Saturday, May 31, 2008

Congrats Clinton! Go Army!

Today is a very special day. My cousin Clinton graduates from West Point, USMA. I don't have any pictures of us because none of them are digital. But his mom and my mom are very close and her children and my sister and I have always been close. I have spent summer's helping babysit the boys (Clinton and Redmond). Mick and I have gone to visit and even toured West Point. Unfortuanately since Clint has been at West Point his life has belonged to the Army so we haven't seen him much. But I am so proud of all that he is doing and the fact that he is representing our country. My parents are at his graduation today and were it not for Mick having to attend the high school graduation I would be there too. I am so jealous that I am not there. So, congrats to the Ott family and I miss you all terribly! We salute you Lieutenant Clinton!

Friday, May 30, 2008

just a swangan'...

I can remember anytime my grandmama pushed me in a swing or rocked me she always sang " I'm just a swingin...except she pronounced it ...just a swangan'..." Like a true Alabama southern lady. She also happens to put an s or an er on most other words. For example she loves Targets and Wal-marts and she thinks Riter and Linder and real sweet ladies. That is neither here nor there but I sure do love to talk about my grandma. I am so glad that Micah gets to know her. The reason I am talking about swinging is that we got Micah a new swing. Actually one of Mick's students gave him an end of the year present of a gift card to Ocharley's for us and Babies Rus for Micah.How nice! So we immediately went to spend it on this swing we have been looking at for weeks but couldn't justify buying ourselves and turns out God provided. Mick hung it and Micah absolutely loves it. We are thinking we will be able to enjoy dinner now if we just eat outside while Micah swings his little heart out.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

You never know...

Today was work as usual for Micah and I. He is teething something fierce so he has been in a really grumpy mood since last night but if we get out of the house he seems to do better and takes his mind off of it. We went to the chicken house to get some work done and he destroyed the office while I attempted to get a few things done. After I wrestled him two or three times we went to head home. Going out the door someone called me by my maiden name. Usually just my mom does that but I looked back and saw a girl I had not seen for a loooong time. When I was in high school our youth minister and basically our whole church took in a young troubled teen about 5 years younger than me. I helped take her to church and talk to her about her life. She lived in a trailer with her dad and often had home, school and just problems in general. She was so rebellious and didn't seem to listen to a word we said. The church then sent her to a school that happened to be across the street from my college in South Carolina. I would go visit her and encourage her not to run away or do stupid things. After college I didn't hear much about her... I thought she had gotten kicked out of that school and honestly figured she was headed down a pretty dark path. The girl I ran into today looked so different than that troubled teen I saw just a few years ago(ok, 6 years). She informed me she had truly found faith and a real relationship with Jesus, she now attends church and is getting married. It was so refreshing to see such a change in someone that really didn't seem possible. I tried so hard to help her and talk to her and often dropped her at her house in frustration... but it just goes to show that we can plant the seed but only God can make it grow. It was a neat reminder today from the Lord seeing how my last post went. It is as if He is reminding me that there is nothing I myself can do to change anyone but if I will trust Him and pray I will be amazed at what happens. There are so many areas of my life that I need to apply this truth! How often do we need to humble ourselves before such a great God!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

funny picture ...

I took this picture of Micah a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me of a photoshoot I did with Hayden. I went back and found that I had taken one almost identical (or one of our friends helped take some pics). It just struck me as interesting that Hayden was about Micah's age in the picture too. Just thought I would share our two favorite boys!

I am not sure how to blog about this part of my life but I am sure some of you wonder about Hayden and how he fits in our family and often why my sister isn't in any pictures...or maybe you don't. My sister and I are very different and I don't have a post long enough to go into the
dynamics of our relationship but at this point we are not talking. We have always been very close despite our differences but for some reason she has chosen to cut me out of her life for about the last 6 months...It is really hard and I can't think about it hard or I cry. At the time she cut me out, she also moved away from her children. Hayden lives with my parents and sees my sister occasionally...another long story. But Mick and I try to make Hayden a very special and important part of our family so he spends alot of time with us too. I say all this not to air our families dysfunction but to beg you for your prayers for my sister and her boys. She has another son 6 weeks younger than Micah that lives with his dad. Since I don't talk to her I really don't know what is going on with her... I would also be so thankful if you would pray for me and how I can go about mending a relationship that is so important yet so complicated.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


While alot of my dad's ideas are a bit cheesy he is really a better handy man than Bob Villa if you ask me. He is very talented and can build anything. At the lake he built an outdoor shower that is just the best. He has done bigger and better projects but none are enjoyed more than this great thing. There is something to be said about showering and being able to see the sky! Don't ask me it is just fun...and you don't miss nearly as many places shaving. OK, enough with that, all this to say that Micah got to partake in our family favorite and since it had water he loved it. He also likes the nakedness too so it was double the fun for him. I just had to share these cute pictures of him that will be used against him in the distant future. Don't worry no one else was photographed while using the shower!

Friends make everything More Fun!

This time at the lake we got to visit with the Dobb's and Herendeen's too. While we roughed it in the cabin, they lived in luxury at this incredible condo on the lake. Thanks to them we got to see how the other side lives. We went over and mooched off their pool and food a few times and had lots of fun with them. They also have a boat, that cranks, so everyone went riding and tubing except for Amy and I and our little boys. It was a funny trip because Amy and I have gone on vacation together since we were very little. Our mom's have taken us to Hilton Head, to tennis tournaments and our countless trips to Destin. Neither of us were ever allowed to invite other friends so all we ever had was each other. As we have gotten older when we go to the beach...even after husbands it has been pretty much the same. We lay out together, get fried, and go eat lunch together...etc. I am sure you all have similar friends and trips like this they are always so much fun. What is funny is this trip we both got left at the cabin to feed the babies and then head to the pool, it took us two hours to get us and the boys fed. Our lives are so different now with the addition of Micah and Paxton. When we arrived to the pool, the husbands wanted to know what took so long?? Amy and I bit our tongues in angst and rattled off the list of things that you have to do to get two babies ready for anything. It just strikes me as almost surreal that this is now the life we lead. It is a blessing that God has blessed me with a friend that I can share each season of our lives and we somehow seem to grow closer as each new thing is added. It is still fun and neither of us would trade it for the world but it sure is different than those turning and burning days! This post turned into a little bit of a tribute to Aim and I's friendship so since she is still blogless, the one thing she hasn't followed suit with me in..I will end by saying thanks Amos and I love you so much! I couldn't have picked a better friend for a lifetime!

Here are some fun pics of us with Amy's fam... Sunset Pointe...where the rich people stay:)
We had to get a semi beach picture...
Hayden decided Amy's brother Adam was his new bff. Adam is one of the best boys I know and Amy and I can only pray ours turn out as good!

We never get Brad in pictures so here he is...Amy is going to love this pic.

Lake Living

Things are always fun at the lake. At the cabin things are very cramped and you can hear each other breathe no matter what room you are in but it is still great to be away from fast paced work world. And in my case away from being sick and icky. I definitely didn't get on a rocking boat while we were gone but I enjoyed the lake and relaxing a little bit. I even read a little bit of a book that didn't have anything about the color of infant poop or nipple size. Micah had a great time too. He absolutely loves the water and the sand. He played so hard the whole time we were there and he was outside pretty much the whole time. This is his first summer in the lake and it is going to be a fun one. He isn't scared of the water at all so you have to watch him every minute. Those silly tubes really cramp our style but I guess we'll trade the inconvenience for a well baby. Hayden was there of course and he is pretty scared of the water. We all gave him a hard time because he would put on as many floatation devices as possible and then go in about knee deep. The boy wont even let you poor water on his head in the tub! Mick and Budda tried very hard to get him in but to no avail. Time with the family was good and Micah did ok sleeping in the same room with us. I definitely wouldn't be able to do it all the time because when he wakes up he sees us and wants to play so we get no sleep at all. When he is in his own room he will go back to sleep but at the lake it was rise and shine at the crack of dawn. We also had a great time hanging out with friends at the lake so I will post some of that next...

Friday, May 23, 2008

happy memorial day!

Every year for as long as I can remember us and about ten other families have headed to Destin for the long weekend. Well last year two of the families had babies and we added one more this April. So, we didn't make the treck with a two week old last year and we aren't this year either. Although it has turned out perfectly. Our fam is going to the lake with my fam and Aunt Amy and Uncle Brad are bringing Paxton to our lake with their fam! So it isn't ten families but I think it will be great on a smaller, cheaper scale. I am feeling a little less wobbly today and the world is starting to stop turning...well not really but at least from my vantage point it is. We are going to pray that I don't get any worse and that we have a relaxing weekend with friends and family! Micah hates to adjust to a new place so tonite will be hard but hopefully the next two nights wont be so bad. He is so like me in needing everything to be the way he expects it or he freaks out. We are also continuing the weaning process so we'll see how that goes! I am aiming to be a free woman by next week! Free from the boy and the boob not free like without a husband...I realized that sounded bad.
Hope everyone has a good long weekend! Can't wait to see what you all do!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

if it's not one's the mother!

Well, I have come down with some mystery sickness and it is killing me. The doctor thinks it is vertigo but he isn't sure. All I know is that I feel so very nauseaus and dizzy and have the worst headache ever. Please say a prayer for me and for Micah. Fortuanately if it is vertigo I don't think that is contagious. Gotta go, the computer is spinning!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The gash!

Ok, so gash is a little extreme but here is how the incident went down...

Micah kept playing with knives in the dishwasher while Aunt Amy and I cleaned up. Brad and Mick seemed to just be hanging out while we tried to rangle the wild one so I suggested Mick take him outside. (bad idea!) Not three minutes later all the boys rush inside (not Paxton, he was upstairs sleeping peacefully until the drama began). I thought that they were mad that we stuck them with the kid then Mick turned Micah around and blood was running into his eyeball. Apparently Micah fell and hit the sharp metal corner edge of a chair. I shouted "give me my baby" while Mick tried to scrape a dry rough washcloth across the wound. Micah was calm until that started. Mick took him to "apply pressure" while Amy convinced me it was just a little scratch and would be fine. What was supposed to be a relaxing evening turned into a frantic packing for the ER. While it was a small cut it went kind of deep and kept wouldn't really stay closed and we knew with our wild man it might never heal without some help from the nurses and doctors. Our first experience at the ER was such a blessing. Micah did a good job looking pitiful and he still had on his "birthday boy" shirt so that helped with the sympathy vote too. People were pretty irate up there because they were waiting for hours. Mick and I decided if we had to wait hours we would just deal with a nasty scar...but they snuck us back in a hall way and the doctor came and glued it together really nicely. I don't even think he will have a scar. Incidently it is the same glue they used for my dad in the tree gashing experience. We were out of the hospital in a little over an hour...thank you Jesus! Brad and Amy, who were supposed to stay for dinner ended up cleaning up and leaving after we left. Thank goodness for good friends who understand. Plus having them there kept Mick and I from loosing it with each other since stress tends to turn you against each other a little bit. Nana and Pops had to bring his seat to the hospital so we could feed the hungry boy...
The gash ...not so bad...

Part Three of the Parlay!

Hayden, Micah and I in his new Wagon!
Uncle Brad and the boys! They were all give out!
Micah and I trying to get our picture made, the wind was a little gusty and Amy almost made me wet my pants!
Aunt Wendy and Micah
These faces all look alike somehow don't they?

All these sweet pictures and a great day and then the crash...

Birthday Party- Part Two

Hayden and Mick at the picture sign.
Char- Char sitting pretty!
Aunt Amy and Micahbird
The cousins trying to get a decent picture...
Ash, me and Des...some of the older softball girls, boy do I miss them!

Ok, so I don't know how to load the photos any othere here are a few more pictures and then there is one more post from the party. So sorry but I am slow with this kind of stuff. These pictures are of Micah and some of his favorite guests at the party. We are so thankful for everyone that came and that we have such great friends and family. Micah wont remember this birthday but there will be so many people that we hope are here for his sixteenth birthday (yikes!) and can tell him all about his first! He is such a ham.

Micah's First Birthday Party! Part One

You don't realize how much work it is to have a birthday party these days...but after throwing Micah's first I see why those crazy people go to ChuckieCheese! You do all this cleaning and preparing then by the time everyone leaves your house is a disaster again and you aren't sure where your one year old is...not really. Sarcasm aside we had a great day! Micah took a good nap (thank you Jesus) and we had just the right number of people. It wasn't too crowded but there were PLENTY of people to love on Micah. I want to document people who were here so skip this part it's for my records:) Aunts: Wendy and Amy, Uncles: Mickey and Brad; Cousins: Bay, Charlee Ray, Hayden and Paxton; Grandmas: Jenny, Nana, Val, Janice; Great Grandmas: Sybil, Mary, Aunt Dot; Grandpas: Budda and Pops; Friends: Jake, Ashli, Destiny, Zachariah....I think that is all. If I forgot you remind me so I can ad you. I am sure I forgot someone very important so remind me so I can fix it!

Micah loved his cake, his Jenny, my mom made the big baseball red velvet cake and it was so delicious. Thank goodness for momma's right! It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun just running inside and out. It was a baseball theme and Mick and I worked really hard to make things cute. I forgot to take pictures of everything so just believe me:) These are pictures of Micah bird enjoying his special day.

Our Little Rocky!

I have so much too post but yesterday was filled with all kinds of excitement. Including an unplanned visit to the ER. Micah got a small cut at the end of his first birthday party and is doing great but he gave us a little scare. He got some glue to hold his eyebrow back together and is looking like he was in a fight. I will post when I have more time and have regained all my emotions. They did ask us at the hospital if he was our first....I said can you tell? We did tend to hover a bit. I am back to hover some more. Pictures of the party and rocky are coming soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

funny stories...

Tuesday- I left Micah with Mick while I went to the chicken house to work that night. My mom was supposed to come over and watch him while my dad and Mick planted plants around the infamous steps. But mom got held up with Hayden and I called to check on them and dad and Mick were planting and babysitting. I just prayed Micah wouldn't fall into one of the holes that they were digging. Then I arrived home about 8 to see one of the most redneck thing that has probably taken place in our neighborhood. I know that the homeowners will send a letter... they send a letter when you have three weeds...Ok so I arrived home and saw my dad holding a chainsaw up to the tree that had already hurt him once while Mick was tying a rope from the tree to the back of my dad's truck. Hayden, Micah and my mom were all standing at the back door watching and waiting for our next emergency room visit. The funniest part is that they did this not once but twice. Unbelievable it worked and our dead tree is now no more. AND my dad is still in one piece. He did gash his leg this time but nothing like the head trauma from last month. Mick and my dad make quite a team. I have pictures to post later...

Thursday - Thursday is when I realized that my day's of easily getting anywhere are officially over. I mean they had been teetering on that end for a while now but Thursday made it official. I don't have time or space for all of the details but here are few things that made this realization so clear:
~Micah used to just play in the floor with a few toys while I showered. Goodness forbid that I shave my legs but I thought I would try. Well that took too long or quite long enough so that Micah could get in the cabinet and find the rubbing alcohol. I thought the cap was on good enough and when I went ot get it to check Micah was holding the cap in one hand and the bottle in the other, he was sitting in a pool of the stinkinest stuff. I was high the rest of the day. I scooped him up and stripped him down and washed him off and the sink and he proceeded to pitch a fit while I changed him. I remembered I couldn't leave alcohol in the floor so I shut him in our room so I could clean it up. He screamed and layed down next to the door so he could scream at the crack at the bottom of the door. What a way to start the day!
~ Then we went to get in the car and I sat Micah down by the car to clean out his seat, we were in the garage and it was pouring ran...I look up and Micah is standing int he middle of the driveway in the pooring rain. Just looking up and laughing! It was cute except the street is only a few more yards away and that scared me.
~ Next we went to the chicken house and he proceeded to scream, not cry but literally yell from the moment we walked in the door. It always looks professional when you are holding a baby and doing your job, him screaming only makes it better, right? I finally took him downstairs where he found some big screw thing that was covered in the kind of grease that is like jello but sticks to you and grabbed it and went to put it in his mouth. The best thing about the day was that it didn't make it to his mouth! Yeah, that was the bright side.

The boy is busy to say the least. The funny thing is I wouldn't trade it for the world. After every frustration and mess I still find myself thanking the Lord for the little blessing that Micah is, messes and all. Our life is sure to never be boring!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

being one is not so much fun...

for the mom at least. Micah has been a grump since the day he turned one. I don't know if he is just upset about growing old or what? Seriously though he is having major transition time and it is all hitting at once. I am attempting to begin the weaning process (yeah!), he is getting more solid foods, he is drinking cow's milk, he is trying to take just one long nap...I could go on and on with all these changes he is making. It is as if he knew ok, I'm one, time to make some big boy changes. I am frantically cleaning house ( I should be right now, but I needed a quick outlet) for Micah's birthday party on Saturday. I must run now but I have a few funny stories to share later.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day '08

Our family
Micah's first trampoline jump!
The Harper's x 2 and The Eidson's
(the kid's really enjoyed this photo shoot)

Micah and Mick
Flowers from Micah

While this was technically my 2nd mother's day it felt like my first. My first mother's day was inside the hospital room a day or two after Micah was born. Granted he was a little bit grumpy yesterday but nothing compares with the screaming he was doing last mother's day. If only I had known I was starving him! We had a great weekend and Mick did a great job for mother's day. I have a new appreciation for mother's day now that I am a momma myself. I never realized how much I needed to honor my mother and mother-in-law til I saw and experienced all the work they had to do for us first hand.
We went to church then had lunch with Mick's fam...came home and napped then went to dinner then to my fam's. It was a busy day but a good one.
Saturday night was crazy because we had tornados in Dville and we had to get up in the night and go downstairs. Micah did good to stay asleep through all the sirens but sleeping with him is not exactly relaxing and especially when you are scared the windows are going to blow out and you don't have a basement. Yikes! Thankfully our side of town was fine but the other side didn't get the break.

Sidenote: Yesterday it was fun to wake up next to Micah bird on his birthday and mother's day. It was sweet to have them the same day even though I teased that I didn't want to share. When Micah woke up in the morning he snuggled with me for like 30 minutes. He never does this but it was almost like he knew that it was a special day! Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Micah Reed!

Today was the big day! Mother's Day and Micah's first birthday all rolled into one. We had a great day with family and I want to update on all of that but it is late and I will have to do it tomorrow. I wanted to share my most favorite thing about Micah. It is that he is mine! Well, he's half Mick's but we are pretty much one person (biblically speaking) I love that Micah is our big boy. He is who God specifically chose for us to raise and train up in righteousness. No other boy would have fit into our lives in just the way Micah child born on May 10th or 12th it had to be the 11th. He had to have those big blue eyes and look like both Mick and I at the same time. It is amazing how God knits us together in such a special way. It is funny how when you hold a baby that isn't yours you aren't sure what to do when he cries, or when you change their diaper you wonder if you are doing it right...but when it is your own you just know. Micah is ours and no one elses and today I am reminded how blessed we are to have him. The sermon today was on Hannah and her struggle with barrenness...and I continue to hurt for those still pleading with God for a child. I saw two of those women who feel like Hannah today and I did not want to go on and on about Micah without remembering to lift up those who are hurting too, because I have been were they are and Micah is proof God has a plan for us all! So pray for someone you know right now...if we all pray God is sure to answer our prayers!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 2

I can't believe tomorrow is Micah's 1st birthday! This time last year I was swollen, hot and so excited about his birth. I guess its not that different, this year I'm just not swollen. Seriously it seems like yesterday that Mick and I went to the hospital just us two and came home as us three!
My favorite thing about Micah for today is he knows how to give hugs...he is selective with when he gives them, but he will do it and it is so sweet to receive a hug from our boy. Yesterday my mom kept Micah and when she went to leave she squatted down to say goodbye and he just walked over and hugged her. So I squatted down, so as to not be left out and he went back and forth hugging us both! Too cute!

Friday, May 9, 2008

second try

I didn't get a chance with all the one year photo shoot yesterday and working to upload these pictures from our time outside the other day. Budda (my dad) came over to give the stairs a second try without touching the tree. He and Mick both operated heavy machinery and no one was injured. Hip Hip Hooray. The stairs are also straight now. Mick did a great job laying them in the dark but it was driving my dad and I crazy that they were a little off in some areas. So dad came over to see to it that it was done correctly. Mission accomplished. Now if we could just get rid of the bank o' weeds.One thing at a time we say!

The first two pics are my attempt at being artsy fartsy photographer!

Day 3

Just a few more days of my favorites, not that I don't tend to overshare on my Micah and his doings and beings. My favorite thing for today is Micah's noggin bonking. The boy hits his head on everything. At first when this started happening I would run to him and inspect every part of his head as he stared at me with the "what the heck is wrong with you?" look. Little did I know that if I examined with that thoroughness everytime he bonked his head I would never do anything else. Last night we took Micah to get his one year old pictures made...this is a slight digression...but it relates. Mick and I are going to be reported for abusing our child. First Micah wouldn't take his afternoon nap yesterday... I think that he is giving it up for real this time(very sad!). So we all got dressed and headed to the mall. Since we didn't know when he was going to wake up from his nap I couldn't make an appt. til we were on the way. I didn't calculate the option of no nap. That should have meant no pictures. But we took the 730 appt. and hoped we could get squeezed in earlier. Who knew so many people get pictures made right before mother's day. Everyone except for us. So they are running behind and we get in there about 750. Micah is a terror but who could blame him it was well past smiley time for him. We held him down and took pictures. Then waited to see the terrible proofs. Much to our surprise the girl got really good pictures. I didn't see Micah smile but like three times in between screams but she got tons of good ones. Great, more money spent. All this to say he got so tired that he kept running around the studio and falling down and landing on his head. By the time he was to get his picture made there were 4 or 5 red spots on his forehead. They went down during the picture taking but almost constantly Micah has a bruise on his head. He rarely cries when he falls on it, he is so tough. Now he even just lays his head down on the floor like it is so heavy he just can't bare to get it back up. Anyways, this is just a random thing...but what do I write that isn't?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 4

I'm getting weepier by the day thinking about measuring Micah in years not months...
Some might beg to differ about my next favorite thing but this is my blog from my perspective so that makes it true for me. My favorite thing for today is that Micah loves me best. I know he loves his daddy just as much but patronize me for now. He loves me when he doesn't want anyone else. While at times it is annoying, like I would like to put him down or let Mick hold him but only his momma will do. After 8:00 at night he wants nothing else than for me to hold, play or read to him. He thinks I am the funniest person ever AND he thinks I sing beautifully. No wonder I had a baby just to make myself feel better:) Seriously it is an amazing gift from the Lord to have a little one love you just because you are his momma and he knows nothing else. I know that this time will fade and he will want nothing to do with sitting in my lap or lovin on until then I hope to try to remember that and cherish every clingy moment.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 5

It is fun for me to nail down specific things about Micah instead of just saying how special he is in general. So sorry to those of you who had hoped I would run out after two days, there is more. Another one of my favorite things is Micah's big, ok HUGE, front tooth. Not teeth, just tooth. The other front top tooth broke the skin weeks ago but is too afraid to come out because the other tooth is just so large it takes up half his mouth. His bottom teeth seem small but this top one looks like a white chiclet. Nana says he should work at the hole punching factory. I wish I had a good picture of it but I haven't gotten one yet. It is only a matter of time though. Micah doesn't smile a real smile anymore he does this big mouth wide open thing where everyone comments about his very large tooth! So next time you see him check it out, hopefully the one that comes into match it will offset the largeness of it all!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 6 of "7 Days til Micah's One"

Again, this is more for my record so skip it if you are tired of micahgush. Another one of my favorite things about Micah is that he is fearless. Granted this is a trait that will get him into trouble and will probably cause countless trips to the emergency room and doctors office but I love it nonetheless. They say some babies have that natural tendency to look before they leap or to slow down or back away from danger. He missed that ship. He runs full tilt at everything he does. He loves to be held up high in the air. He loves to be scared when I hide and jump out and scream. He is loved completely and therefore thinks that I would protect him from anything real bad so he just assumes he can go for anything I don't stop him from doing. And go for it all the way he does. I am sure that he will begin to get a bit more timid and shy away from some things but for now, he knows no stranger and knows no danger!

Monday, May 5, 2008

7 Days til Micah Turns One!

I thought that I wanted to do something each day of the week before Micah's birthday. I am sure by his next birthday we will be lucky to even realize we have a week til it is here, but he is our first and it is his first so that makes it pretty dog gone special. So I thought each day I would tell you one of my most favorite things about Micah. There are more than 7 but you get the point. I have very mixed emotions about my boy growing up so this is some therapy for me to remember that he is still little, in some ways.
My new favorite thing that he does is tickling. He loves to tickle feet and himself. He tickles his own belly or my arm. The funniest tickling is when he tickles after he gets in trouble. Which lately has been alot. He will get frustrated with me about something and yell and hit or bite me so then I give him "mean momma face" and speak sternly. He then cries for about 1 second then starts to wrinkle his nose and tickle me. He thinks he is changing the subject on me and while I would never tell him it is really stinkin cute. Just a small thing he does but something that I absolutely love! If there is just too much love in the 7 Days posts feel free to skip um'.

Time with Daddy!

When Micah got to the bottom of the slide he propped his leg up like this and just sat where did ya'll put the camera, I am ready! So we took his picture in his own posed position. So silly...
Me and My Momma's Boy

Why Mick feels the need to put Micah our own flesh and blood in the most dangerous of places I will never understand.
Our boy and a stick. Isn't it funny the things that they love to play with!

Some of you have mentioned that my posts have been depressing lately, (thanks, Sarah and Amy)...the reason for that is well I have been depressed. Sorry, but when I am not feeling great there is no faking it. I wear my emotions on my sleeve...or really it is more like I shove my emotions so far out there they are sitting on someone elses sleeve. But the whole single mom thing can really get you down. But, I say all this because things are looking up! Mick will be home during daylight hours today and our next family time isn't weeks away. We had so much fun this weekend just being together. Eating, playing and doing normal stuff. It makes you really appreciate every little moment. After church yesterday we took lunch to a local park and Micah played it up! The pictures above are from our time there. He loved every minute and even cried a bit when we had to leave. He is getting quite the temper these days. I think I need to start reading that strong willed child book. I thought the first child should be a people pleaser. Not our Micah he is all kinds of independent.

sink time!

When we got home from the game on Friday it was late and I really didn't want to do the whole bath thing. So I went to wash Micah's hands off at the sink. Well he just loved playing in the water so much that I just stripped him down and stuck him in the sink. He thought it was the best thing ever. I thought it was great because with his tubes we are always worried about water in the ears and there was no need to worry in the sink. He is so large though he took up the whole sink. We both just laughed and laughed.

end with a win!

For Senior Night and the last game of the season Mick played Landmark. The coach there happens to have coached Mick and coached with Mick. Coach Williams is a family friend too so we got a picture with them. I know people were wondering why in the world the opposing coaches wanted their picture together...
This is Micah talking to one of the senior's, Adam, the boys have been so good to Micah and he already thinks that they are great. Adam is really good with Micah and Micah always smiles really big when he sees him.
This is our tradition when we have to leave I drive Micah over and he gets a big kiss from daddy and then we head home...This little car he's in has been a life saver. We drive it all over the field and entertains Micah for hours.
Mick finished up his baseball season with a win on Friday night. Micah and I had dinner with Paxton, Amy, Sarah and Suzie. Then we headed to the ball field to cheer daddy on for the last time for a little while. I was cheering for a different reason than most of the fans. Seriously though it was a great game and two of the seniors hit homeruns in the last game of their high school career, so I know it was pretty special for them and Mick as well. The game went long and Micah and I of course had to leave before it was over but we came home knowing that Mick would be home the next day and we were both pretty thankful.