efficient and fast. We were always next or the only ones there!! Thankfully in all the circumstances God allowed us to see a bright side. And before I had any extensive pity party I was reminded how blessed we were to even be on a vacation in the first place. But I can't say SadieJane felt the same.

Monday, April 9, 2012

In the books...

Well our third annual family of four spring break trip was a success??!!?? Or should I say, it's in the books at least. We actually had an overall good time. We had tons of time as a family. Some great time with friends, eating yummy seafood, dying easter eggs, swimming, fishing, hunting easter eggs and having family Bible study time together. All things I had hoped for...but then there were some things I had feared and hoped against. That would be the stinkin' fever that SayJ came down with on Monday and didn't let up til we were leaving on Saturday. And a sad encounter between SadieJane and a concrete wall that landed us in the er getting her forehead glued back together! But all in all, even with three separate copays for SadieJane's issues we managed to have a really great time, in between those extremely stressful moments. I'll give the play by play on that in another post, you can skip it, but I need it for the blogbook. Needless to say keeping perspective helped tremendously and lots of conversations with the Lord for sure. Only a short pity party and then some more time in the sun, I think I best save my cry me a river for another day. Just thankful that we were together and that SadieJane is ok...and that Micahbird didn't seem to notice or be bothered by it as long as he was with his Daddy-O.