Wednesday, December 29, 2010

He'll be here all week, Folks.

Bay was too scared to be sent up. Our Christmas is often like the circus in so many ways. HA.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas (orignal title?)

What it's ALL about.

These are pictures of our day in reverse order. We had Christmas with the kiddos, then Christmas with my parents, Grandmama, Aunt Dot and sister's family, then Christmas with Mick's parents and his sister's family. It was a busy day but loads of fun. For those that live up north we had our first white Christmas and it was just beautiful. Not so much snow that it kept us off the roads, but enough to make everything look pretty. Micah actually wasn't crazy about being in the cold so we didn't get to play in it much. He is so like his Daddy. So maybe next year SadieJane will play with me! As always the babies made it so much fun. Hayden, Chase, Bay and Charlee Ray make our kids just as happy as getting presents so it was double the fun to get to be with cousins AND get presents.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Combining New and Old Traditions...

...making them our own. Every year when I grew up you got to open one present. And that present was ALWAYS pajama's. Each year we would hope for something else, but always pj's from mom. I've continued the tradition with my kiddos (I think if I didn't my mom would physically harm me). This year after the kiddos got their jammies on I asked Mick if we could take them to see Christmas lights and then come back and read the Christmas story (which Mick does as his tradition). So we did and had such fun. Sadie Jane, bless her, still isn't feeling well so I think she just zoned out while we looked but Micah loved it and hopefully SayJ will enjoy it more next year!

Christmas Eve Service and Dinner

Me and My Honey...Haydee took our picture!
Sadie Jane's cute.
Heather and HappyMan Chase

Sadie Jane getting down on Chase's level.
Me with MicahReed and SayJ goofy Micah and Hayden.
Girls!! You can see why I asked Hayden to take the picture of Mick and I...Budda took this one. Nice door and tv, right?

So we did our usual Christmas Eve Service at the church I grew up in and Sadie Jane miraculously made it through the whole service...although I have NO idea what was said. Then back to our house for chili, brunswick stew and time with both Mick and my parents. My chili was gross but thank goodness for Pop's and his brunswick stew. My mom and I decided perhaps next year we'll do our presents on Christmas Eve because then my family left and came back 12 hours later for breakfast and presents.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Allen/Echol's Christmas Dinner. Yum.Yum.

The girls...Devon, Me, Des, and Cindy
Sadie Jane with Des
Devon and Des trying to get a picture with both kiddos.
Sadie Jane sportin' the heels. Sorry for the crotchshot.
Micah and his ladies. He loves them so.

I don't even wanna go into how sick our house has been for the last NINE days. It makes me sick. Sadie Jane has been the most pitiful of us all and she now at the last day of her antibiotic has a runny nose and is terribly irritable. Needless to say I have held her the majority of the last nine days and things have been a bit tense. I have a ton to blog about nonetheless...but it will have to be done in between outbursts...did I mentions SayJ just shut her finger in the door. Oh my word. When we thought we were on an upswing we went Destiny's house to eat dinner with her family. We are actually good friend's with her parents and her sister Devon and her brother Kyle. Just after this dinner sickness hit again with avengance...but I wont give details. Anyways, we had dinner with Doug and Cindy and their kiddos plus their significant? or insignificant others. It was awesome. I hope we raise kiddos as good as theirs because I can't imagine how fun it will be to hang out with your own kids, like them and them like you...that is no small feat these days. They had Christmas presents for Micah and Sadie Jane and since Des is always around she definitely knew what they would like and is always someone who picks out gifts that they LOVE. They got Micah a big rig and SadieJane six pairs of high heels. Although Dessy did let SadieJane bust it in her heels. It was hard to stop laughing and catch her though as they are very slippery. I even talked a little bit to people over the age of 3 for a minute because with six 20somethings to help my job got alot easier. Can't say enough that we just love these friends and especially since being quarenteened to our house since before and after that it made me realize how much Mick and I both love our friends and time with them. Thanks again to DessyWessyfoFessy and to the rest of her crew! Hope we've started a new tradition!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watts Christmas

Jenny's side of our family
Haydee and Chasee
Sadie Jane with my cousin Jess. I am sure there is a picture somewhere of me holding her and reading to her. I can't believe she'll be a senior next year!!
Micah with his fishing game that he LOVED!
Sadie Jane and Grandmama
SayJ being a stinker.
The boys all lined up.
Sadie Jane playing with Sissy.
Jess and I.
Us girls!

Yesterday even though Sadie Jane was not on her A game we headed to my cousin DavidAllen's for our family Christmas. We had a great time with great food. Sadie Jane was grumpy but other than that it was alot of fun. Hard to believe another year is passing us by...