Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sick Boy.

Don't these look like pictures of a sick boy? Yeah, right. Well, poor guy has had a no good, very bad, terrible feeling kind of week til today. Micah woke up from Sadie Jane's party with a fever of 103. Yes, sorry if you received a party favor of a fever from our party....truly sorry. Then the fever continued and I was certain he had strep so we headed to the doctor...on a Monday...with SayJ. Fun times had by all. Notsomuch. Negative on the strep and back home with "viral tonsilitis". More tylenol and ibuprofen for our boy and he seemed to get to feeling better. No fever after Monday night so we got out on Tuesday for Sadie Jane's birthday lunch and time at the ballfield of course. During this time Micah started breaking out into hives of some sorts. Everytime I would get home and get to the benadryl they'd be gone. Then Micah dropped the kitchen stool on his toe and holy moly at the screaming and gnashing of teeth. It immediately turned black and red and looked like it might pop off. He was again up all night and received more tylenol for pain this time, not fever. Don't tell him that his toenail is going to fall off, but it is going to fall off. Last his hives came back the next day and I have no idea what is causing them. I, being the Webette MD diagnosed him with Fifths Disease but I am still uncertain. He begged to go back to school today and since he received a dose of benadryl last night and things cleared up I let him go. He pleaded that his teacher "needed" him. I am sure she did.
All this to say, Micah and I have spent lots of time together this week. With no school, no extra activities and obviously not alot of playdates on the plague we have done alot as the three of us. And while often I discuss his funnyness and discipline issues he really is just cool to hang out with. He makes me laugh and makes me cry happy tears more times than I can count. He has actually adjusted pretty well to having Sadie Jane here and it almost feels like we were never without her...almost. I did ask him the other day if he would like me to have another baby and he gave me a resounding "NO". I think Mick has been brainwashing. But he explained to me we already have a baby in Sadie Jane and we do NOT need another one he said. This is also humorous because before SayJ he wanted a baby all the time, but being the smart boy he is, he now recognizes the sacrifice and doesn't want our attention to be divided anymore than it already is...selfish from the get go aren't we...always looking out for number one. The pictures above are from Micah making the most of being stuck at the house. He came out of my closet in "his cowboy boots" he said. (Nana might recognize these:)) He wore them all around the house...and yes, this was the morning after toe-nightmare-nosleep-fortheweary-night...stinker.
I love my family and even when I feel a little bit icky from being in a house where it feels like germs are multiplying I still love love love what I do and wouldn't trade it to be anywhere else.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My ONE and only Girl!

Trying Chicken House ice cream for the first time...unbelievably she went back to eating her lima beans!!
Playing outside like a big girl.
My sweet Sadie Jane,
I can not believe you are one year old today! You had stolen my heart from the moment I knew you were growing in my belly...but when that ultrasound lady said it is a girl...tears came and I loved you more. Then when you were born at 10:00 a year ago and I held your little girlie self I loved you more. Today when you woke up and gave me the Momma smile I loved you more. When you crawled, walked, rolled, ran, laughed, cried I loved you more and more and more. You are happy and bring a sense of joy to everyone who is around you. The other day we were somewhere and you said hey to a lady and she barely looked your way and walked on. I was so shocked. Not because this is completely rude (even though I think it is a little bit), but because everyone acknowledges you and seems to be drawn to you. You have a special personality. You and your Bubba are so different and it is no secret or question that God knit each of you individually and it isn't possible that you are just a product of your environment. You are who God made you and that is surely beautiful. No more beautiful than anything else God has made but specially different and special to Him and of course to us...your family that God entrusted you to! Your first year has been a whirlwind and often times you are just drug along for the ride. You rarely complain about us dragging you around with us to all of the "big boy and girl things" we must do. You are sweet and loving and so many good things but you do have your "issues" already, as all girls do. You do not need to or like to sleep very much. You do not like for me to leave the room, the couch, the house. You have decided you love to scream, especially when it is quiet. You can get out of any belt that I put you in. You are our little Houdini. No matter how tight I make that lap belt in the target cart you will be standing up as soon as I come back around that end cap. When you are hurt you let it all out. There is no dusting it off or shaking it cry that loud, take a breathe SayJ cry. You have lots of nicknames. Sadie Jane, SayJay, Sage, Sagee, SJ, SaySay, and on and on. You still seem so little to me and I like that you still seem like a baby. Since you may be my last you'll have to bare with your Momma clinging to each moment a little longer. You love to nurse and I don't know how we are going to give it up. Frankly I am worried. But I am sure you'll go with the flow once I finally make the call. I am so thankful that God gave you to our family. You are the perfect daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece and friend for all of us. I love you and Happy Birthday to you sweet girl!
Love in Jesus,
The End.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sadie Jane's First Birthday Party!

Me and my birthday girl!
Daddy with our girl!
Rhett, not so happy about sitting in so much pink:)
Amy, Ellie and Sarah
Grandmother and Aunt Dot
SayJ with Bay and Charlee Ray
Hayden and Micah and Jaxson
The cake. Long story...but here is the part I liked.

Sadie Jane with the newly renovated Strawberry Shortcake Tricycle. It was mine as a little girl and Hayden and Jenny made it good as new:)
For the fridge.
After all these years you think I'd figure out how Amy looks so good in these up close obnoxious shots.
Brittany and I with two babies who didn't want to be in the picture.
April and I

Suzie and I
Jenny with Hayden and Sadie Jane
Sadie Jane giving Aunt Heather Lovin'.
Chase Chillin'
Ellie on a full tummy.
Jake and Sadie Jane

Aunt Dot, Grandmama, Me, SayJ and Mom. Nice mom.
The wreath I made for the party.

We had Sadie Jane's birthday party...more to follow but here are the pictures for Jenny.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Six Days til SadieJane turns one!

Phew! This time last year I was getting ready for the big day. This picture is the actual day she was born. Whoa she was large, I was large, it was hot. Anyways, back to what I love about our girl. I love her "go with the flow" nature. Now, she is still a girl so don't get me wrong she'll give a scream or two and I can tell that the drama is coming. BUT, she is so different than her brother and alot of it is because she had no choice. I couldn't keep her on the regimented schedule I had for Micah, she rolled with it. There is always another person shoving, hugging, grabbing, and basically all up in her business and she just rolls with it (most of the time). If she gets a shot or is sick she doesn't make a big fuss she just rolls with it. Just like her Momma. HAHAHA. She definitely did not get that from me...
Still trying to grasp that she will really be one in a matter of days. Seriously, I need another one.

Suzie's Endless Thirtieth!

Me, Sarah, Suz and Amy. I didn't get the memo about the one strap thing.

Mick and I. So nice to just go somewhere together.
Lots of candles.
Us with the birthday girl.
Jami, Amy, Sarah, and Suzie
My friend Suzie (lots know her as the photographer) but outside of that is a great friend. She followed me in turning thirty in September and she's been celebrating the whole month long. Now that is how you do it. We celebrated at a big party on Saturday night without the babies and had a lot of fun. Then a few of us created a tradition where we all go out for each others birthday so we did that on Monday. I had a shower for the big party, but notsomuch for our dinner date. Happy Birthday Suzie! So glad that we are friends and that I got to share some of your special days with you!