Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Eleven Months and Simmerade!

Sadie Jane is one of the happiest people I know. Baby girl loves life and lately she especially loves walking! She wants to be down all the time and she throws herself from my arms if I wont put her down. She is drinking water from a cup really well and loves to eat some Chick-fil-a. She still only says a few words but the newest favorite is anytime she sees Mick she says "Hey Daddy!" and waves and smiles so big. Can't believe this is the last month of her first year. Sloooow down.

Now many of you might not have heard of Simmerade and I might need a patent here but this is Micah's invention he came up with on Saturday while snuggling with Mick. He came downstairs and said Mom I am going to make Simmer ade. (You can tell we drink a lot of "ades" in our gator, power and lemon:)) He then proceeded to instruct Mick to put equal parts milk, applejuice and water...then he took a big ole gulp. Smiled and said mmmmm. Then he looked at me and said..this stuff is kinda nasty with a wrinkled nose. Hilarious. Simmerade. Get you some!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend o' Taron

Best friends
Taron and baby Maxsim and Kevin
Jenny, Kristie, Taron and Maxsim, Me and Robin
Kristie and I lost our shoes...she is pregnant... I had no excuse:)

This weekend we celebrated Taron, Kevin, Jaxson and mainly Baby Maxsim. She had a family shower that we went to Saturday night then Jenny and I and three other girls threw her a friends one today. So thankful for Taron's friendship and all that we have been through in our short time as friends, feels like we've been friends forever and so glad we've been able to walk alongside each other in these early days of being moms. Can NOT wait to meet sweet Maxsim and poor guy doesn't stand a chance with the three other kids that want to meet him too.
Funny thing is we see Taron a good bit, especially lately and EVERY time Micah finds out we are on our way to see them Micah asks if Maxsim will be "out" yet. So funny.
Sidenote: Taron is one of the cutest pregnant women ever.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Fever

In the past month three of our good friends have had baby girls(The Mann's, The Morris' and now the Underwoods'; am I missing someone?)...and Taron is due to have a sweet baby boy the first week of October(I can't wait!!). I just can't get enough of these newborns! Our good friend's the Underwood's just had Emersyn Kate last night weighing in at 9lbs and 7 ounces. She is soooo stinkin' cute and like my babies...she has those round cheeks that make her look so lovable cuddleable! I got to visit with her and her family this morning and it was such a blessing. I want to go back and see them again to get another fix of sweet baby lovin'. I can't believe it was almost a year ago that I was having Sadie Jane...uggh. Baby Fever, I've got it again. What's Mick going to do with me? I know one thing he's not...hahaha.

Congratulations to Jonathan and AnneMarie on one of the most beautiful babies I have seen! Love ya'll and can't wait for our girls to meet!

PS/Disclaimer: Jenny keeps the kiddos so I can run on Friday I took advantage to go see baby Emerson at that time so please excuse the sweat, the nonmatching clothes, nice hair and overall icky appearance on my part. Look at the baby...she's the cute one:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nothing earth shattering...

no, thank goodness, we were not victims of a driveby.

yummy, no wonder he didn't want to eat it in a boat or in the dark...
This picture makes it look like Micah was sick but he wasn't.
Sadie Jane and Rex playing

...going on just trying to love Jesus, each other and others! Just door shattering over here at the Harper's. We have had a really good last week or so...hanging out with friends and family...playing as a family when possible and I have even started going to a real Bible study for myself (not one that I force others to do with me, but one where we have a real teacher:)) The first two pictures are two stories in one- I don't know if you can tell but we had a miracle in that Mick was cutting grass yesterday and a rock shattered our sliding glass door. Sadie Jane and I were standing right where it hit not two minutes prior. Thank you Jesus! On the other side is where Micah and I have been having school with some cool dry erase crayons! You can't really see it but it is a tracing of Micah himself and everytime he walks by it, he says hey Micah and gives it five! Next are our attempt at green eggs and bacon...we were all out of ham:) Micah had read the book and insisted we make it for dinner and because we were home alone I figured why not? Sadie Jane enjoyed them too. The other pics are from Sadie Jane's date with a friend, baby Rex, who apparently enjoys getting sick as soon as he leaves our house. We are hoping he feels better real soon! Keeping up with two kids and a coach these days plus working and on and on is taking up all my bloggin' energy. It also is doubly challenging now that I have TWO walking babies...even though one is a great deal wobblier than the other. Although I would still bet that our Micahbird falls more! I just needed a catch up post so I can continue on with blogging. This is more recordkeeping. Micah and Sadie Jane are just both growing and changing like crazy...and praise Jesus I am learning to handle it as it comes and enjoy being the mom of both of them. This weekend we followed Mick out of town to a tournament and stayed in a hotel ... Mick wasn't around much but we got to see him so that made it worth it. I traveled unpacked and packed all with both kiddos. At one point Micah was in charge while I was getting things packed up and I couldn't find SayJ. Micah had actually lifted her up and put her in the bathtub. It wet her last outfit that we had with us but it was funny to think about the fact that he did it all and she never wimpered...just let him do it. Sadie Jane isn't the most verbal girl...don't know how that is possible...but she is saying night night when she is tired, hello when she puts anything to her ear and bye bye but only if she is in the mood. Mama and Dada are pretty rare these days. Micah is starting school in a few weeks and I am still trying to decide if I can balance his school and trying to home school. We are just trying to see if it would even work. So lately I have been working with him with a few books we've been given and just recently I got him dry erase crayons that we can write on the sliding glass door a sidenote it is really important to me that as a boy Micah doesn't begin to hate school activities because he was not designed to sit behind a desk and be sedentary (not that he wont be expected to be ABLE to do it if need be) but for the majority I want him to be engaged. So we have been working on numbers...writing them and identifying them. Math of course. He has been able to identify some but any number with a circle in it gives him know 6, 8, 9. He gets them all confused. Well we worked hard on the window this morning then went to Mick's school for lunch...then Aunt Amy's school to deliver chicken house coupons. Both places I let him show his new skill on their board. He did ok at Mick's school but I knew that those three numbers weren't happening. I tried them at Aunt Aims and Micah got them right!! I am sure it is a fluke but it sure was fun to see him succeed at something that I had taught him. So that got me feeling what it would be like to homeschool. Minus all the frustrating moments where he doesnt listen, etc. :) Another game and day at the ballfield this afternoon...hoping it isn't a hotdog night!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tutu Fun Tuesday!

Bubba Love
More kisses!
Now for a bellykiss...
pure joy!
Daddy and his babies
Rearview Tutu
Oooo, that sun was bright bright.
Look who is walking...
and playing ball.

Singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"

watching Bubba ride his motorcycle.
Today we have had fun and the fun will continue if cutie pants will take a nap before Mick's first official ballgame today. Micah actually asked to hold Sadie Jane this morning and wanted to play with her. He also wanted a bottle (which she hasn't had in months!) so he could feed her. Better late than never, right? It was too sweet not to take pictures of...then my mom came and watched them while I ran errands so that we could take Mick lunch to school. We were all decked out in our purple for the game and I figured why waste the cuteness on the mud only. So at least someone saw SayJ before that white onesie turned orange. Thankfully now that Mick is back in the classroom we will be able to see him more often...the way we did before. His old job was supposed to be flexible but it wasn't. So we also get to see Mrs. AnneMarie who is about to have little Emersyn anyday now. We took her some CFA today and I remembered those hot days last summer when SayJ was in my belly and I feel for all you with child right now, because this heat is insane...I swelled but I can't imagine with it being THIS hot. Prayers for all of you...especially AnneMarie:) I am so thankful that Mick is back at Chapel Hill. After that we came home and got some pictures before Micah's and (I hope) SayJ's nap. Sorry there are so many I just couldn't help it. These are more for Nana and Jenny. And to document her walking...she can't decide if she wants to walk or just crawl because it is so much easier. She walks so much better with something in her hand though...weird. Ok, this is not a blogpost it is a scrapbook post. My apologies.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Spur of the Moment...

Micah Centerstage...aka Centertable
With his biggest fan!

taking it down a knotch
The priceless behind the back move...
that he came up with by himself!
the kiddos with baby Rhett!!

...dinner with friends. party.
...concert by Micahbird.
...trip to Sam's. with Aims....on a trail!
...trip to Kroger with Micah and Hayden.
...night of sleep.

So this weekend we had alot of fun. Minus Mick's first ballgame in the pouring rain that we saw two seconds of then headed back home. We had good family time plus got in some time with the Hane's and a run with Amy. The best part of the weekend was a thirty minute jam session with Micah in the lead. Priceless. Almost everything we did this weekend was spur of the moment. No planning just last minute. I am a planner but it was so nice to just hang out and do very little. If you need something to jam out to Blake Shelton's "It's All About Tonight" helped us get our swerve on at the Harper House. PS- there is an a** in it. Sorry!

Friday, August 13, 2010

comic relief

This week I have been stressed for a variety of reasons(family, work, school, kids, sleep, etc.) and things in general just feel tense. Ever feel that way? I don't usually let stuff get to me this hard core. But it is...didn't really realize it til the pounding in my head and the tension in my neck almost bought me a small panic attack. Nonetheless things are never as bad as they could be nor as dire as they seem at the time. And when you live with children no matter the stresses they are bound to give you just what you need...comic relief.

If you need some too I thought I'd share...if not skip it:)

Sadie Jane is walking...not like normal people do but in the weird four to eight steps at a time. Yes, we count people, I'm a Harper and I am married to Mick, we must count.
I find it humorous that Sadie Jane is figuring the walking thing out at almost exactly the same time as Micah if to say...I wont be outdone by my overly obnoxious big brother.

And lest you think I am doting my boy has had his moments too...HAHAHAHA

Like just today at the mall:

We went into Bath and Body Works because I had a coupon for something for free, and while I don't use those trial size things one of you might get some from the gift closet. It is the thought that counts, right? Anyways, we ended up spending a little money (sucker, their marketing worked, but it wont ever work at Vicky Secrets and the free panties...I am still way up on their company with that one) I digress again. So we were getting those cute little hand sanitizer thingies with the things you attach to the bookbags. I let Micah pick out one and I got a new one and we had a coupon. This will all be relevant when I tell you we went to the elevator to get on and Micah holds up one already put together that neither of us picked out and says "I have this one and you did not pay for it." Agh. So I explain he was stealing, whatever his intentions were and we march back in for our little lesson, (haven't we already had a stealing lesson, I'll have to look back on the blog, apparently it wasn't memorable enough for Micah or I) Hopefully this time will do the trick. So he apologized and returned it to the lady. She had apparently encountered quite a few three year old thiefs because she helped enforce the lesson while also thanking him for being honest. Nice.

While we are getting loaded into our car Micah says he needs to tee tee on the ground. He loves to watch the pee role down the asphault toward either another car or more preferably, my shoes. I am loading and holding Sadie Jane so I acknowledge his request thinking he meant on the wheel etc. I get back to fold up the stroller and he is middle of the back of the car shooting it out into the parking lot for all to see. The arc went to the middle of the street. There was no stopping it once he started so I just laughed and covered his manhood up once he finished and dripped on our bumper. Really nice.

Thankful for Friday's and hoping for better days ahead. Hoping and more importantly praying for them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dinner of Champions

Spaghetti and Pintos and Yogurt. Yum.
Look at that tongue
and that face!
The tongue out is apparently Micah's new strike-a-pose.
Food was everywhere!

School has officially begun. After a fun trip to the lake this weekend we start the week flying solo for a few days. Last night was such a good time with just the babies and I. I just kept thinking how thankful I was because often those are the nights where everything that can go wrong does. And there is alright tonight for that, right? While I didn't get to watch the train wreck of Bachelor Pad we did get to play and eat as just us three. Sadie Jane loves to eat. It cracks me up so that Micah ate four things of baby food til he was fifteen months and would choke on a puff and SayJ is ten months and wolfed down spaghetti and never even thought about gagging. The only reason she would have would be out of the sheer volume of food she puts in that sweet mouth. Mick was not here which was good because his cleanliness couldn't have taken the sghetti and pinto paste that was made and stuck to every crevice on our sweet girl. We went outside to play and undress after and the ants literally tried to attack her on her blanket!! I have more to type but lots of work to do and shock of all shocks Sadie Jane wants to EAT!