Friday, March 30, 2012

These Three

While I love to see these three riding all around the ballfield. I am so thankful to spend some time off it learning, laughing and loving on each other. These boys seasons are half over and we are all exhausted. Hallelujah for Easter, new creations and redemption in Jesus, He is indeed Risen!

Broccoli, Celery, Gotta be...

Junior Asparagus
Larry and Bob

SadieJane got a little close to the stage.

We just left the Veggie Tales live show this afternoon. It was such a good time. Mick, of course, had a game but I got to take the kiddos and it was so fun. I love Veggie Tales and it was all about the old silly songs that I loved and still remember. The kiddos were mesmerized and had fun dancing and being apart of the show. The really awesome part is that my chicken apartment boss, gave me the tickets! This is basically part two of my story about my ELC job. Again, God knew exactly where He wanted me and He did what He needed to get me there. I am working for an amazing Christian woman who happens to go to our church...and we happen to be cousins, even thought I didn't know it for a while. (it's through Mick's side:)) But a side benefit continues to be her wisdom in her relationship with the Lord and with encouragement and advice on child rearing. She has four so she knows a thing or two. It is such a blessing to just be able to ask her about any situation. We might not always agree but so far everything applies to my two as well. So thankful that God put me there. And then after a long days work she let me know she had tickets for the Veggie Tales for the babies! Then today she found out we were going to get to sit on the second row. Thank you Jesus for little/big blessings! I definitely need to reread these when I start questioning what God is doing...

Got Egged:)

Well, we got egged today too. Thanks to the Mann's the kiddos got to go huntin'. We discovered that we might need to teach SayJ HOW to egg hunt. We've been training her in egging, but I think she doesn't have a clue how to hunt. Micah got all of the eggs but one and I surrounded it to keep him from it, while she stood looking at me while I had to shout and point to get her to pick it up. Sweet girl doesn't have her Bubba's instinct on the hunt. Poor child, and I missed her egghunt at school, so no wonder she had three eggs when I arrived. Thanks again Mann's for eggin' us back!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gone Eggin'

We continued our Eggin' tradition this year. We had to start early this year since Easter seems earlier. We've got a few more sneaky plans up our sleeves this year to share the love of Jesus:) We hit three houses already and this year, we stopped and egged incognito style. Meaning- we hid the eggs quietly then I knocked on the door and ran to our strategically parked car. It was extra fun because we got to see the surprise in our friends eyes. Micah and SayJ loved watching Haydee look for us, and he finally realized we were in the car. Then he jumped in and SadieJane jumped out and the boys went to egg Jaxson and Maxsim. We hit Barrett and Brynnaboo's next, but they weren't home. Still a few more to get and plan to even egg some at the beach if we dare. Sidenote: If you are a boy/man, apparently if you get egged you have to come out with no shirt on, Maxsim was the lone boy not going shirtless, but you can see in his eyes he wanted to trade his shirt for some pants.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Eggstravaganza of 2012

Mercy, the eggs, mercy. Quick someone tell my children that Easter is indeed about Jesus' death and resurrection (again!). We go over it, but then we fill eggs or we hunt eggs or we hide eggs and they seem to forget all that and get back to the candy at hand. Today was crazy, we had my class easter egg hunt this morning and then joy o joy Micah and SayJ's parties were at the SAME time. I literally ran from one side of our big SixFlagsoverJesus church to the other. I made it to the very end of SadieJane's hunt, who responded "You NOT here when I find eggs!!!" Ugh. I wanted to remind her that I missed her brother's Thanksgiving party one year altogether because of a time mixup:( So she should've been thankful! Anyways, it marks the start of our Spring Break! Hallelujah. Mick says he is so ready, but I reminded him I am too, except my spring break relieves me of my two part time jobs, but I get no such break from my full time one like he does. He was not amused. Seriously thankful for a break from the rush of life. We are for sure way too busy and we NEED a break. From ball, work, busyness and life in general. Truth be told my worrying self has been praying for this break for months. We have been well for so long and my positive polly nature just knows we will be sick on our only vacation. But, I am trusting Jesus, rain or shine, sickness or not, we will be together, there will be God made water around us, and we will not have a game in we WILL be happy. (even if we have a fever:))

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Real Southern Wedding.

This weekend was a great family weekend. We spent Saturday together as a family all day. Of course we had to spend a part of it at the ball field where Micah had another game. Then we headed to Alabama to see Maggie, my "penpal" type close friend say I do. Her wedding was beautiful, I mean so beautiful. And for a few years it has been like watching myself get to do other things that God didn't have planned for my life, but allowed me to live vicariously through Maggie as well as be able to encourage her in times when I knew close to exactly how she it was no surprise that were I to redo our wedding, it would be just like Maggie's. Well, switch the grooms or else that'd be just weird.

Not only was the wedding beautiful, but Maggie loves children so much so that they were invited to the wedding. I am pretty sure Micah and SadieJane had more fun than us, and we had alot of fun. Mick and I always feel like weddings are great dates for us, and it looks like our family is going to carry on that tradition even as a family of four. Which is good, since we've got alot of weddings coming our way!

Mick had not gotten to play with our camera yet, so since alot of my friends were there, he took the opportunity to have a photoshoot. A little embarrassing, especially since most people were taking pictures of THE BRIDE, not their children. But, alas, we got some cute pictures. Sorry Maggie.

We ended the day playing on a playground close to the wedding then driving home with very few fits. It was just a family day with lots of love and laughs. Ahhh. Very few spankins' too. Weddings are especially beautiful as a reminder of what God has called Mick and I to as well. It also helped that a PC Grad married Maggie, small world. Kevin Campbell for the three of you wondering! He preached it and it was a great lesson in love as well. So thankful for a good day. Sorry for all the pictures.