Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loyal Readers?

I use the term Loyal Reader very loosely but I again need some input. I just wanted to point out that I got very little input from all you married people out there...I thought most of you that read this were married, but either you don't read it, you have no advice or you just didn't want to help anyone out. (just teasing, sortof) Thanks to my two readers that were willing to help... I think half of my comments from that post were from single ladies (enter Beyonce song into my head for the rest of the day) who also wanted more info. So I thought I would ask you again to share your advice but since now I know my commentator audience I will ask you girls...what do you want to know about marriage?? What is it that you are dying to know? I probably wont have the answers but I know people...

And for those girls that want copies of my "book" send me your email and I'll start harrassing you too with my wealth of knowledge or lack thereof...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Mick and I with the Bride and Groom
Date night...
Ash, me and Magan

Deana, Tracy (mother of the bride) and Sandra

On Saturday Mick and I had a date at Jordyn and John's wedding at a neat place called Che'Ne Rouge in Hiram. Jordyn is the first softball player/student that has gotten married since Mick and I have been together. (goodness knows other students of Mick's have gotten married, since he actually married one of them:)) But it was neat to see old softball players and their parents. This group I especially miss because they were so gracious to me in including me and letting me be apart of the team. I miss that with Mick's teams now, I don't know if having kids or just the different people have changed it but I hope to find teams like those we had when we first got married in the future...or else I might go crazy with Mick's coaching.

Otherwise it has been a really hard week...hence the lack of posting. Not alot of sunshine and roses from this girl lately. Hard stuff all around and directly after the above pics were taken I puked my guts out for hours from either food poisoning or a bug so ick ick ick. So just pray for me and hopefully I will feel at peace to elaborate in the future(on the life stuff not the stomach bug). We all know I will...I can't hold stuff in.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet as a RingPop

My SadieJane had her first ringpop last week and she devoured it! She was so sticky I just about had to hose her off. I am glad I gave her the same color as her shirt because that worked out nicely. SadieJane is seriously so much fun. She is still holding out on talking but she is getting better. She has started repeating words that we say and attempting to talk. Her only two word phrase is "get it". Nice. Otherwise, she says, hello, dada, momma, haydee, micah, bubba, snack(her personal favorite, which means fruit snack), I think I've mentioned names before so the other thing she says are ball, swing, push, water, baby, her body parts ....unfortunately while some of these words mentioned have two syllables SayJ will only speak the first:) We go in a week and a half for her 18 month appt. So we'll see how she stacks up! I can not believe she will soon be a year and a half. Ugh. Stop time, stop. SadieJane knows alot about her hair because just about everyone that meets her mentions it. She immediately "fixes" it and smiles. It is so different having a girl. Her hair can be pretty straight, like in the pictures above, but lately I've started fixing it by wetting it in the am and making it pretty curly. People love it, and I do too. She is just so stinkin' cute. I'm her Momma I'm supposed to think that...

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Shopping Day

We spent the majority of the day shopping, buying and returning. It was St. Patty's Day so we had some fun with that, then we headed to shop at Gap for their Friends and Family discount:) We went to our mall at lunch with the Wallace crew, then had already planned to go with Aunt Amy to the avenue because they have a Gap Maternity...because she is knocked up! I haven't been able to post about it, so there is my official announcement. Before she started her own blog all her friends got their Amyscoop here, but no more, now she blogs on her own so the facts are a little more correct. We had been trying to hang out with Pax for weeks...but he got pinkeye, then we got croup and now we are all better. (except we went to the Dr. this am and Micah has a sinus infection as a result of the lingering croupjunk) Again with the copay. Grrr. We had a great time with all of us in ONE car. It was quite the event to get us all in and out. Aunt Amy did alot of the work, even with her pregnant self. The boys got their jams on when we got home and low and behold they had the same ones. That's how we ended up with a big photo shoot at 9:15. We had a great time and after one more return trip I wont have spent too much.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a little bump?

So, SadieJane has had a bump on her arm since January. It has been the weirdest thing. It has gotten swollen and nasty and then gone down. Then red, then purple, then white, then red again. We've been to the pediatrician and back again then to a dermatologist. We've had antibiotics and still the big bump prevails. I've diagnosed it as staph, MRSA, a cyst, an ingrown hair, a bug bite...and I've stayed up at night worrying about it. We don't know how it got there or when it might leave. So yesterday we trekked to Emory, where for all of you who will one day need to know...is the ONLY pediatric dermatologist anywhere remotely close. I am sure SayJ is fine and her bump is just scar tissue but the dr decided to do a biopsy and we'll know for sure in a bit. For some reason this bump has bothered me way more than it has bothered her and I just want it to be gone. The biopsy today was NOT fun at all and we spent over 4 hours at emory. Also, not so fun. I went alone and got to hold her as they performed in my opinion "a small surgery" on her arm. Phew. I made it through and you can just about call me a "cucumber" since I remained calm and collected the whole time. BUT, then we went to the car and someone had parked to close. Please don't do this to people! As I was saying not nice things about them, I had smushed SayJ against their window to try to get the door open...and the stinkin' people had left two dogs in their car...who malled the window that I mentioned. AHHH! SadieJane and I both wet our pants. She had finally calmed down after her biopsy and that sent her and me over the edge. I was shaking as we drove away and I can't write what I was thinking about the close parkers. Although it was a tough day, I kept thinking about how many days I got to spend with Micah all by himself and that was one of the only SadieJane and I have ever had. Taron thankfully got Micah from school and let him play with Jaxson so I at least didn't have to stress about him. And while SadieJane's day was less than pleasant for her at times...and I was super stressed about making Momma decisions, but we did get to eat together and talk and there wasn't any discipline or fighting for my attention. So somewhere in yesterday was a blessing. I am thankful for it. God also allowed me as usual to see more of Him through having children. As I sat there holding SadieJane down with nurse, resident and doctor...I was loving on her and kissing her, talking to her and soothing her and she just screamed and screamed and screamed. I wanted to cry because I could see the hurt in her eyes but I knew it would be over quickly and it would in the end be better for her to find out what is wrong with her arm. AND I quickly scooped her up and turned her around so I could hold her and comfort her and let her know it was all over and she was ok. Oh, it hurt me SO bad to see her hurt and I wanted to trade places with her.
Again, so many lessons for me from our Jesus. Driving home I kept replaying that awful moment and thinking how often I must look like that to God. Screaming and fussing about whatever "discipline" or "hardship" that might come my way. All the while He's holding me and loving on me, knowing it'll be over soon enough and He will help me through and love me on the other side. If only I didn't act like a little child, I would be able to even work through the hardship without all that fussing and resistance...ahh, but often times I do just that.
The other thing that hit me was the pain I felt in watching Sadie Jane go through something hard. Oh, how God must have felt watching Jesus hurt, for me. I just love the Lord and praise Him that He loved me that much. He loves you that much too.
I know my analogies are stretches and lacking in depth but to me they turned my heart in the right direction, toward Him.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Work in Progress

So, I think most people's marriages are just that: a work in progress. No one totally has it together, and just when you think you do something hits the fan. I am working on some emails and notes to put together (maybe one day into a book), for a friend who is heading toward engagement in marriage. I have sectioned it off into: Relationship with Jesus, Communication, SEX, Finances, Raising Children, and a Misc. With this in mind I thought I would add just a section on the MOST important things you need to know in marriage. The whole title of the "book" would be "What I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Said I Do". So, tell me, email me or leave a message. Let me know, if there were ONE thing you wish someone told you before you jumped into marital bliss what would it have been? Don't be afraid, I wont use your real name:) And this is the one post you can be anonymous on and I wont ball my eyes out:) To all of you seasoned marrieds that are reading figure out how to leave a message and leave one please, if Melinda can do it, so can you:) I want to have a wide range of things to share with other women (or men) like us. Thanks so much for your help in making other people's marriages successful!

Happy Day to Maddox!

We spent Saturday predominately without Mick but thankfully he was able to help rangle the two wild banchee's at Maddox's bowling birthday party. SadieJane and Micah had a blast. We had a great Saturday with friends and a really good Sunday with family. So thankful that we are getting some be-a-u-ti-ful weather in Georgia this week! We all love to be outside!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

These two...

It's been a happy, healthy day at the Harpers.
We spend much of our time watching for Daddy, in various attire.
Bow purchases from Target make everyone feel better.
And if that wont do, a manicure from Micahbird will surely do the trick.

Sadie Jane can also take a picture!!!
Between the two girls we sported ALL the bows.
Micah sported the helmet. SadieJane thoroughly enjoyed this...
...then the stinker got her way.

...have rocked my world. Helped me know Jesus better. Made me laugh. Made me cry. Filled me with something words can't even express.

Micah and SadieJane are truly an answer to my prayers. I am so thankful for them. Even on weeks like this one when I was sure someone has been playing a joke on me I still count it a privilege to be called their Momma.

Ahhh...happy tears. I love them so.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to spot a Coach's Kid...

...from a mile away.

~CK's are always the dirtiest and smelliest at the ballfield. Even more so than the players.

~CK's are the ones that run in and out of the dugout and sometimes accidentally onto the field.

~CK's are the ones that think all equipment and fields belong to them personally.

~CK's think the concession stand and its workers are their own personal treat shop and are their personal caterer.

~CK's know all the players by name and/or number.

~CK's don't have a "bedtime".

~CK's have more clothing devoted to their Daddy's team than any other.

~CK's don't know that their are any other Coach's, players or coach's kids other than them, their Daddy, and their Daddy's players.

~CK's can not just play a pick up game with other children at the ballpark without also trying to be "the coach".

~CK's are trained to hit the deck when they hear the foul ball shouts.

~CK's think that riding the gator is a rite not a privilege.

This post is mainly for Mick...our Coach Daddy. He has had a busy and hard few weeks as a coach but we are just as proud as we always are...I took these pictures in the back yard during warmer weather and better health. I have plans to use them for something else but I felt like Mick would like to see them. You can see how raggamuffined my kiddos get by gametime! Their cute outfits don't usually even make it to the game or they are so bundled up no one sees them.

And just for Mick here's a few ways you know that they are Coach Harper's Kids!-

~Even when playing with other random kids they must still hit from the LEFT side.

~They always get to go on the field for the end prayer. (my personal favorite)

~They always need a bucket to sit on.

~They know which players parents bring candy, and they find them quickly.

~They can sense which players have good character.

~They can sense which players do not have good character.

~They think THEIR Daddy is the best coach in the world. (Possibly because their Mommy told them so:))

~They miss their Daddy lots but love to see him come home or off the field!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Am I on Candid Camera?

Boy, oh boy, it has been a looong week and it is just Wednesday. I wonder if I filed all of my posts on sickness how many I would have...definitely a lot. As I type right now I am trying to distract myself from the incessant coughing coming from SayJ's monitor. She got croup this past weekend and actually handled it like a champ, although she became very clingy and fussy. It seems that she doesn't have the same predisposition for wheezing and breathing issues that her Bubba does...thank you, Jesus. So while she felt pretty bad, we caught it quickly and she is on the up swing. Unfortunately it has left her with an awful cough. Micahbird got the dreaded croup yesterday and in true bird fashion he has gone all out. He is getting bigger now and he gets very scared by the wheezing and asthma issues. But hopefully we'll all be better soon. Mick is very busy with ball and work but since this is my first experience having two sick at the same time after very difficult days Monday and Tuesday he met me at the doctor's office and stayed with the sickly's a little bit today. Thank goodness! I have to work sometime.
But so this post isn't totally lost on documentation of yet another sick round I wanted to also document our lovely, yeah right, Monday from this week. It was comical the whole day. It just kept trying to stick it to me. But I just kept laughing to keep from crying...
-It started with a dermatologist visit for this weird bump on SayJ's arm. It had been there for weeks and after antibiotics, etc. I decided and the ped. decided she needed to be seen by a specialist. We had to be there at 9:30. Reasonable unless you have a croupy night and you have a boy that (in retrospect) was getting sick. Operation out the door, took forever and Micah melted down when it was time to go. I had to carry him kicking and screaming out the door. (this will be important later) We get in the car and are on our way. I am so proud that not only are we on time but everyone seems almost happy upon arrival.
-I get SayJ out and get ready to go in when we realize Micah's not getting out and that he has NO shoes. In our lovely loaded down vehicle I saw it important to clean out and took all footwear inside our house. Fabulous. So I load the almost four year old up into an umbrella stroller (it was that or the mammoth double stroller, and I am pretty sure I would have taken out some old people with it).
-In the meantime Micah realizes he has a scab. It is apparently as painful as childbirth and he can NOT move his leg. So he rides in the stroller with one leg completely sticking out. (sidenote: he kept said leg from bending from appt time to gym. approx 9:30am-7pm, I am serious, in car, out of car, in buggy out of buggy, naptime, etc. the boy is sheer willpower in a bucket) You can clearly see his Toy story socks on his shoeless feet. I am then carrying my one year old. It looks perfectly common sensical to travel this way, right?
-We get in the office to which Micah starts screaming because of the scab and because a framed man on the wall is staring at him.
-The lobby is full of people the same age as Grandmama and Sadie Jane gets a few awws, but Micah gets more than a few, what's his deal looks. This one man comes out and SayJ is right by the door. She almost trips him and he goes to find his wife and "whispers" "There are little people here." I look over so the wife "whispers" back..."Yes, dear, but they are nice little people" The old man wasn't buying it. Apparently this derm. sees way more "old" than "little" people.
-We finally get back and they take about two minutes with us after waiting 45 to tell me Sadie Jane has scar tissue from a bug bite. Mick was going to be so happy I spent that copay, right?
-We head to Target but I get sidetracked by a store closing of Borders...we head in but Micah has no shoes and is walking sooo slow. Like snail speed. Because he can't let the scab touch his pants. Oh. my. goodness. I yank up the pantleg, yes, I know I should have sooner. And there is a scab hanging on that is the size of a pen tip. We get out of there, and I am just waiting for the candid cameras to pop up. (Is Candid Camera even a show anymore, or am I now old enough to mention stuff the next generation knows nothing about?)
-You can feel free to jump ship from reading this post, it is more for my own comical relief than anything else.
-We head to target for the therapy that only target can give. It does the trick. I pick up things with red stickers, I put some back. Then I decide we can finally buy the Justin Beiber cd Micah and I have been wanting for weeks. It'll help us all feel better to hear a little "Baby" on the ride home.
-Head home glad to be going and get the cd out of the target bag and open it, while driving. Then I realize it is the WRONG cd. Ugh. I had already taken the stinkin' sticker off the side before I realized it. It was his movie soundtrack and there was no baby to be found. Grr.
-Micah seems clingy but like "Mom of the Year" I send him to gymnastics anyways because I just think he's milking for attention since SJ's been gettin' the royal treatment due to her croup.
-The one shining moment of the day, getting both kids to bed on my own! Wahoo, that is miraculous in itself and hilarious to me that I can even accomplish it.
-I guess you can sense the sleep deprivation in this choppy post. I may edit after getting some more sleep.
Seriously, this is my life and while it is challenging it makes me laugh to think I am in charge of these little people in sickness and health. They are so precious to me and in all their fever, failures and shoelessness I love them just the same. I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Bring it, Candid Camera, I got your laughs right here.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Most Important things in life ARE things.

Thing 1 and 2, that is...

Yesterday Micah's class celebrated Dr Seuss' birthday. I feel about Dr. Seuss the way I feel about Santa Claus, everyone makes a big deal and I see it is fun, but I don't get the craziness. But I do take opportunities to get crafty. Except when I told Taron my idea for our boys she had a much better one and Kevin designed the shirts on the computer with even their names in a little circle on the back. Turns out he is the crafty one:) We got to have lunch with the boys and Micah even did some work with me like old times, while Nana watched Sadie Jane.
Micah is still quite the handful and just yesterday he pitched an ongoing fit that rivaled some of his best, this time for no reason. BUT he also has the most tender heart and says some of the sweetest things. We went to visit my Grandmama on Wed, (with no camera, grr.) and as soon as we pulled out he said "I miss Grandmama and Sissy already" He has also at times even hugged Sadie Jane and I cried the other day when she laid her head in his lap and he rubbed her back. Ahhh, glimpses of their friendship to come, I pray. He also still daily cracks me up. I wish I could remember every funny thing he does but there are just too many. He has to have three of everything because he is three years old. He loves to play baseball and just got his own bat. He can kill the ball. He also LOVES Mick's baseball team. And when I watch him watching Mick coach and the boys play, I am glad that Mick didn't give it up (don't tell Mick). After Grandmama's we stopped by a game and he literally stood at the fence for ten minutes cheering on Micks players. He could read most of the numbers so he'd shout "Come on, 5!" when we were hitting or "Strike him out!" when we were pitching. Ok, enough already, I just hadn't updated on either kiddo so I thought I would do that. You can look for another on SayJ soon, or not:)