Sunday, May 20, 2012

Performance Boy!

Micah had his end of the year performance for school. Micahbird LoVES the stage and loves to perform. He had no idea that he stood out with his goggles on:) We were thankful because they made him easy to spot. We are so thankful for his year at the ELC, so much so we are doing it again next year. Ha. Mrs. Giles and Mrs. Sentel have been amazing teacher's and Micah has enjoyed it so much. Next year I will definitely be a basketcase knowing this is his last year in our little bubble of a world. 

Friday, May 18, 2012


One of my bff's in the world turned 30 this year (actually two of my bff's do) but April turned 30 this past weekend. She is such a special friend to me so I figured I'd do another Ode to April, and to friendship in general. God has blessed me with some lifelong friends, some older wiser friends, some for a season friends, some to simply point me to Jesus and some that I don't know His exact reason for their friendship but I see purpose somewhere some how, eventually. April fits somewhere in that mix, sortof. She and I met before I had any kiddos and have remained friends through two babies. We became friends later in life but our foundation is actually our relationship with the Lord because we met in Sunday school and while we weren't at the same season in our lives (she has two older babies pictured above), but we at the same season in what God wanted to do in our hearts. She is a LIGHT in my life and a constant encourager in truth. That is hard to find and I am so thankful I have her. I think I've written similar posts about April in the past but I felt it needed to be said again. This week has been so hard losing someone who has been apart of my life my whole life. I don't remember the last time I saw Kristie, but I never thought it would be the last. It is God reminding me that I need to live for Him moment by moment and I don't need to let time pass without thanking Him for giving me people in my life that show me His love and I want to show others His love. So easy to be caught in the routine and forget what is truly important. I did it today even after being reminded about it during the day. It reminds me of that verse that talks how no one looks in the mirror and then quickly forgets what they look like, yet we read His word and then quickly forget what it says. How true is that for me that even in the midst of a lesson I have to confess I quickly forget the very thing God wants to teach me. So thankful for Jesus, forgiveness, grace and the gift of friendships new and old.

Second child?

SadieJane had her Gymnastics Performance last weekend. I snapped this picture as they walked in and then my camera battery DIED. Oh for the love. Poor second child. Micah has nineteen pictures of him on the beam and bars, etc. and prisspot has ONE. I guess this would be on the list of why we shouldn't have a third, because at this rate we might not even have time to attend his/her performances. Kidding, I'm kidding. Maybe. So SayJ did awesome, she is a monkey, and loves gymnastics. She loves her teachers, her friends and doing flips. I am so thankful for this outlet she has each week. For both of us. And since there aren't any pictures you'll just have to take my word for it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

gettin' real...sortof

I've warned you all that there was alot on my heart and before I could even put that in writing things got hard. Real hard. I hate to be vague. But I have to be for some of it. Basically there is alot of hurt going on around me and alot of it is some way connected to drugs. I mentioned in previous posts I was having a hard time dealing with life and dealing with my relationship with Jesus, well I guess satan was reading because he has come on hard core. It seems at the very moment I forget how real he is, he shows up with nasty vengance. Ugh. I hate satan. Anyways, I am just truly aware of spiritual warfare right now and I feel like there is a weight all around me. After a hard week of praying and fighting in His strength I get a call yesterday from my Momma (Jenny) that their bff's at the lake Donna and Stanley's daughter Kristie had been found dead in her home that morning. We don't know what happened or the details yet. She has 3 children (one of which is Micah's age) and she was like a sister to me in some ways. We didn't talk as much later in life but she was 8 years older than me and at the lake she was my keeper and babysitter. We did have a few talks as adults and I always left praying for peace for Kristie, often she just had so much on her plate that it seemed so overwhelming. We always loved to joke and laugh about our parents and their crazy lake life. I can always remember if I made Kristie laugh I had definitely said something funny. She was also my parents goddaughter and their only since for 8 years they didn't have me:) Her parents are so special to my parents and to us and Kristie was their only daughter. It is such a shock and a sad situation. It also just brings up alot of thoughts and concerns about my sister since her struggle was similar to Kristie's for so long. It just makes me anxious. Please pray for Kristie's husband, children and family. The one place to find joy is in Jesus that Kristie knew Him and is in heaven. Her struggle with dealing with life was a hard one and she is no longer having to fight that battle. That is a blessing. But I know the people left behind don't neccessarily feel that way and I get that for sure. In times like these the "doing life" and "doing life with Jesus" go hand in hand because you can't get through the day without Him. I am thankful for that constant and peace that passes all understanding and I pray that while the raw emotions and exhaustion will fade that the continued dependence on the Lord, minute by minute, hour by hour, would stay the same.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh to the boy who stole my heart...

five short years ago. I can not believe I am typing about my sweet Micahbird turning FIVE. Everyone tells you it'll go fast but nothing can prepare you of the rapidness of the years. I mean, don't get me wrong the days are often loooooong, but they years they seem short:). Micah is more boy than ever, swinging at anything he can hit, throwing anything that looks round and constantly begging to go outside and play ball every day of the week. He is all boy and passionate as all get out. He loves and plays hard. Which means when he hurts, oh man, break my heart. We have dealt with some first this year, nothing crazy like those first few years when EVERYTHING is new...but Micahbird has changed even more. He has become much closer to Mick, he even let it slip the other day that he likes him more. Hurt my sensitive heart pretty bad, but truth is I know he does get him in a way I can't and Micah senses that. He told me later he loved me too, but still. Micah has had his first real crush on him and boy oh boy that is another post of its own. But bottomline he has an "admirer" at school and he has yet to notice, I on the other hand can't stand it and am praying for how I will handle real situations like this in thirty years! Micah has also formed a bond with SadieJane and the two of them can now play together, if they can get along long enough to do so. I will add Micah's questions later to compare with last years, but I couldn't let today go by without one more short gushfest about the long awaited, prayed for bundle of joy that kicked his way into this world and has been pushing the limits ever since. Nothing else I'd trade it for in the world. It is undoubtedly the highest calling to be a Momma with the hardest days and nights with the greatest rewards scattered just far enough in between that you find the strength to keep going. I love this Micah Reed Seven Harper and I can't wait to see the boy God is growing him to be. Well, yes I can. I will enjoy this time when I can still pick him up and kiss him in public for as long as I can, because I hear it will end. But I secretly hope it never does.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This season I got to play tennis on one of my best friend's Momma's teams. I also ended up getting to be her partner for most of the matches. Which is crazy because her daughter, Amy and I literally began our tennis career's together at the Health Club doing drills and playing USTA. Val convinced me I could hang with the big girls so I gave this season a try. Such fun! I have played ALTA, for.ever. But never have I ever won the City Championship for my division. Today we finally did! In ALTA you get a plate for your award?!? My mom had tons of these from all her tennis days when I was little, so it was quite special to get one of my own, and even more so to get to do it with someone who has been like a second Mom to me since before I was born... It also was a really high level that we were playing (don't worry, I wasn't one of the better players:)) but it really renewed my love for the game and now I want to play singles again, like I did and loved in high school. Since I've got all this free time on my hands I think I'll take it more seriously in the future. Look out Wimbledon!!! Yeah right!! Seriously though, this has been something that the Lord has allowed me to really enjoy lately and I am so thankful for a little release in my week to help me get through. Jenny and Nana definitely help make it happen, and even Mick chipped in a day of work to help me make it work. 

Special Day for a Special Boy

Oh this boy. He got to celebrate his birthday on Monday this week in the turtle class because we are celebrating me (mother's) on his actual birthday. Micah got to say the blessing, oh melt my heart, and then we sang to him. We brought donuts for his birthday and this boy just gets more special by the day for me! One more day and this little boy is 5!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Take Me Out To Daddy's Ballfield!

So Micah had his 5th Birthday Party last Sunday. He decided this year he wanted to invite his whole school class. And his friends. And his family. We have had every birthday party up until now at the Harper House and I just didn't think we could quite hold them all. So, Mick offered his ballfield. Micah definitely wanted to take that offer. Micah's first birthday party was baseball themed so I guess every 4 years we will go back to the good ole ballfield. Micah had a blast and even though the rain beforehand was stressful and the heat during was insane we managed to pull off a fun party. I tried very hard this year to focus not on what I wanted or what I would worry about what other people think, but on what Micah wanted and what would be fun for him and his friends. Even though it was hard I think I let go of most of it. I even put down the itinerary after I got to the field. My one regret from the party is that since we weren't at home I totally forgot to get a picture of all the kiddos together. Ugh. The one thing for me. Mick was such a great trooper and did every thing I asked. You don't see him in many pictures because he was pitching or running activities. One of the highlights was one of our good friends (who really does lead Praise and worship and has his own band, Edenfield) sang the National Anthem over the loud speaker. Micah loved it! I know I thought he was joking at first and I am sure our friends were not real sure about it, but it was awesome for Micah. He just kept moving closer and closer to Kyle with his hand over his heart the whole time. Micah and Hayden also orchestrated the "Concession Stand" and worked it. We gave out tickets upon arrival. Even though they got tired after a bit and ran some other friends out by being bossy, it still turned out fun for most I think. I did a terrible job taking pictures because everyone was spread out everywhere and half my time was spent going "who has SayJ??" and then locating her with either Jenny, Mick's mom or Micah's friend Alexa (pictured above). All in all it was a fun day and we were all exhausted at the end of it. I did say you can pick when it'll rain and when I am gonna get sick by the date I choose for Micah's Birthday party...because they seem to all go hand in hand. Thankfully this year the sun came out and I think I've just got some allergy issue. Bright side, Positive Polly, that's me. 
Roll Call: aka. the boring part where I list who was there so I can remember it in years/weeks down the road- The Keaton's, April, Sunny and Chichi, The Spiva's, The Wallace's, The Bronosky's, The Hane's, The Bennett's, The Edenfield's, The Dobb's, The Harper's, Aunt Dot, The Hill's, Kyle, Avery, The Howle's, Janice and Jake, Maddex and his Dad, Sherry and Brayden, Erin, Barrett and Brynnaboo, Destiny, and The Eidson's. Who'd I forget, someone very important I am sure:)?

Field Day Fun Day

So my Micahbird had Field Day last Friday. SadieJane is my constant sidekick so she was there too. Thank goodness Jenny got off work quickly enough that she took over at the end. Have I mentioned I love Micah's school, his class, his teachers and him. Sorry, this is a scrapbook post...and sadly more to come. I still have a thoughtful post in the works if I can ever get through with uploading all these importanttome pictures!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

And this my friends...

is how you Tomahawk CHOP! Oh how I love this blue eyed boy of mine! Can't believe he will be 5 years old on Friday! I am going to enjoy every day this week with my little 4 year old before he goes and turns big on me!! Thank you Jesus for so many blessings!

Friday, May 4, 2012

On the field with the Bravos!!

Even McCann needs to stretch before he plays:)
This is our first year playing baseball and our very first year to do the big "Parade on to the field at the Braves Game" Boy oh boy. It was Douglas County Night on Tuesday and all the little league teams are invited to make a walk around the field and to NOT step on the grass. It was so much fun. And it was SO hot. We didn't know the ropes this first year, so next year we will know to be late (so we don't sit and sweat for hours), we will know we all can indeed walk on the field (so don't bring so many stinkin' bags), we will see everyone from Douglas County (so plan a playdate with friends during the game to make it easier with the kiddos), we will be up high (so bring a leash for SayJ). Seriously Micah loved it and it was so much fun to watch him watch a game with new eyes after playing a season. Although I use that term loosely he has a much greater concept of baseball now that he has done it. We also got to see McCann warm up and stretch which was pretty cool. I wanted to stop and ask for a picture, but I think they frown on that even more than the whole stepping on the grass thing. Other than the braves game I've been having a rough week. In my head things are just really messed up. I am struggling all over the place with what I believe to be satan having a hayday in my analyzations. I feel that it is partly due to my lack of time in the word. I feel like I've been so surface in so many areas. I have a hard time living solely on superficial and surface chatting etc, and I thrive on realness and honesty; I've had some of the first and very little of the latter. It hurts my heart and makes me crazy. Its nobody's fault just where I am in life at the moment(well, maybe I should take some responsibility here, that yes, I indeed need to check myself...another blog as usual). Every day can't be a praise and worship cd I know, but I just don't want the blog to be all surface either, so I am releasing a small bit that is in my brain. Don't worry Jenny, I'm fine. Really.  So I am getting back on the "time in the Word" band wagon and trusting Jesus to help me in alot of areas that I am just straight failing in. Doing life and doing life with Jesus, while I would have it no other way, is hard to find the balance of following Him wholeheartedly and still just living and doing the life around you. But that is a post for another time; so I will indeed save the rest for some other time.