Friday, February 27, 2009


So I haven't had a chance to update that my dear friend Alison had her little boy this week. She got to the hospital a half hour before he was born! And he was 8 pounds 11 ounces and she pushed that big boy out with no drugs. She definitely deserves the She-woman of the week award in my book. Seeing Douglass Charles all new and sweet and sleepy made me so excited for what is to come for our family. Thanks to my mom I actually got to meet and hold the little big guy and Alison and I had the first girl time semi alone that we've had in months. I am sure it was more enjoyable for me than her, seeing as how she was beginning the cycle of sleep deprivation and new mommydom all over again. So for what it's worth Alison, great job!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

too cool for school

So thanks so much for all of your sweet comments. Mick asked if I was surprised that many people read my blog...apparently he didn't think I had any readers:) I am not feeling great but when you are pregnant that is a good sign I think.

Monday I started looking online at 2 year old preschools in our area. My mom suggested since I will be birthing a baby, Lordwilling, in Sept/Oct. it would be nice for Micah to go to a preschool a couple of days a week. On my bad days this is a great idea, but on days when my bird is being so cute and sweet I can't think of leaving him for 3 HOURS with somewhat strangers! Ok, so that is a little dramatic but seriously this is something Mick and I talked about and agreed we would pray if it is the right thing. I have lots of concerns with school in general coming from teaching school and from reading lots of James Dobson. He discusses the fact that boys were not created for the classroom and I would second that emotion since my first year teaching I had 9 boys and 7 girls. The 9 boys often seemed like 20 wild indians. Sooooo...anywho seeing as how I have "one of those boys" that the teachers both love and are exhausted by I want to do whatever the Lord thinks is best. I don't want Micah to feel like he is being punished for being a boy, but I also want him to learn some self control. So we prayed Monday night then I emailed our school of choice Tuesday morning to find out when they register...thinking I could go visit a class and decide over the summer. But oh no, they register on Monday and get this: one spot left! Fortunately we live in a big small town where if you've lived here since birth everybody knows you and the director called because she felt bad about the availability. We discovered that since I am actually an alumna of this particular preschool:) I get to register early and Micah got a spot! Oh the stress to come with schooling our little wildman. Just think how hard it will be to get him in another preschool when he gets kicked out of this one for his dracula moves!

So much for all that praying and thinking. He is registered now but we are still going to talk it through and make sure it is what is best for his spiritual, physical and mental growth. I never thought I would be thinking about all this at 2. When I went to register him I started to cry...Micah looked at me like I was crazy...and I foresee the way he will then look at me at Pre-K and Kindergarten and 6th grade, and 9th and oh then the graduation...I can't even imagine.

So I say all this humorously we aren't going to be that traumatized by a few hours a week apart but are there those who have thought about this before? How did it go? Do you like it? I would love to hear other opinions.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

secrets and beans

Micah doesn't understand the "secret's" magnitude but is thrilled nonetheless.

How I feel when I can't tell a secret.

How I feel once it is out!

So for a while now I have debated the pros and cons of telling my secret. Before even saying it or reading these posts some of you know what my secret is...either I've told you or you have assumed. I have a big problem with secrets, if I buy a present in advance for Mick I want to give it to him right then. My mom has always been the one to say, Steph, you told, didn't you. So a secret this big was just too much for us to hold in. We are pregnant with a new little bean. I am almost 8 weeks so he/she is about the size of a bean. I have wondered if I should put this information out there so early...what if something happens? will I be judged for telling now? will I dissappoint friends and strangers if this pregnancy were to fail, on and on and on. But the truth is...I am me and I am honest to a fault. I can hardly blog lately because I feel like a whole part of who I am (ok, just a bean) is being left out. So the truth is out and I will feel much better not having to hide apart of me. That is the selfish part but then the other part is something that I have been struggling with lately. With my last pregnancy I wasn't aware of the possibility of miscarraige, etc. but I have unfortunately witnessed countless friends go through them since I had Micah. This makes me so fearful of the same thing happening to me, worrying that my fortitude isn't as strong as others if the cards were dealt my way. BUT that isn't in line with the Jesus I know and whatever He brings me to, He'll bring me through so I battle back with that thought. I also am more aware of the life that is inside me...that our Heavenly Father knit it together in my womb and has placed it there for a purpose. For those who feel it isn't a life or it isn't real and choose to take it infuriates me because I so feel otherwise. We have had a few problems in this short time and I am constantly at the doctor. We had an ultrasound last week and got to see the beautiful sign of a healthy heartbeat. So while I don't know what this little one will be like I ask you to join with me to pray that whatever the path God carries us through. Thanks for indulging in my long post...this might be the last time I get to share this kind of news so I wanted to say all I could. Even though I have shared tons of fears we are still esctatic and so thankful that God has chosen to bless our family in this way. This is the verse from my quiet time today and it confirmed that this news was too good not to give God the glory for! It sums up how I feel:

2 Samuel 7:18

"...Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?"

The post below is the one I wrote right after we found is a lot of girly information so skip it if you like...

Disclaimer: I would have loved to tell so many more people in person but only just now decided to "go public" so I apologize for that:)!

soon to be four!

So, I am typing this post today February 1st even though you wont be reading it for some time. I wanted to go ahead and type this post because I know I will have forgotten all the neat ways that God worked this for His purposes and I plan to give Him all the glory. So for the past month I have been taking metformin...a drug to help me ovulate because I have pcos and have had trouble getting pregnant. I didn't share this information because I didn't want my decisions to be based on what other people thought and because talking about a problem makes it more real. (so partly I was living in denial) So the medicine made me insanely sick. Those who've been around me know this:) I am telling all the details in case God is doing something similar in someone elses life I want them to be encouraged. So anyways, back to me being sick. So I figured if we were going to go that route we would get on it dog gone it. So we did. Mick and I both felt like this was the month for me to get pregnant but neither dare hoped. 3 ept sticks a month times 11 months gets old fast. (I know some of you out there can multiply that many times over and I am still praying for you) We had hoped we wouldn't struggle this second go round like we did with Micah but we did. So this past week has been hard because we knew if I started my period then our next step was fertility drugs. Which would be fine if I didn't turn into crazy psycho girl after each new drug I take. So I was very anxious and scared about that. We also started trying to sell our cars and they both sold on Thursday. We weren't sure why they sold so fast. But Friday, Jan. 30th I took two, ok three, tests and they were all a big fat plus!!! It was as though everything fell into place exactly the way the Author of our Salvation would want it to. He worked everything out the way He wanted to and imagine that ... it was greater than I could have asked or imagined. Micah and I talked all day because I had told only him about my secret on a stick. Micah kept baby...secret...secret. We waited for Mick to come home and surprised him with a "big bro" tshirt for Micah and a little book that I wrote about our family. As I sit right now I don't believe it. I am so fearful of something happening or getting my hopes up. That what I am writing will never be posted...because I don't want to let anyone down or make them sad if something goes wrong. But I am reminded that God knit this little one together in my womb for a purpose no matter how long that might be. She(I hope) is already teaching me things about myself and the next 9 months will be an adventure no doubt. So I am recording this for myself as much as for you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Opening Day!

On the way to the ballfield, sportin' his new hat!
Trying to get passed Daddy and onto the field.

So Friday marked opening day for baseball season. Bittersweet as it is fun for the games to start...but not so fun to not have Mick around. Micah was SO excited to go watch the boys and sport his new hat. BUT it was 35 degrees outside so we spent the majority of the game in the car...playing while I caught a glimpse of a play or two. The started with a win and we are excited to see what the season holds.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Today Micah and I were reading one of his favorite books. He was identifying everyone since he knows all the sesame street characters. We got to a page with Oscar the grouch on it and I realized he probably wouldn't know his name since he isn't on very often. So I just asked him who it was? He looks and says "Daddy!" Made me laugh pretty hard...then I did correct him...but only after a good laugh.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Romantic Getaway...Notsomuch

I love this picture and think it is so sweet...except for we are in front of a tank.
Micah ran and stood here and smiled. He apparently thought this was an excellent photo op.

This is such a neat pic. Our cousin Clinton is actually training to drive a tank so we took these to show him.

Micah only wanted Daddy to

Look at that face!

Jumping in with those short harper legs!There was a lot of old tanks and planes at the park where we stayed. Micah, being all boy that he is found them to be the coolest thing ever!

So we packed up Valentine's Day and headed to Cordele to visit with Mick's family and just get away before baseball gets really cranked up. Valentines day used to be all warm and fuzzy and romantic...but now it is just another day with our boy. We had fun but it was anything but romantic with our wild man along. While the sad news from family made us sad we did have a good time being together just the three of us. On the way down, in our new car (that is so big and awesome for traveling), I mentioned to Mick that the three of us had never been anywhere by ourselves. I thought that was crazy...we just both have close families so we always go with them or our friends. But it was so nice to drive at our own pace, stop when we needed to go pee and not stop when Micah was asleep. We enjoyed being with each other and visiting Aunt Judy and Uncle Pat. They happen to have a big motorcycle so Micah could hardly stand himself. We stay at a place that has an indoor pool and Micah loved the water. This is the first time he has been able to swim and go under since his tubes are gone. We didn't know how he would react but he jumped right in. Again, and again. You can see by the pictures he has no fear. This summer should be fun, but challenging especially at the lake. Reality hit hard as we drove home early yesterday for Mick to be at practice. We are preparing now for our week of funerals. But we are so thankful for the time that we spent just us three.

weaping turned to dancing...

It has been a long couple of days with us...we went out of town for the Valentine's weekend and I will update on that next but wanted to type out a little bit of what is on my heart. Mick's Uncle Cliff got real sick last week pretty suddenly. He hasn't been all well in a while and he has had some health issues but nothing life threatening. He ended up in the hospital with pnemonia and passed away Sunday morning. My Great Aunt Lois who is my Grandmama's sister in law also passed away this weekend...she was in a nursing home and we had expected her to go be with Jesus soon. I went to her funeral today and I can only hope that half of the things said of her could be said about me when I reach her point. It was weird because I didn't feel the need to cry at her funeral. Now, granted we weren't exceptionally close in her later years...but I was just so glad for her to be in heaven. That is a really neat feeling to have and when someone has lived a life full like hers and then finally is at rest after a few years of suffering you just rejoice for them. Another thing that hit me was that even though her husband died many years ago it was hard for anyone to separate the two of them when talking about them. It was as if you mentioned one there was something to say about the other. That is what marraige should be...a partnership where the two become one and I want that for Mick and I as well. Lastly as these two both passed away I realized how peaceful it was to discuss their deaths because we know that they are both with Jesus...the two of them didn't know each other being on separate sides of our family, but they do now:)One thing I have thought about over and over since their deaths is that I want everyone that I love to be in heaven with me, it is selfishly so much easier to hear sad, sad news knowing there is eventually redemption and happiness. So with that being said I didn't want to miss the opportunity to tell you about Jesus' love. I don't know everyone who reads my blog so I wanted to share. I hope that if you read my blog you can see Him in who I am but just in case I want to make it clear for you...all you have to do is believe in Him, ask forgiveness for your sins and turn from them. And really the Holy Spirit helps you do it anyways. So maybe I am not good at writing out how to get saved (I wasn't raised in a Baptist church! hee hee!) So if you ever want to know please ask me. There is so much more I could say but I will stop for now. I will write more about Uncle Cliff as well after his service. I think both of these two godly people deserve so much to be said for them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What were you doing 5 years ago today?

Don't I look good? I obviously new not what was going on because I failed to take a shower that morning...and now it is recorded here for all to see. But Mick looked good:)

Five years ago today I was teaching at a great private Christian school and loving that I actually had a boyfriend on Valentine's day weekend. Mick and I had been dating for 6 mths and had discussed marraige but I was pretty sure Vday was just to cliche for us. So on Friday the 13th Mick brought roses to my school and left me sweet kissing bears in my car. I thought it was sweet but secretly my analyzing self thought I guess there isn't gonna be a ring. Then Mick and I were supposed to go out to eat but he couldn't even pick me up! I was irritated and told my mom as much. She told me to chill out. I pumped her for info on a ring and she told me Mick hadn't talked to then I was convinced and dissappointed that there would be no wedding bells in my future. So I drove on over to his house, a little ticked. Then he didn't even come outside to greet me. But then I walk in and there are balloons...lots of them...and a frame and a card and Mick. Still thinking this is my Valentine's surprise a day early I say awww...thank you. Then he told me to read the card and in it said "To My Wife-to-be" He then busted out the ring and popped the question. While I was excited all I could think didn't ask my parents...turns out my mom is an excellent liar. After I said yes we went to share with our families and had dinner. At dinner Mick said I hope you appreciate this because this is as romantic as I get. I laughed it off, but each year he reminds me that he warned me fair in advance:) It is hard to believe that was 5 years ago and even after all these years I would say yes again! It seems like a world a way and yesterday all at once. I apologize for the flashback just thought it would be fun to remember. I love you honey!


Here are the ways that I know my child is surely a genious:

~A commercial came on tv and he identified the Macy's Star! We aren't sure about circles but stars we know.

~As soon as we walk into any doctors office he immediately starts shouting "Harper! Harper!" because he knows that is the secret password to getting out of there.

~He can finally say trampoline and it sounds like trampoline.

~Each morning when he gets up he tells me that Daddy has gone to work.

~He can semi sing his abc's...emphasis on the abc part:)

~ He tee tees in the potty and will tell me he has to go. (sometimes)

~ He knows most animal sounds and will say them, if he wants to. He can say anything you tell him too, if he wants to.

And then here are the reasons why I am reminded he is not so much:

~ He repeatedly pokes himself in the eye.

~If he doesn't get his way he bites, yes after many different discipline attempts...he still bites. (My worst nightmare come true.)

~ He has officially learned to climb to the top of the chicken house playground. But can not come back down. He ALWAYS goes to the top now and does his business. And then to get down has to grind it in for all it is worth.

Ok, enough with the lists, just some things to share since Nana and Jenny haven't seen him in a while.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Micah and I went to visit with my Aunt Dot yesterday since we were dropping my boss and his wife off at the airport. By the way...Micah LOVED the airport. I think we will take a field trip there. Dadgum the security though I wish we could ride the tram and go watch them take off. So we headed to Dot's to visit. Micah had fun playing on her organ, which was really loud and he even tee teed in her potty. Yeah!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

diaper wreaths

The not so successful diapers...put a ribbon on it to cover mistakes.

Mini wreath

You can't see the cute sayings on it...but they are cute...I said so.

So I had my first order...ok somebody felt sorry for me and asked me to make them a diaper wreath.(Thanks, Krissy:)) As you know my first attempt at these things tend to end up less than satisfactory but here are the results thus far. I am also working on monogramming a few diapers just for kicks. So far it isn't working out like I had hoped but we'll see if it gets better. I think I only spent 10 bucks on supplies for the monogramming so if it is a bust Micah can still paint...with pink. I will make the disclaimer that when my friend Taron saw the purple diaper cake in person...she said oh that looks better than those pictures. My camera isn't taking very good pictures of white so it all looks sort of washed out...if that is any concession. Suggestions?

Friday, February 6, 2009

B is for Baseball...

and brrrrrrr! Mick officially started baseball tryouts this week. Which means Micah and I are flying solo for a good bit of our days and nights. So far it has been an adjustment as we are both real grumpy about the situation. Again I give single moms super hero points for doing what they do with no end of season in sight. Once the games start it will be a little better because we can go to the games and cheer the boys on...Micah is very excited about all the bats. We went out to tryouts yesterday and it was so cold. That is always how it is for baseball season it will be a warmfront right up until that first day we go outside and then cold. These pictures are of Micah in a hat set that used to be his cousin Bays. His Daddy was less than thrilled with the cutsey pooh but that is the price you pay for being away! We love and miss you Mick.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Booming Business OR Pure Silliness?

I started with this one for a friend and it is pretty chaotic, I put every idea I had onto one diaper cake...

then I decided to go for the more simplistic approach and my poor friend that got the busy one is wishing I had changed my approach one diaper cake sooner!

These are just rough drafts but wanted to let you see what I am thinking...

if nothing else you know that if I can do it you can start whipping them up too!

So ever since I even started to think about having children I have racked my brain for a gift that God has given me that would enable me to both stay home and make money. Yeah, I know, hasn't everybody? I love, ok am thankful, for my job now and for its flexibility. BUT I just spent 3 hours making phone calls and am currently waiting on two more that I will then have to drive to the chicken house tonight.(all while Micah had a record meltdown in the background) It's like I'm an on call doctor...except w/o the big money or the prestige. I let's just say I am still thinking...of a way to have the best of both world without my cell phone attached to my ear. I mean I can't sew cute aprons like one of my friends, I can't give horseriding lessons like another, I can't sell all know my stand on that. Soooo every now and then I create something and convince myself we could make money on it. Shortly thereafter my math teacher husband computes the 50 cents I made off a best friend doesn't equal a house payment. So these are pictures of my latest attempt. They are in the early stages...which is where most of my businesses stay but I thought I would share them and see what you all think. Would you buy one? Do you like getting them as gifts? I plan on adding gifts to them and in them to make them more like gift basket diaper cakes but I thought I would see what my sweet but honest blog friends think. Don't worry though if you are too nice and say nothing my hubby will fill in the silence with..."I don't think so, honey"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bath Time

Trying to both swim...

Mine, no mine...oh the joys of learning to share.

Jaxson has the best laugh and smile...

We went to watch the Super Bowl with my friend Taron and her family. They cooked some delicious salmon and sides. They weren't sure if we would eat a homecooked meal..since we eat out so much. But we loved it! I would like to say I watched the super bowl but you would have to ask Mick and Kevin. Taron and I did a lot of chasing our wild men around. They even got a bath together...which was hilarious. Hear are the pictures that they will hate us for later.

new ride!

So we are now the owners of a new car. We got an acadia (gmc) and we love it! I have driven honda's for most of my life but this thing is pretty snazzy as an suv. I think I'll be able to park it a majority of the one space...not two. Driving isn't my spiritual gift. These are just two pics of Micah riding in style. He loves being so high up and being able to see all the trucks we pass by.