Monday, June 30, 2008


There is so much going on with our Micahbird. He is growing and changing everyday. My mom used to always look at us and start crying and say "Don't ever change!" We would always laugh and make fun of her for getting so sentimental. (sometimes we thought it was the wine talking:)) But now I know why she said that, I find myself wanting to say it to Micah everyday. He just changes too quickly. He is saying a few things. Anything that starts with a b sounds the same but he seems to know the difference: ball, bat, Bay, bye bye, etc. He loves to call Dada and say yes! He kisses us with this big open mouth kiss and now shares the love with anyone who asks...although sometimes I wish he wouldn't. He has started acknowledging other children a bit and sometimes even talking to them.
He just got a new haircut and really looks like a little man. These are a few pictures of him eating his favorite food, goldfish. The other pictures are from the ball field where Micah was on the field with Hayden and I and fell in a mud puddle face first! What a mess!

stay away eidsons!

The funny face at IHOP, a chocolate pancake...
Nana with Char the pigtails!
Best friends!
Our little lady...except for when she laughed and said, I just pooted in the pool!
Bay holding Micah. He loves his Bay!

I am only kidding about staying away, but Mick's sister and her husband have gone out of town and left our nieces with nana and pops. (they don't trust us:)) But since they have been out of town we have gotten to play and eat with Bay and Charlee Ray all the time. Most of you know that I would like to have a big family with lots of kids...but Mick only wants two. But being with the girls makes me think three would be fun. If I were guaranteed they would be like those two I would do it in a heartbeat, I know they are my nieces but they are amazing girls! I thought I would post some pics so they could see how much fun we had without them. I hope Wendy and Mickey had a great time away, this was their first time away since they had Bay...and they deserved it!

We have been to Monkey Joes, the pool, IHOP, the mall play area, and other fun places. The girls behaved so well and Micah has loved getting to be around his cousins so much. Last night we took Hayden with us too so we were a real freak show. I know people thought Mick and I should invest in a tv set.

The most fun we had was definitely monkey joes I forgot my camera so we don't have any pictures of that, I think Mick and I had more fun than the kiddos. It is one of those inflatable places and we can't wait to go back!

Friday, June 27, 2008

busy days and busy nights...

Yesterday we took Hayden and Micah to Centennial Olympic Park and the Varsity. Thanks to Sara for the park suggestion. For those not from the ATL there is a big park that has a fountain that kids can play in. Hayden was so excited and even packed his goggles. We didn't think he understood where we were going. But when we got there he played like a mad man, with his goggles on. I can assure you he was the only child there with them on. Micah did not care for the fountain. He kept thinking it was trying to attack him. Which honestly, was ok with me, because it stunk really bad and there were too many big kids for him to fend off while getting in it. There were however, three playgrounds there to play at too and Micah much preferred the dry land. After we played and Mick and I had sufficient booty sweat we headed to the varsity. Hayden wore his hat the whole meal and both boys did great. When we got home I put Micah down for his one nap and headed to the pool with Hayden. He had been complaining about his ear but said he felt fine. I was laying out at the pool and he said he thought he just might lay down with me. He never does this so I insisted we call the doctor. Sure enough swimmer's know what is good for that....dirty water from a fountain and a trip to the pool. Oh well! He was such a trooper and definitely tricked us into thinking he was good when there was something fun involved. After the doctor visit I came home to cook dinner for my next door neighbor growing up and his wife who are moving back to town. We don't have lots of pictures from today because the batteries in my camera keep dying! I think we are going to have to take it back. We'll see though. I so wish I had a shot of Hayden running through that fountain with goggles on!

pool party

We had the English family over for lunch and some time at the pool on Wednesday. We have been so busy that I am posting our weeks events all at once. Micah and Charlotte were too cute and Micah actually payed a little bit of attention to Charlotte. Micah has decided these days that he only needs one nap a day and it is really rocking our world. Our boy is such a boy of structure and routine and getting on a new routine is still really hard. We played so hard at the pool that on the way home Micah fell asleep in the wagon as Charlotte just chatted away...could this be foreshadowing things to come? Since both Daddies were here Alison and I even got some time in at the pool ALONE! Thanks boys! We are so thankful that Mick is home for a little while and I have made a list of things I want him to do with us as well. I will be updating with more pictures of some of our trips soon. Thanks to those suggestions of where to take our little man.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

seadoo with a baby...

Loving it!
Asleep at the wheel...
boat ridin with Momma
ghost rider?

Micah also got to ride the seadoo this weekend too. Don't worry it was only in a small circle on idle. Apparently the lull of the engine relaxed him to pieces because he actually fell asleep. Now we know the trick to getting him to nap at the lake. It was a very expensive sleep inducer. Lots of fun as usual at the lake but sleeping in the same room with Micah is still for the birds. I am so scared about vacation because it will be more of the same. Any suggestions on how to cope would be appreciated. We are considering making a pallate in the closet and locking him in... is that abusive?

As for the random picture of an empty tube. It is actually Hayden tubing. But he ducks himself in so hard that he had rope burn on his forehead. It is difficult to see how that could be fun but Hayden said let's do it again. Hayden also loved riding the seadoo with Uncle Mick but I didn't get any pictures since I was trying to rangle the wild one on the boat.

Micah's First Boat Ride

This weekend at the lake Micah finally had his first boat ride. Budda and Jenny and Hayden went with us too. Micah loved the wind in his face and loved being on the boat. What he did not love was wearing a life vest that smushed his neck and head so tight. Our boy is quite thick in the middle so the vests were very snug. Other than that he loved his time on the boat. Mick didn't join us on our boat ride because he or we purchased a very well used seadoo from a neighbor this weekend. Mick is very excited, but Safety Stephanie is a little less than thrilled! More pics of the seadoo to follow...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Birds

Lots of baby birds equals lots of baby poop!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

cow tipping

Touch-a-Truck Day

Yesterday I had to work at the chicken house all day. We had an event there for kids to come touch a fire truck and win prizes, etc. I think it went pretty well and we had a good turn out. We didn't get much encouragement from the boss, but oh well, still working for the Lord not for men, right? Mick kept Micah all day and brought him to the event and lunch. Micah really liked the truck but not the cow. He finally warmed up to him at the end. I told him he had to like the moo cow. I also thought I should mention that Micah is all about nuggets and waffle fries these days. He is still eating healthy at home but if he sees the boxes for either he goes crazy grunting and pointing for it. I had hoped we could keep him from the fried goodness a little bit longer but considering how much I ate of it while pregnant and nursing the boy was probably born with my same addiction that his mother has...The fireman turned out to be someone we knew so he let Micah step into his boots, a real honor that Micah didn't seem to appreciate. But it did make a cute picture.

We are off to the lake again...Mick is finally out for the summer! Summer school is officially over and Mick finally gets a few days off. Thanks to Mick for all his hard working to keep making that big teaching money so Micah and I can play more.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

time with girls...

Last night we rode with Aunt Amy and Pax to meet some friends for dinner. Micah was all talking and yelling the whole way to Sarah's house and the whole way to the restaurant until Amy put her blinker on to turn in and I turned around and saw this...

although the last few days have tried my patience we got to do some fun things last night and this morning. After I woke Micah up we went to dinner with Aunt Amy and Paxton, Sarah, Summer and Suzie. I just realized all of Amy's friends names start with an s...which is funny because most of my friend's names start with an a...Ok, sorry the little things really interest me or perhaps just get me off task. Micah behaved pretty well, but the whole sitting and hanging out wasn't really his thing. Which stinks, because it so is mine.

Looking at pics with Elizabeth...
But I did get to sit an hang out with a very special friend today, Elizabeth(I said most of my friends start with an a) Elizabeth was in a bible study I led in college and lives about an hour away yet we rarely see each other. She made the treck today and Micah and I were soooo thankful. He absolutely loved her! We had a good time playing catch up it just wasn't long enough. Thanks ebeth and we hope to see you again real soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

therapy for mom

Often times this blog is just therapy for me, a way to release what I am feeling and for some reason if I write it down I rid myself of a little anxiety. Today is one of those times. So, if you decide to go read a more interesting blog, no hard feelings here. Something is wrong with my boy. He isn't acting like my boy at all. I can't really pinpoint when it happened but I think it was over the weekend. It started with him just being whiny and for the last two days it has been hysterics with intermittant normal time. I am walking on eggshells not knowing if I will get the sweet loving Micahbird ...or the Micah that tests me and dislikes me and wants to cry about everything. I just wish I knew what was wrong and if it was my fault. It could be teething...not my fault. Or it could be his ears...which would be my fault because I let him fall off the steps at the pool and go under with those tubes of his. Or it could be the big bump on his head where he fell and hit his head at the mall....also sortof my fault. It had gone down and now it is getting bigger again. Or it could be fifths disease that our sweet niece has...not my fault at least. I would call my doctor but I think they would just put me on hold then gather all the nurses around and put me on speaker so they could all laugh at "that mom" that worries way too much about her kid and obviously doesn't watch him very well...because of all the falling stories. So I am left to worry while he naps. It just so happens that times like these only happen when Mick is unavailable meaning all of Micah's symptoms are magnified because I get to see them up close and personal 24/7 with little break. Sometimes I think I am getting this mom thing down, then when there comes a time when I can't help Micah feel better and I remember I am such a beginner. Once again life will go on for our fam and there are far worse things going on in so many's house today, probably even yours. But that is our trial for today so I must release it!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Father's View

Since yesterday was Father's Day and Stephanie ask me to participate in her blog, I am looking forward to letting you into Steph's other half. First and foremost, this blog thing is the best thing since sliced bread. I get to keep up with my wife and son throughout the day and especially baseball season by just pointing and clicking. As sad as it may sound, sometimes I can learn more from her post than I can when we are together because we always have "stuff" to do that gets in the way of communicating. So, THANKS to my wife for adding blogging to her list of terrific talents.

Now, yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Stephanie took care of me and let me relax and enjoy the day. We also got to spend some very important time with both our fathers and families. I have learned over the last year why God tells us that the importance in relationships goes from Heavenly, to spousal, to children, to family and friends.

There is nothing better or harder than raising a child. I have no idea how a single parent can do this job alone and I now have a new understanding of what women have to experience in order to raise a child the correct way. It becomes a total sacrifice of time, energy, resources, and everything else, but for the first time in your life, you know it is worth it. We have all been passionate about some aspect of our livesbefore, but I have never been more passionate about anything like Steph and I are about raising Micah. We hang on his every mumble, step, bite, fall, laugh, cry, etc. as we now talk to each other through him. Marriage changed me as ya'll know Steph has done a good job creating the husband I need to be, but Fatherhood has changed me even more. My priorities are based on my family, not mine anymore. My love is poured out more now than I knew I had in me. My life is now purposed feeled for a different reason. God has given me a son to raise and change my purpose in life again. It used to be my life as a son, or an athlete, or a teacher, or a husband, but now it is about being the Godly father I want to be. I am not there yet, but everyday I promise to learn, work, and attempt to be the best father and husband I can be. I have had a great set of examples from my parent and now that is my personal committment to my Heavenly Father. Thanks for reading this and Steph will be back later.
With love for Steph and Micah--Mick

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

One of the many things I thought and swore I would never do is call my husband Daddy...and him refer to me as Momma...but when you realize that your child has to learn your names and you don't want them to refer to you as Mick or Coach and Steph...then you resort to the first option. So Happy Father's Day Mick or Daddy!

I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to my hubby for being a great daddy and reading my blog and loving it even if no one else cares. Thank you for being you. You are who God chose for Micah and I and we couldn't have all fit together any more perfectly. I love you! I wont say anything else because that's what we pay 5 bucks for a card for...

I am also copying a friend who is asking her husband to post their thoughts on fatherhood on father's day. So hopefully Mick will post soon, and while he doesn't read he is a good writer so don't go getting excited about having something better to read than the usual, it will be back to me after that.

my how my boys have changed...

Micah and Mick at 6 months and a year...

Happy First Father's Day, Uncle Brad!

For all those times you have been left out! Hope your first one is a special one!

it's the weekend!

We ended up cooking out with Aunt Amy and Uncle Brad on Friday night because Micah had been so fussy that we refused to take him in public and make others suffer. Well, except for our friends.

I don't know what made me do it but I knew better. I told someone that Micah had been such a good sleeper. What was I thinking! I mean as soon as the words came out of my mouth I knew I would regret it. Why do things happen that way. Since then Micah has been fighting sleep like his life depends on it. Today he took one very small nap and refused the second nap. I still NEED the second nap and so does he, just ask me. And...his bedtime is just well a terror. Ok, I am through with that, hopefully he will be back to normal by tomorrow but I wont be telling you about it.

So, good times with friends hanging out. We got some good video of Micah and Paxton but still not sure how to do that. Micah is pretty good with babies, but he kept walking past Pax with the shovel and we just knew it was going to "fall" out of his hands. We had a mini photo shoot in the back yard so here are some pics.

P.S. Can I just say a golf tournament that is televised all day long is not a mom's friend...and father's day weekend nonetheless, you know a man planned that.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fun with friends...

Micah doesn't get to interact with very many kids his same age. He gets to spend lots of time with cousins and smaller babies beause I am at home with him. I am thankful for our time together but often feel bad that he doesn't get time with other babies. So today I borrowed another one of Aunt Amy's friends who has a son 3 weeks older than Micah. Amy, Anna and I took the boys on a walk then nap then lunch then a trip to the pool. We had a great time hanging out and just letting the boys interact. Micah is still pretty agressive but Jayden could hold his own with him so that was good for him. Micah did bonk him pretty hard on the head with a golf club which got him a ticket to the timeout restraint hold but other than that they were pretty sweet to each other. Jayden got irritated on the walk because in the wagon Micah kept taking his paci or pulling up his shirt to show him his belly button. They predominately did their own thing until they decided not to play in the pool but in the wagon instead. Too cute! Paxton was perfect as usual and Aunt Amy was a big help. What will we do when Paxton can walk and she isn't there to run after Micah!

On another completely different note, stop reading if you don't like to talk about breastfeeding or are indifferent with it....

Today marks a week of no more nursing for Micah and I. I didn't want to say anything until I was sure he was done because I thought we might backslide but he is all done for sure. It is bittersweet for me because my body is all mine again and I can come and go as I please with no chain holding me to my child....but that sweet time of being close and still is now over. I still haven't really thought about it hard because I think I might cry. Micah is really becoming a big boy and I am thankful that I could nurse him for a year, my goal was 6 months. I had lots of trials with infections and nipple problems and it seemed like for a while we would never get it right. But then it became a huge accomplishment. So for those readers who are contemplating it know that it can be hard but it has huge rewards. Not that I knock you AT ALL if you go the formula route. After nursing and my struggles I definitely understand why you might not nurse or why you possibly can't. Amy and I were talking about nursing while her 15 year old cousin listened and she mentioned that she didn't think she would nurse. I smiled a little because I thought at 15 years old I am pretty sure breastfeeding was the last thing on my mind, nor had I read the 15 books that told me I should...I told her you never know what you'll do for you baby when you have one. I am both happy and sad that that chapter of Micah's life is over but I pray he reaps the rewards for a lifetime! If you are still reading, sorry for the long story, I feel like such a boob! (that last line is for the hubby who can no longer make any breast related jokes and mask them behind nursing issues)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

charlee ray's barbie birthday bash!

Hug from Char Char
Too sweet!
The infamous cake...the humidity did get to her hair a bit:)
We raced home from the lake this weekend to make it to Charlee's Birthday party. Micah enjoyed the time with his cousins. We did too. These are pictures from the party and the cake was made by my sister-in-law Wendy. It was pretty impressive. Instead of paying the big bucks she did it herself. Way to go Wendy! The last picture up there would be a great picture of the girls and Micah but you notice that our oldest and most well behaved family member is making a ridiculous face. We all yelled at her, Bay, what are you doing? She popped up from holding her pose and said I have to go to the bathroom real bad. She was trying to oblige us for the photo shoot but she couldn't help but grimace in pain while she held it! That Bay never fails to crack us all up! Charlee did great at her party but she wanted to be like Micah because she got wacked in the noggin and had a big mark across her eyebrow just like Micah got at his party.