Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Gymnast.

It's been a rough couple of days for SadieJaner. She got her second fever of her life on Saturday. After a long day of deciding what to do...we went to the immediate care and found out that again the fever meant strep. Urgh. I hate that stuff. She was so pitiful and is doing much better now. Today was her first day of gymnastics. Mommy and me gymnastics. I do NOT remember it being that difficult with Micah:) Perhaps it was because both Mick and I were almost always available to man either side and round him up. SadieJane did not like being told what to do and she most definitely didn't like someone other than me telling her. Trouble. Micah decided to go try a different class while SayJ had hers and that backfired bigtime. He got upset during the class and came to me in tears when I got done with SadieJane. Ugh. A big cryfest from SadieJane during class and a big one from Micah afterwards. So what I got all excited about turned out not to be so exciting afterall. Better luck next week when Mick gets to partake in the wonderful "nastics".

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Making Memories...

too hopefully last a lifetime.
One of my favorite childhood memories is one Sunday morning my parents got us up for what we thought was church, then they told us instead we were going to go downtown, ride marta, go to the world of coke and a few other fun things. I still remember what I wore that day. I was just so excited to be doing something different, and probably excited not to sit through church quite honestly. But that is a memory that I love and am so thankful for...that my parents loved us and wanted to make fun memories with us.
I often wander will Micah and SadieJane remember the fun things we've done? I also sometimes hope they forget the ugly things that happen too, so it might be a trade off. Anyways, Thursday we woke up and it was supposed to be cloudy and cooler (in the upper 70's) so I quickly packed lunches and we headed to the zoo to make sure we got our money out of our family passes and to make a memory. It really was a fun day and I feel like it'll at least be a memory I can tell them about, even if they don't fully remember. The two funniest parts of the whole day really had nothing to do with the zoo. Although it was great and almost all of the animals were being fed!! Which means they were all out for us to see. But the two things that happened that I'll remember are that towards the end of our time there we were nearing exhaustion and Micah's little feet were growing weary, when we realized we had lost a croc. Those things are hard to come by so I decided we just had to retrace our steps no matter the cost. Well, Micah thought that was a fun game and he got a little renewed energy. Thank Jesus, (and we did) it wasn't too far back on our trek so we scooped it up and headed out. Micah got more excited about finding that shoe than he did about most of the animals. Lastly, we park waaaaay up a hill at the zoo because it is so much easier. Coming to the zoo is a breeze, but leaving and facing that what seemed to be small but is now gargantuous hill is quite daunting. Micah decided he could.not.walk.anymore. right before we left the gate and embarked on our climb. So I agreed to put him on my shoulders. It also turned out not to be cloudy and was in the lower 90's by this time. So I schlupped him onto my shoulders and pushed SadieJane and her two crocs up that hill to our car. It was a real moment of success for me when we truly made it. Micah was SO impressed and apparently expected me to drop him before we reached the car. He couldn't believe I was "so strong!". We headed home after that with sleepy bodies and good memories!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Last "Prepormance"

Token Me and My Babies Picture. One of our better ones.
Getting his long awaited "medal and trophy"
It's a blurry picture but Micah keeps his tongue like that anytime he concentrates...I used to do that while I danced.

Hayden and Jaxson came to cheer Micah on! What good buddies!
Micah next to his sweet friend Sophia. He loved to tickle her. She once told her momma she was going to marry Micah. But then changed her mind by the next class:)

With his favorite teacher Ms. Erica.
Jenny and Budda! Oh so happy to be there~

Last Wednesday was Micah's performance for gymnastics. He was soooo excited because Ms. Erica had told him he would be receiving a trophy and a medal. He thought that he would be getting one of those huge cheering trophy's because they are on display in the entrance. He was not dissapointed though and was so proud of his. He has taken it every where with him since then. It was last found in the bathroom! One of the few boys at gymnastics, (Mick claims it is good for agility in the future if you are wondering how he stands it:)) he has loved every minute and we have had a great year watching through the mirrored glass each week.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I forgot about these silly pictures and saw them when looking through and had to post. I love hairbows for my curly headed crazy hair girl, but they are expensive and they tend to get lost. But without a strategically placed bow SayJ is hair gone wild. So after so much kid2kidding I decided it'd be cheaper to find bows at the flea market in Alabama. Santuck. Ahhhh...I love that place. We went last month and got all that you see above for $10.00, I think that is pretty good! I can't wait to go back next month and get more. There were lots of bow vendors but I shopped around til I was sure we had the best quality at the cheapest price...and we did! We'll just have to find a spot on her head for the others:) Hahaha. SadieJane usually doesn't like one bow on her head but she did think it was funny after a minute to have 15 on there. Lastly, if you see SayJ with a cute bow in her hair, do NOT comment on it. Most of the time she doesn't know it is there, and as soon as she hears the word it's hand to the head, bow to the floor. But it keeps me going back to Santuck so I'm good...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cookouts, Pool Dates, and Playdates!

SayJ wanted to lay out with the girls!

Playing with Sunny!

I love, love, love summer. Maybe it is because Mick is home before dark each day, maybe it is because we get to catch up with friends, maybe it is because we get to stay up late, maybe it is because it is what it is:) But we have started summer early in our house. We've busted the sprinklers out, we've unpacked the swim diapers, we've turned up the grill and we are having a blast. Last weekend we got to go to the Rich's pool that is like a small water park. It is awesome and Micah stated on the way home that Aunt April's pool was a whole lot funner than our neighborhoods. Maybe we should have waited til the last day of summer to let him see theirs! Sadie Jane loved it too. I don't have any pictures of Micah because he literally never got still enough. We've also been grilling out alot and hanging out in the backyard with friends. The other pictures are SayJ with her boo RhettHanes. They were really cute together this time. Ahhh, I just love summertime, did I already say that? So, what do you love about summer? Give me something new to love???!!!??

Monday, May 23, 2011

End of the Year "Prepormance"

Never to big for your momma to hold you, I say!
...singin' it out!

Micah ended up right next to his buddy Jaxson. They both were so cute!
SadieJane with Haydee.
Maxsim getting so big with Taron. He was the superstar boy he always is...
ahhh...being smushed by Daddy.
Me with SayJ. Notice Happy boy Maxsim in top left corner:)

This year Micah was part of the older group singing. So he did a few songs with a big group then he sang one with just his class. I love this time. It was so much fun watching him sing his little heart out. He is so serious and focused. Unlike most other times in his life:) SadieJane was not so serious or focused and as you can see by the pictures she spent a little time with anyone that would let her get down. We sat in the balcony so her meandering only bothered us and a few other people. Hayden, Jenny and Budda, Nana and Pops were all there to cheer him on. Micah felt so important. Mick and I both were really proud of him. This school thing really seems like it has been a good experience for the bird and us.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Day of School.

Micah had his last day as a little preschooler. He will start his formative school years next year with Pre-K. I can not believe it. He'll only be going one more day a week, but still. I was the room mom this year and let me tell you that is a high pressure job. On some days I worry about what other mom's think and have to fight the comparison game, etc. BUT when you are the room mom it is like you set yourself up for scrutiny. So I'm being a little dramatic here, but you get the drift for super analytical me, you know I agonized over party crafts and games each time they came around. I wanted the end of the year party to be fun with real live games. But that included me putting those games out there and selling them to three year olds and their momma's:) Anyways, we played two makeshift games and I think the kid's had fun. I did too. I also put their names on visors and let them decorate them. It was a big hit with the kiddos but Mick has threatened me about letting Micah wear his visor in public. Apparently he isn't a fan of a good craft project. Being in charge for ten short minutes made me miss teaching and my cuties from way back. (Who are now driving!!) We had a fun last day and then the kiddos and I finished it off with lunch at the park. Then came Micah's performance....oh the joy that wells up in your heart watching your little one sing about God:)