Sunday, November 30, 2008

something about my boys in their hats...

Why is Sunday one of the hardest days of the week? I guess satan attacks more on a day when he knows you are trying to worship the Creator that he hates. I can remember so many Sundays my mom screaming and yelling about cinnamon rolls burning and my dad falling asleep in the shower that by the time we all got out at church we could barely talk. It seems like you never have enough time to get ready. We are trying to start a small group at the church we are going to...since they don't have Sunday school and Sunday morning is the only time my overcommitted, I mean coaching husband can meet. Seriously it is impossible to find a consistent day of the week that he can meet other than Sunday morning. So that is what we are doing, but then I realized this morning that puts Micah in the nursery for 3 hours. And yes I am one of those moms that has a hard time doing that. So I am praying for a way to make everything work out so that I am not anxious even more so on Sunday mornings. This morning Micah woke up coughing a little bit and I am not sure where he got the pukes (he started last Sunday night) so I didn't send him to nursery at all today. What a relaxing time at church, right?
Actually Micah did pretty good and I heard a brief part of the small group and church...well worth my while. Hopefully by next week we will have it all figured out. These are pictures I took when we got home of the boys in their hats. With Micah's tubes falling out we are covering his ears every chance we get. He usually rips the hat right off but he really liked this hat since it is Daddy's. Now we are all home relaxing...see Sunday's aren't so bad afterall. I need to repeat that again next Sunday morning.

finally some fun for a change...

Look at the form from us!Sorry Brad I know you can see I have the safety strap flying freely!We found a way to block Micah's ding ding finally!
Thank you floating hand for blocking Micah's manhood.


Our much needed break wasn't quite what we had hoped for...with being sick and then having to keep ourselves from others for a reasonable amount of time. But last night we went to dinner and then went to Aunt Amy and Uncle Brad's because they got a new toy. Micah may as well get used to going over there to play with the cool stuff. That is how it was for Aim and I as well. I always wanted to go to her house because she had all the cool courts, hot tub, ping pong. The Dobbs got the wii game thingy. It was really fun to play. I think I got a nintendo when they were about 5 yrs old and I got the game that came with it and the little mermaid game, that is the extent of my gaming skills. So to say that I liked the wii means that it must be pretty user friendly. Aim is getting the fit stuff so she can work out, that should be pretty cool and I plan to mooch off that as well. The boys had the first of many baths together and we couldn't quite get a pg picture taken with their mohawks so these will do. Micah all of the sudden has refused to sit down in the tub. I have no idea why and he acts like it is painful to sit down. Strange! What is even stranger is that he develops weird things like that every day so I never know what is actually normal for the kiddo. So, anyways, thanks to the Dobbs for fun times. By the way, Brad and Mick took the whole wii thing far to seriously, surprise. Amy and I laughed through almost all of it.

Friday, November 28, 2008

happy thankspuking!

Well after I wrote the last post I had no idea what was soon to hit. The stomach bug doesn't seem an appropriate name for it. I can honestly only think of words that I shouldn't type. I will just say I don't remember ever being that sick. I got sick Tuesday and Mick followed about 12 hours later. Thankfully Nana rushed over to help with Micah who still wouldn't eat...and we finally understand why. We are all better today and ventured out just to see what the real world is like. It was the first thanksgiving spent in our house and there was no turkey to be seen. We had some crackers and cheese dip that is about it. Every day I keep thinking tomorrow I am going to be good as new...but then I wake up feeling not so much like that...hopefully tomorrow we will all be good as new. Seriously, we are so thankful for so much even realizing how healthy we are the majority of the time. We are also so thankful for friends and family. It was hard to quarentine ourselves from the people we love the most on a day where we are supposed to share our thanksgiving for each other! So I will just say it now!

Monday, November 24, 2008

from out of the running to winner...

of the "Worst Momma of the Year" award. The story of last night goes like this:
hear Micah cry out... momma momma...I go pee and then head to his room. Wait at the door. No sound. Back to sleep I go.

Repeat this 3X.

On the 4th time I got worried(thus the Worst award...I should have gone in on the first, momma) @ 6am so I opened the door anyway. I am almost legally blind and didn't have my glasses on but there was no mistaking, I didn't have to see what I could already smell. I turned around to go find my glasses to investigate what I already knew was awaiting me. What I didn't know was how awful I would feel all at once.
You guessed it Micah had thrown up all over himself in the bed then apparently bulldozed around in it all night. The smell was way worse than I can even describe. Nevermind that, I wasn't there for the first real throw up my bird has had. All I could think of is how scared he must have been...not knowing what was happening. I know I always wanted my momma right there holding my hair. I didn't care that he was covered from head to toe...I scooped him up, stripped him down and put him in bed with me. While Mick cleaned up, three cheers for Daddy!
Micah has been such a calm sweet boy all day long. We don't know if it was something he ate or a bug. We will know tomorrow if one of us starts the puking! Micah is sleeping now and will hopefully wake up feeling all better. We shall see...
The picture of Micah and his fresh clean blankey post-puke. He just would follow Mick or I somewhere and then lay down.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mick's Blog

So lately we have been going about our business and Mick has been working on a few projects. Once he finishes them, he not so slyly says..."Don't you want to take a picture to put on the blog?" Well that to me takes all the fun out of it. If you put in a request to be on the blog then I can't very well do it, that makes the blog seem staged. So I have waited a few days and am posting on MY time table. I haven't taken some of the pictures that he requested so that will have to wait. One of the incidents that I am referring to is last week Mick shaved his head into a mohawk. Thankfully he has incredibly short hair so it isn't too bad. He did it for the high school team making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs. I thought it was neat for some of the coaches to do so I encouraged it. I didn't know the mohawk was going to linger for days after the football team lost. The mohawk has been with us to dinner with friends, to the mall, to church, and to bed even (a place where if you can't be taken seriously can be hard to deal with, if you know what I mean). I think the mohawk is sticking around til it gets proper here it is in black and white and color! Seriously I am thankful that Mick likes the blog so much and reads it and always appreciates it. I am honored that he wants to be on it. I am sure everyone is just as anxious to be mentioned here. Let me know, I apparently taking requests now. Hee hee!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Out of the running...

for "Momma of the Year". Today was officially Micah and I's worst mother-son morning. He woke up in a great mood and we played before breakfast. But then I didn't give him his signature oatmeal for breakfast and after that things went downhill fast. Real fast. He started pitching a fit and climbing out of his seat. Time seemed to be stopped while he threw himself on the floor at any suggestion I made. He refused to wear a hat or a jacket even though it is freezing outside and he has a runny nose. Somehow I found myself fighting with him...spanking him...raising my voice and stomping my feet. I wont list anything else about our time because I am too embarrassed to tell you about MY childish behavior. Let's just say it involved me hiding out in the garage, praying for God to grant me additional patience. Once I got him in the car kicking a screaming (with no warmth from external layers) he was fine. We pulled up to the bank and I was almost in tears. I felt like the teller could tell what had just transpired and was shaming me. I apologized to Micah and he said it was ok. But I failed miserably at being a good momma today and I needed to confess. I feel better now. It has been 18 mths and I have never gotten so frustrated. I pray its at least another year and a half before we do that again. I can't handle it. Don't worry I am ok now but I just wanted everyone else out there to feel better about their status as "Momma of the Year". You are one step closer now!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Holding sweet.
You will notice their toy of choice was some old spoons!

Trying to get a smile out of both of them and keep them still was near impossible.

I mentioned in a previous post about my new friend that didn't read my blog...shortly after I wrote that she then read my blog. But we have remained friends even after that incident. Not only have I found a new friend but so has Micah. While they still only "parallel play" (as Taron calls it)...Micah gets really excited when he knows he is going to get to see Jaxson, Micah yells..Jax! Jax! They do seem to get along very well. Thankfully Micah doesn't bully him, which is a relief to me. We were supposed to go to Monkey Joe's today but it never opened. We waited outside with one of the workers but no one ever showed up to open the door and blow the stuff up. I felt bad for the boys, especially since Micah and I had been saying Monkey Joe's all morning. Instead we just came back here and played and then went to lunch. Micah would not sit still, threw his peas on the floor, banged on the glass door so loud people thought someone was breaking in, and then pulled all the bottles of sauce off a shelf. All while Jaxson sat quietly and ate his lunch. The dilemma here is trying not to compare children. I know you aren't supposed to but wow, God sure does make everyone so different. I just don't want to be those people banned from the playgroup for misbehavior...or worse yet...failure to discipline. I am hoping that Jaxson's good behavior rubs off on Micah not vice versa...or our new friends will soon be old/nonexistent friends.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

18 month check up

Micah wanted me to take a picture of this silly tiger.
I just like these pics because you can see his blue eyes well.

This is his kiss me face. He does like a fish when he kisses.

Today was Micah's check up and this is going to be a more "for the records" post so unless you are bored you can skip it. Micah is over 26 lbs and 32"2' tall. I don't know what percentile that is but he definitely looks "healthy" in my grandmama's view of healthy. This is the first time he has been to the doctor where he could sense it wasn't going to be a fun thing. He got three shots and he really got angry about that. He tore the bandaids off and just flailed around. Thank goodness Mick skipped out of school for a few minutes because I ended up crying too. After that I took him to the mall to ride the choo choo train. I felt like he deserved it after the shots! The whole way to the mall he cried and screamed "no no shot" and then he would spank his little legs. Other than the shots we found out Micah's tubes have fallen out of both ears. Just in time for winter and cold well as no swimming pools. I think we will go to an indoor pool soon so that he can just go under alot! Micah is talking alot. He says anything we say and likes to say no far to much. I have already fallen into the trap of thinking my child is advanced...when I was teaching those are the mothers that got under my skin the worst. So I am going to keep my petitions for an iq test to myself:)
On another note, surprisingly I really missed Micah alot last night. I think I am really crazy. I get a night away, and I enjoyed myself for sure, but I would think...oh Micah would like that crane. Micah would like those lights. I wonder if Micah is going to bed good. And it was the only night that I can remember that I didn't rock him and say his prayers with him. Thanks to Mick who put him down when he was supposed to and freed me up for the whole night. I know there are many of you out there who leave your children alot for work by choice or by neccesity, I know that everyone is different. If there is one thing in motherhood that should be upheld is not judging another mother for something that you differ on. We can differ, but I wont judge you, because I sure don't want to be judged myself. But for me it is very hard to be away from him for long and already don't know how I'll handle sending him off to school one day. All that to say, I just don't like to be away from Micah for very long. I either am crazy or need to do it more so that I can get used to it. I am not sure which.
Lately Micah has been a joy to raise and I have had more fun doing it. I don't know if it is a change in my disposition or his, but it has been a blessing. We are also working less and playing more, another blessing.

Monday, November 17, 2008

girl's night...

Suz, Aim, and Alison

Me and Taron
Boy do girl's nights change once you have children (or have friends with children,Suz). For the last two weeks I have been trying to plan a girl's night. It finally came together tonight after lots of indecisiveness and emails. We ended up with just 5 girls but it turned out better that way, being able to talk more to everyone. We went to Atlantic Station but unfortunately took too long at the meal so we only got to go in one store(just barely). Since I planned it and had high expectations I feel bad that we didn't get to do everything. (and for the fact that we could have just gone to longhorn's:)) We were all tired by 9 anyways, and missed our children. I think for a December girl's night I am having everyone to my house to do something. It is funny though, you appreciate the time in the car, wherever, doing whatever, just being responsible for one person and spending time with women in the same stage of life that you are...So thanks girls for making my night!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

sweet boys...wild boys...

The boys and their bears after a very wet bath time.

Hayden and his beloved, mangy, starbear.

Hayden wanted a picture of just us, without Micah.
Can we say jealous?

We had Hayden again tonight and he and Micah together are like two wild indians. They both just run and scream for hours. It is a little bit nerveracking but it is fun to see them have so much fun. How just running and screaming gives them so much joy is beyond me. Mick has been sick, sick, sick this weekend. He has had no voice so I have made up for the silence by talking twice as much. Only one more week til the thanksgiving break and for that I am thankful.

Two Funny Hayden conversations:
Aunt Steph, I know what I want for Christmas: a dentist set (he has seen the dentist 4 times this month for cavities, etc.)
I told him I didn't think Target sold dentist sets...he said don't worry I will tell santa at the mall and he will make it for me.

Hayden asked where we were going for dinner and Mick told him Olive Garden.
Hayden sat there for a while and when we pulled up he they sell plants here? (smart boy)

Friday, November 14, 2008

way to go, Panthers!

Always with the silly face

This is how he sat, literally the whole first half...just taking it in.

We headed out tonight to watch Mick's high school football team play in their first playoff game in the history of the school. The game started at 8 so we weren't sure how Micah would do. He loved every minute of it and sat as still as a statue for the entire first half and halftime! Everyone around us commented on what a sweet and calm little one we had. Those of you that know our sweet and calm Micah know that he is anything but... We had a great time except Mick feeling yucky since I gave him the plague and whenever he gets sick it seems to settle in his chest; a trait I hope that he doesn't pass on to Micah. The Panther's won the playoff game and will advance to the next round. It is fun watching a sport with my husband instead of through the chainlink fence. We got to see lots of people since Mick's school was the only school in the county to make it to the playoffs.

making friends...

I don't know about you but I am no longer good at making friends. Once you become an adult you don't have as many ready made places to form close connections with others like you. In high school it is what team you're on what club you are in, in college its what dorm you live in or what classes you take, in the workplace it is coworkers and committee members...I am in the inbetween stage. I work, but with an 18 month old on my side. And I have little time to conversate with adults in between his squirming and screaming. It's not me that has to make friends now but Micah and I together...because if you see me...then well, you see him too...and hear him...and smell get my point. So we have a few places where we try to make friends: church (so hard to do and you think this would be the easiest place), gymnastics, mutual friends, etc. The thing is I love making new friends and getting to know different people. God created me to want to be in relationship with others...especially women that can relate to my situation. We have met a new friend at gymnastics that we both like and have had fun playing with. She is very real and we both seem to appreciate that. (you will notice a lack of pictures lately because I haven't wanted to completely scare the new friend by making her take pictures with the psycho stranger from the gym). I don't think she reads my blog...but if she does she will probably find me so strange that we aren't friends anymore...but oh well. I am who I am, right?
My point to all this is that making new friends with a child in like dating a little bit. Not in a weird way. But you wonder if they think your child is insane? If they are hanging out with you because you are bossy or because they like you? If they find you annoying? Should you call, email or text to say you had a good time? Can I get out my camera for blog pictures or will she think I am that kind of mom? All these things may sound crazy to you and maybe I should hit the delete button on this post. But if there is someone out there who can relate I would love to know I am normal...hahaha. We all know that ain't so!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

on, on pc...

For those that don't know that is the start of my college fight song. Last night we got to run into some old faces from college after Micah's gymnastics class. It was late and he was tired so he didn't last long. So when I say see old friends, I mean see their faces and that is about it. It was the Creasman's who are raising support for the ministry that I was involved in college: Campus Outreach. I had not seen the Creasman's since they became that so it was really neat to see Kaye and Benny together. If you want to see their ministry or give for support...feel free to check out their blog.
But seeing them and reading another friends blog who is in college reminded me how much I loved those days. Now I love my life now and wouldn't change...most of it...for anything. But college for me was this amazing time that I had no idea would end so soon. A friend was so stressed with the studying and I remember being that way too, I had know idea how little those tests mattered in light of eternity. And how much the friendships did matter in the same light. The friends that I made there were so real and without preconceived notions or worries. We had limitless time to hang out and do fun things. It was also a time where my life with the Lord was so tight...having so much time for bible study, praise and worship, d groups, class that talked about God...on and on. Real life is so different than that bubble and making real friends outside of it is so much harder. Even though I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with my college friends (the couple I saw last night, who I was really good friends with, I had not seen in 4 years! Yikes!) ...those of you that read my blog that were college friends I know you agree with that statement. But it doesn't mean I don't wish I were more connected. My friends now outside of college are great, its just so hard to find time to be real with one another and to talk honestly about spiritual things, and making new ones...oh that is so stinkin hard.
Not sure why I felt the need to share this...other than if you were a college friend and read this...leave a comment I would love to reconnect!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

we love us some Taylor Swift!

This is Micah's newest face!

So I know this is an odd post...but truthfully we are odd people...I don't mind saying it. But I need to give some background info. Micah was not the best baby. He cried alot. For hours at a time. I have blocked alot of that time out. I remember thinking why would anyone do this twice. It is good that I didn't have a blog then because I would be ashamed to see what I would have written. Anyways, so bad baby, crying baby happened alot and especially in the car. My favorite song at the time right after he was born was Taylor Swift "Our Song"" I would belt it out at the top of my lungs. Micah loved it. He would be screaming and then I would turn Taylor on and he would hush. He preferred me to be singing too. Since then he has continued to love that song as well as the whole cd. Her songs are neither good or bad morally...ok some are bad. So since Micah has started talking the one that says hate and stupid had to get lost. But he just loves her. He would scream when the beginning music would start. Then a few weeks ago one of her new single, "Love Story" came on and he immediately knew it was her. He gets all excited and says "oh oh, song, song". So we made a trip to target today to get her newly released cd, it is good, even though at times I can not handle listening to her because of the way I had to listen to our song on repeat ad nauseum. We turned it on and jammed in the playroom. I took Micah's picture because Mick thinks I need to write her a she'll ever see or get it, but just in case we have pictures for the blog!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

oh crappy day!

So lately posts have either been depressing, seriously spiritual or just inordinate numbers of pictures of Micah...I thought I should lighten it up a bit and share some stories about our lives that I want to look back on and laugh about:
~Unbelievably Micah is getting more and more active. He is beginning to understand discipline and for that I am thankful. It is still a huge chore but we are making progress. He spends a great deal of time going in and out of time out. Predominately for the hitting still. He loves to give me a good whack in the face if I interrupt his plans. This week we have surmised it is teething that has gotten him all worked up most afternoons. One night this week he got so hysterical about nothing that I finally asked him if he wanted to go to time out...he said ...yes...sniff sniff and walked right in and sat on his spot wailing. After some tylenol and dinner he finally got it together just in time for bed.
~Because we have a harvest party each year I like to hit up target's 75% off sale after halloween. We went when it was 50% but decided Micah and I would go back when it was cheaper. So Thursday morning(this is when they do their endcap markdowns at our target) Micah was up at 6:30...darn the time change and me ever being thankful for it. So we went to target around 9 and Micah did great while I shopped. Meanwhile he was pulling things off the shelves and dropping them into the buggy. But it was entertainment so I didn't care. I knew I would give them all to the register girl and tell her we didn't want them. So then I get a few work phone calls and Micah starts getting a little antsy. Then we get to the register and he is real antsy...trying to stand up in the seat and such. He always gets most antsy when we are in line with a large audience. So I put him in the back and enlist him to help me put things on the belt. He thinks it would be fun to climb up there with the stuff. I get him down...and continue to unload...praying Micah doesn't fall out of the buggy. I grab the few things that Micah had tossed in to hand to the lady and one thing pops open and this capsule full of nerds go everywhere! Micah finds this hilarious! I find it very frustrating. We are the people who refuse to leave a mess at restaurants and try to always teach Micah that we should clean up our own messes. The register lady says 'oh it's ok' a very 'it's not ok' voice and I ask for the broom. She says oh we'll get it later...but blue nerds are being crushed underfoot as we speak. Plus I have to teach Micah to clean up(this is what I am thinking). So I grab some wipes and Micah and we try to clean up. Mission unsuccessful with a slick floor and slippery nerds. I look over at Micah from my hands and knees and he is happily helping me as each blue speck goes from his grubby hands into his mouth. I grab him and push the buggy out of the way (the lady behind me says 'they'll clean it up really' in her "get the heck out of my way voice" While I am worrying about what the lady behind me thinks I realize Micah isn't eating nerds off the floor anymore. I look around and he has run behind the photo lab and is trying to crawl into an open cabinet. I finally capture him screaming and kicking and push our buggy outside in shame. Then I realized it was only 1030 and we had the whole day ahead of us.
~Today we had church and family time. Both good things. Then Micah wanted to go tee tee in the potty. He went really good and started to run around with no pants on. I always feel bad that his stuff is always cooped up in a wet diaper so I thought I would give him some time in the wind. I figured it would be fine since he had just gone pee really well. You all know where I am going from here...but I didn't. So, I let him play in his new playroom in the garage pantless. We put down that gym floor stuff so I thought no harm if he gets the urge to go again. I almost went to get the camera because it was so funny. He was even going down the slide like it was no thing...ouch. So then with no warning I look up and see him climbing up the back of the slide and there is something heading south from his behind. Yep...he pooped right there on the slide. I was of course in slow motion and couldn't get there to change the outcome. Then to make matters worse he started stepping in it! I will skip the rest of the details since they are even more unpleasant. Oh well, 5 minutes of free ballin' turned into 45 minutes of cleaning! His stuff will now be cooped up for the diaper or not.

Our lives after Micah have never been short of entertainment or excitement that is for sure.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

From My Front Porch Looking...Out...

For those of you that aren't country fans I found myself singing that song today as I watched Micah bird enjoy our Heavenly Father's creation. I long for the day when Micah will understand who made the leaves and trees and grass he was so enjoying. I was sitting on the door steps watching him pick up leaves from our beautiful (and only) tree. He was in awe of the way that the wind blew the leaves and loved trying to chase them. He would pick them up and inspect them...and then bring them to me. I played and watched for a while but eventually HAD to go get my camera. I tried to resist the urge and just be in the moment but I did that and there was still time for pictures:)

I got Micah to lay down in the grass with me so that we could get a picture of us...he thought this was hilarious. So he would walk around for a little bit then all of a sudden he would sit down and then fall back...wait for me to come do the same...then wait for me to take a picture. So much fun. What has not been fun is his incredibly crazy mood swings. I don't know what is going on with him. One minute he loves life and then the next his truck wont go the right direction and he is throwing a full blown tantrum. I think it is either teething, time change, ear infection(please Lord, no), being a boy, or his 18 month birthday is almost here. Who knows...I am typing this so that when and if the next one comes along it will just be par for the course.

All this aside I am just so grateful for what God has given matter what the circumstance. God has been teaching me so much about who HE is and who I am not. Through the situation with my sister, family, etc. I have had constant need for connection with my Jesus and that has served me well. The big truth that I thought I had already learned, (several times) is that He is a sovereign God and worthy of all my praise. Even now I don't understand how He could work all things out, but I have learned it isn't about me understanding that at all. It is about me understanding Him and through that trusting what lies ahead. As I sit and look at the things going on around me personally (friends loosing babies, drugs tearing down families, infertility everywhere I turn, sick precious infants, troubled teenagers) I could easily wallow in the sadness. But oh no that isn't the God we serve. He has something much bigger in each of these circumstances. He is so much bigger than any of them. I know this through both His word and the testimony of what He has done around me personally.(2 babies after 14 years of trying, so many healed and restored after addiction is beaten, beautiful families everywhere/no matter their size or number). I talked about Micah's moodiness earlier and to me there are so many parallel's to the way that God looks at us. I know He often looks at my moodiness and running around getting all flustered over something that God knows is just circumstance...How amazing is it that God uses everything He has entrusted to us to teach us something new about Him.

Through this season of my life I have often been overwhelmed with sadness and despair but God is teaching me that while it is ok to be sad He has a plan, seriously, He does. And now I don't just tell myself that, but I believe it.

Minding other peoples' business...

First since my bff Amy wont get a blog of her own I have to do these things for her...please go to this site and vote for Paxton.
He is baby number 361. You can vote for him as many times as you want. Apparently the economy has gotten to them. The winner wins 750 bucks and they really need it. Please go vote for him or Paxton might not get any Christmas presents...Just teasing they are rich! Love you Aim!

On a more serious note I wanted to ask for you to pray, not vote, for a few other people.

~Pray for my fellow blogger and friend from college, Beth. She just experienced a miscarraige after months and months of infertility treatment. I don't know how to help her other than for us to pray.

~Another blogger and friend from Dville has a cousin with a sick baby. He was just born and thought to be healthy and then had to have heart surgery. Please pray for their family, especially the momma because I know I would be run ragged with this news and trying to be a momma.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

so tired...

Well, I have heard many of you curse the daylight savings change and your babies schedule...but for Micah it was mostly a blessing. He is now more like a normal little boy and goes to bed around 915 and wakes up around 7:30 or 8. Instead of the going to bed at 10:30 and waking up at 8 or 9. So that part has been a blessing. But it did mess with his nap schedule. He just wants to fall in his plate at lunchtime he is so tired. Then by the time we get home or in the bed he is past the point of tiredness. So today Mick is home so he is even more out of sorts. I finally just go put him in his bed. He doesn't want to be rocked or anything. He was being what I can unreasonable. So I drop him in the bed, walk out and slam the door. Knowing in a few minutes I will go back in and rock him to sleep once he realizes he needs his momma. Well I got distracted and I realized he was no longer screaming momma after like 3 minutes. So I peak back in and I see my little man gave out right in the middle of his fit. He was so tired I took these pictures and walked around in the room and he never budged. Also the stars and stripes socks are for election day. Happy Election everyone! We are excited to sit, eat pizza and watch fox news all night long.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nemo bird?

Scroll down to "busy day..." and read up that way if you want it to make sense. Or just skip these silly Halloween posts. They are more for me than for others anyways. We had fun and I think Micah did too. We enjoyed good fellowship and did something pretty normal for a change. Planning and cleaning got my mind off of the more depressing areas of my life so that was good too. It was a coping strategy but now between stress and party I don't feel so good...I think I've got what everyone else has...the sore throat snots. I am still hoping it is just allergies from dusting base boards! Who does that?

alot changes in a year!

Paxton looks to be thinking...Lord please don't let Nemo hit me with his gigantic booty(tail)!

I have mentioned that there are three of us that our Mom's were best friends and then we all got married within a year and then we all had babies within a year of each other. The three of us are me, Amy and Brad. Brad married Kristen so she automatically had to become one of the girls, we tried and tried to make Brad one, so he was relieved. We took a picture of Micah and their little one, Jake, last year. Here they are with their newest buddy Paxton. Last year they couldn't move and we took lots of pictures. This year they wouldn't sit still and they took up way more of the chair!