Monday, January 28, 2008

First Real Playdate with Actual Play Involved...

Micah and I had our first mommy and Micah playdate with my friend Kristen and her son Jake. Jake and Micah were actually supposed to be due the same day. So in tummy days they are, but Jake was 6 weeks early and Micah was 3 weeks early. It is a shame but we live 10 minutes from them but rarely get to hang out...It is a fun story because Kristen's husband Brad and I were friends since we were infants and now our kids are going to grow up together. I learned something about Micah's personality today. He is really aggressive. We haven't had him out with a baby his age and today was eye opening for me. Jake is very laid back and calm. Micah is super active and agressive. Every toy Jake had Micah took from him. It looks like we are going to have a fun time learning about sharing. Jake sat around and watched while Micah showed him where every cord and dangerous place was in his house.
This picture is just too cute. Jake has such a sweet face. He and Micah tried to eat whatever the other one had.
This picture captures how Micah plays. He just would do whatever he had to do to get to the toy he wanted. At one point he even got on top of Jake while he was laying down to get to a toy. Poor Jake...I hate to say it but this is similar to the way I think Brad and I played together. I think I bossed and lead and he followed...or else. It will be interesting learning how to teach Micah to share and to use his active agressiveness for good and for God's glory not to further himself.
Not only was this fun for Micah but it was fun for me to talk with someone about all the what ifs of what he is doing, eating and pooping. Since Jake is a few weeks older Kristen has already gone through alot. Well, that is all for now. I just had to put these cute pictures on...I know in a few years we will forget these times. I want to be thankful for each day and new adventure we take that God blesses us with...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

my new addiction

I have found a new way to waste time...ebay. Oh my it is so addictive. I know that I am about 5 years late on learning about it but I am loving it. I am selling a few things and now if you stand still too long in my house I might sell you. I am selling as much as I can, the more I sell on ebay, the less I have to work. That is my thinking for now at least.

This weekend has flown by...we took Micah to a CHHS basketball game and he loved it! This weekend they played Douglas County where his Pops works so he got to go hang out with him. Micah loves to watch the game and he loves to watch the cheerleaders. You can't blame him I guess. We had an unexpected visit with Charlotte on Saturday as her daddy got kidney stones. Yikes! We were glad to keep her for a short bit though. It was funny to take two babies out six months apart, we definitely got some funny looks. Charlotte reminded me that babies grow up too fast. I am so thankful for everyday with Micah. He just keeps changing that it makes me want to have another one, and then another one, and then another one...Mick says he knows how to stop that... we'll see what God has in store though. I guess that is enough for now. No pictures right now...I am too busy taking pictures of things to sell instead!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

changes changes...

There are good things about changing and then there are bad things about changing... The good thing: Micah has learned to play independently. Today he played for almost an hour without so much as a wimper for me to join him. I got to just sit back and watch, and work a little bit.
The bad thing: He totally destroyed the basket that his things were in...he ate the tag...he tore the inside of it out and the cute little bow that I had put on it is no where to be found.

The good thing: Micah can stand up and pull up like a big boy.

The bad thing: Micah can stand up and pull up like a big boy. Which means when I put him down for his nap today he kept standing up and screaming until I would come check on him.

Every day Micah changes so much. For those of you who are moms you have tried to warn me, but it is true. If you have a child older than 8 months when did they stop with the two naps a day? I really don't want today to be the day we stop having two naps.

Today we made our weekly visit to Mick's school to have lunch with him. Micah loves this time because he gets out of his car seat and Daddy holds him pretty much the whole time. Having the job I do enables us to see Mick during the day; which is nice since baseball season is about to start and it will be the ONLY time we see him. I am off to try to put Micah down, how do you keep him down I don't know? and how long do you let him stand there screaming? So many questions, so little time...

Monday, January 21, 2008

A New Do

Micah has had the donald trump hairstyle pretty much his whole life. Today I decided to go for something a little bit younger and hipper...what do you think?
It's the best mohawk a mom could manage...
Thank goodness I have a boy!

Great Long Weekend

We had a great weekend with a little bit more snow! Mick was home and we played alot in the snow. We made a baseball snowman that Micah didn't really care for...we ate with Nana and Pops alot too...which made for fun meals for me. When we eat with Nana and Pops they hold Micah so we can actually eat.
Micah wasn't into the snow too much but he did use the snow man to prop himself up, which looked pretty silly.

We had to go play with Micah's cousin Hayden. He was old enough to really enjoy the snow. My dad sledded him around for hours...and even I got to sled a little too. I think my dad pulled a muscle trying to pull us both!

Friday, January 18, 2008

mr. mover

Micah turned into the crazy moving baby today. He has been rolling around for a long time, but today we got home from lunch and he went CRAZY! I got out the camera to video him going from laying down to sitting up and when I turned around he had pulled himself up on the couch. In a couple of hours he went from still baby to wide open everywhere. Here he is using his teeth to pull himself up on the coffee table. I guess you do whatever it takes to get upright, when you have been so low for so long. I accidentally downloaded this sideways, but here he has pulled a book off the table then stood on it to make himself taller.
And look at this face. He was so proud of himself for his newest accomplishment.
He has already fallen once and there weren't any real tears. I am sure there are many more falls to come. We went back to the doctor today...oh how I love the copay...and Micah still has fluid in his ears. No infection so that is good, but the dr. said that the fluid could make it hard for him to hear. He hasn't been ignoring us on purpose:) Hopefully this will clear up soon. We are looking forward to a long weekend, thank you Dr. King. Mick will be home and we may even get more snow. Until then...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

first snow...

This is Micah getting all bundled up to go out in the snow. Look at those two teeth shining! He was real excited until we actually got out there.

Here he is eating snow...I am sure that isn't a good idea but he spit most of it out anyways.

For those of you who have never been to our it is with a little snow on it. Snow makes everything prettier. If you are one of those people who hasn't been to our house. You should plan a visit soon. We like having company.
Well, the snow melted before morning and Mick had to go off to school and leave us. Micah was exceptionally grumpy this morning so I hope it isn't snow related. We were only out there five minutes anyways. I am sure he will look back at these pictures and say we abused him...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's snowing! I'm posting!

Micah is asleep for his nap and while he was down it started to snow...I am waiting for him to wake up so that we can go much as an 8 month old can play. I posted all of our stuff in one day so sorry for all the randomness! Stay tuned for what I hope to be Micah's cutest pictures yet. I love seeing things through a child's eyes!

funny sleeper guy

Micah has started to really raise a ruccus when he wakes up. He never cries or gets upset but he turns himself sideways and kicks the tar out of his bumpers. You can see how one might get frustrated when he gets his legs hung between the slats. Just thought I would let you see what a real live active boy looks like...

how did it get to be Wednesday already?

Well, it has been quite a busy week. Micah and I have worked really hard the last three days. Mick had his 3rd epidural yesterday, no he isn't having a baby, he just has a herniated disc. We are praying this last shot does the trick for a while. Micah is really changing this week. He has started to crawl. It isn't his favorite mode of transportation but he will do it if the prize in front of him warrants it. Today we worked this morning and then had a business meeting with Ms. Alison and Charlotte. This wasn't a date it was strictly work related. Even though both the kiddos got hungry and we had to take breaks to feed we actually got a good bit accomplished. Alison was a friend before we started working together and I am glad to say that she is still a friend even after(at least i think so)...we are both very thankful to have a job that allows us to work and keep our little ones near. She is just coming back so Micah and I are glad to see more of them. Micah konked out at the beginning of the time and Charlotte quickly followed. Here is Charlotte working her hardest with her mommy.

pretend it's sunday...

On Sunday I went with Amy to register at Babies R Us. Did you know how many new things they come out with even in the timespan of 8 months? ALOT! I think you should get to register again for your babies first birthday...there are so many more things. I insisted on taking a picture of us. Who needs to scrapbook when you have a blog. Unfortunately I ended up being the one with a double chin instead of the girl who is 6 months preggers. So the first picture I had the chin then Amy suggested if you stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth you wont have a double chin. I didn't quite get the message that you were supposed to keep the tongue inside your mouth... I think the trick would work if you are a little bit smarter than me!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It is great to be eight!

Micah turned 8 months yesterday and it was just an all around good day. I actually got to get out and do something for myself...sort of. You take those kinds of things for granted before you have a baby.

Micah had his first date today with my friend Alison's 8 week old, Charlotte. He was so nervous the whole way there, but she really liked him. She stayed awake the whole playdate. Seriously, we have betrothed them from birth because we want to have good in laws. Alison said yesterday that they will probably end up not liking each other and I am sure they will go through that phase but hopefully they will end up being good friends if nothing else. We went to lunch and then shopped around a little the way...if you try to go shopping with two strollers you will get a workout from all the door holding contortions you have to come up with... Alison and I actually work together so it was nice to hang out and not talk about work.
After that Micah and I went to see my friends at MCCS, the school where I taught 2nd grade. It was so good to see all of the teacher's I worked with and the students I taught. My first class is now in 7th grade. They look so different. Micah did so well and performed his wave over and over again! He is a little bit like his daddy and likes to show off.
Lastly, (I said it was a busy day) we went to dinner with Aunt Amy and Uncle best friend since birth and her husband. She is now expecting a little boy and he and Micah will be 11 months apart!! We are so excited. Poor Micah all of his friendships are already prearranged. I guess that is good in case he is shy or something. ha ha...
Well, this post is far too long but since I have shared all the sickness stories I thought I should share a good day! I have pictures to share but the system isn't working...I will put those up when it works.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

it's the little things

Being a mom is undoubtedly the hardest thing I have ever done. But with that challenge comes the greatest blessings. Right now Micah isn't learning new words or playing catch but there are so many little things that he does, that could only amaze his ma ma. Yesterday he started saying ma ma like he was actually talking to me. Now he probably wasn't but it felt good to hear it while he looks at me since it usually is all dada all day long. We also went outside since it was 70 degrees in January and rode around in his car. I saw an airplane and pointed to the sky to show Micah not thinking he would even notice but sure enough he looked up and watched it til it disappeared...I cried. To me that was a huge accomplishment. The last little thing I love is that he is starting to wave. Not the normal wave but he will take his whole arm and move it up and down to wave at me in the mirror. Obviously our child is no prodigy but the little things that he does help the seven poopy diapers in one day not seem so disgusting:) Thought I would jot down these things because in a few weeks I know that they will be forgotten and replaced with more little things that bring tears to my eyes. These are probably things no one really cares to read about but I wanted to chronicle them nonetheless. So if you are still reading thanks for placating me through this silly post!

Monday, January 7, 2008

every day a new day

We went back to the doctor again today for the 5th time in two weeks. (They didn't charge us this visit!) We are now on the preferred customer list at the dr.'s office. Getting this sick is a sure way to get to know your office staff. But today Micah only had fluid in his ears, no infection to be seen so we are hoping this 3rd antibiotic is going to do the trick. He seems to be doing better still pulling at his ears and now he doesn't want to nurse. I guess teething is the culprit this time. It is always something with babies. Boy his life is always transitioning. In all the books it says the reason for babies not sleeping at night is if there is a transition going on...well Micah is always transitioning and never sleeping. We had a good weekend with Mick's last few days at home. Today he went back to school so it is just Micah and I now. I got spoiled having all that help, but it will be nice to have our old routine I guess. Here are a few picture from Bay's 5th birthday party. She had it at the mall at Build-a-Bear. For those of you that worked there with me I think we would have been a bit more entertaining than her worker. But she did her best. Bay also had a fairytopia cake that I loved. You will see the picture it is so cool. Bay being the smart girl that she is realized that she got a Barbie with that cake so she immediately chose that one. In case I never have any girls I get my fix by helping with Bay. Wendy, Bay's mom, had hoped that when I had my own kid I would stop taking so many pictures of Bay but it didn't happen. She is just too cute. Seriously though, it was a hectic day at her party but it is so fun to be apart of Bay's life. This is my 5th Birthday party with her and she still wanted me to sit next to her. I know one day she will be too cool for her aunt so I'll enjoy it while I can.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

happy day

Today we are all feeling alot better. I hate to say it since you never know what kind of sickness could come tonight. But thankfully Micah is breathing better, Mick isn't puking and I just have a little bit of the sniffles. We are much better than we were a week ago. Thank the Lord for that. Today was our niece Bay's 5th Birthday. So hard to believe that she was just a baby when Mick and I remet. We kept Charlee Ray while Bay got to go to the movies with her mom and dad. They went to see Adam and the least that is what Bay called it. I tried to get a picture of Micah and Charlee Ray since we can't get Charlee in any pictures but it didn't go well. These are my attempts at capturing them together. I at least got one of Charlee's face. The one of her back is actually her hugging Micah. She is a girl of very few words, but Micah is one of the things that she actually says best. Oh, how thankful we are for our extended family. Sometimes it can be challenging to have your whole family within 10 minutes of you but most of the time it is a complete blessing. Especially after reading posts from those of you far from your fams. Tomorrow is our last day with Mick at home during the week. Next week it is back to the real world and back to work. I took a short hiatus while Micah was sick so now I have to try to get back in to the swing of things too. We'll see how that goes. I do long to be a complete stay at home mom but finances require otherwise...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Well I have never been one to stay up late so becoming a mom gave me the excuse to go ahead and ring in the new year at 10:00 then off to bed I went. Micah apparently was upset we didn't let him stay up so he woke up to party for a while at 3...I will be so glad when he consistently sleeps through the night. It may be when he is thirteen but I will take it when if ever I get it! Happy New Year friends and I hope to see some of you in 2008!