Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thank You Notes

I was never good at thank you notes in the first place. I found some wedding present thank you notes in a dresser drawer about 3 years ago. We will be celebrating our 12th anniversary this year. I am good at writing, bad at mailing. Or I used to be, now I am bad at all of it. I think of what I should do or write and then somehow it just doesn't happen. I try to pay it forward by begging people not to write me thank you notes for things, but inevitably their momma taught them better and we receive them as a constant reminder at how good OTHER people are at doing what I wish I would remember to do.
Anyways, that is kind of what I wanted to write about, but not really. One of the other comments I get most often from our situation is, I couldn't do what you are doing! Which I usually respond, me neither!!! Jesus is the reason we have all made it out alive and better after 2 years of unknown obedience. Never could I ever have imagined that I could have not known the future and also tackled the task at hand. In fact, I've often given the Lord time frames. From the very beginning it was, ok, if a year goes by we are going to need to look at other options. At 18 months we will either adopt them or find another option. You know, stuff that God needed help with...we currently are sitting at 23 months of exactly where God wanted us, no timeline or ultimatum could have gotten us here, only Jesus. With that fact being made known there are certain parts of our lives that could not have happened outside of the obedience of OTHER people to fill in the gaps in our lives where we were going to be bankrupt otherwise. Not just financially but emotionally and spiritually. So here it is, my thank you notes I should have written along the way...please know if you are reading this and looking for your name, it probably should've been here. I probably will remember in the middle of the night and add it in the morning. I wanted to write this because even if you could never do THIS, I know you could do the things below, because most of you reading this have done them for me. But I want us all to be encouraged to continue to do these things for others who might be standing in gaps that we aren't called to stand in yet.

Thank you to my friend Erin, from the moment God called us to this task she stepped in to make it doable. From watching over my children in the beginning to talking it out on the daily. Thank you for texting me and staying in touch even when I don't want to. When you asked the main way I wanted you to help on week one, I said be here in a year. Here we are a almost 2 years and you've never moved. Thank you.

Thank you to the hands that made meals for us. The friends and family that paid for things that we wouldn't be able to do/have otherwise.

Thank you for those who showed up on court days. Who sat in the room and watched the craziness with us. Thank you for those who prayed each court date and for asking how it went. Those things matter so much to me.

Thank you to my friend Tiff, who worked within the system. Thank you for telling me like it is and getting me through some of the most difficult days. Thank you for not just saying what I wanted to hear but speaking truth so that I could get to the place God needed me to be. Thank you for being patient and loving me.

Thank you to my bosses (moreso friends). Angie and Lauren both let me work when I can and not when I can't. The lengths that you've both gone to in order to help me stay plugged in and continue an identity that I had pre-blondes are ones you did not have to go to. Thank you for listening and praying and doing things that no one will ever see or know about because you seek no repayment for your kindness and mercy.

Thank you to a church family who has met needs before we have even had to admit them. Our sunday school class has backed us financially and bathed us in prayer. The Acreman Sunday school came in with a gracious donation for us at Christmas that they couldn't have possibly known how close we were to despair at that moment. Thank you to our pastor for caring for us and truly wanting to know what goes on in the situation God has called us to.

Thank you to group text girls. You know who you are. Whether it be middle of the night breakdown or on the way to a visit prayer needs, you girls were on it from the moment I typed hey, sorry for this but...

Thank you to LeeLee, a lady that before this took place was such a kind friend who I didn't know very well. Yet, she has stepped into the hardest role of all in my opinion. She offers to watch my children, for free. No strings attached. She just helps me. When I am stressed or when I am tired, she just amazingly calls me wanting to keep my babies (usually my wildest babies too:)). When she keeps them she also never tells me how bad they are...which they probably were, but she may not even know how this too alleviates stress from my life. She gives me go to target alone, to run or to just eat something and remember it. This is a gift.

Thank you to all the randoms. You know, people who I might not have been close with but who for some reason or another have felt drawn to help in our situation. Whether it was just texts or facebook encouragement or money or all worked together for our good.

Thank you to my other best friends, I used to have 25, but that number has substantially dwindled. These are the people that I used to see places and go to places with. We don't have that luxury anymore, but they call, text and try, but sometimes I'm not accessible. Thanks for continuing to try. This season isn't forever and maybe one day we will go on a beach trip again.

Thank you to my mall lunch friends. Those people that go to the mall even when they would rather go someplace else but they know the chicken house is all I can afford. Thank you for listening to me ramble, watching a certain blonde throw yet another fit and helping me restrain MYSELF before restraining her. Thank you for going again after watching that certain blonde pee herself in purpose to spite me or eat chewing gum out from under the table just to gross me out. Thank you for being an outlet.

I know this thank you note thing may seem silly, and I can't decide if I'll post it or not just because of my fear of forgetting someone vitally important. (my thank you note for family will have to wait, I'm not feeling the waterworks today) But, I hope you've read this far, because the reason I have done it is because I am beginning to understand that not everyone can foster RIGHT NOW. There are a variety of excuses and then there are actual reasons why one can not foster. But if you can't, or I can't, in the future, you most likely can be someones friend, prayer warrior, boss or random person who God can and will call to meet a need. I haven't been super woman, I've just been surrounded my super people who make me better. Thank you! Chances are if you are reading this you are among those people, so thank you!!