Monday, May 31, 2010

Sadie Jane's First Braves Game.

Today we were all feeling pretty good and wanted to do SOMETHING for our Memorial Day so at the last minute we headed to the Braves game. It was supposed to be 78 for the high so I thought it would be perfect for SayJ. Unfortunately it was like 90 at the game and we were burning up. I saw less of this game than I did of the Panthers. But we did have fun and we probably wont do it again til Sadie Jane is a bit older. But we did root the Braves on to first place! Go Braves. We had never gone into the play area they have there, but Micah loved it and we all thought it was pretty cool. Our seats were in the outfield really close to it so we took turns going out there with the kiddos. A good memory...although I am certain the chop shop restaurant isn't the place to nurse.

Today can't go without saying how thankful our family is for our military and those who have served or are serving now. God bless them and their families!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Eight is Great...or notsomuch.



Our sweet Sadie Jane is eight months today. I took these pictures a few weeks ago when SayJ had on the "special edition" huggies diapers. They were just so cute. If you can't tell, they are supposed to look like bluejeans...sometimes her belly runneth over. Again so hard to believe we are at eight months today. She is climbing the stairs now all on her own. Crazy how fast time flies. I mentioned she has her 4th ear infection and the dr mentioned tubes in her near future if she gets another one, but maybe she wont. She still loves to laugh and eat and play. She is full into baby food but not a tooth to be found for this girl. She wants to eat people food but she doesn't have the chompers to do it. She can drink from a cup now, which Micah refused to do. She is on a bottle strike right now, but hopefully that is shortlived. She and I have spent such uninterrupted time together due to a looong baseball season that she wont go to Mick right now if I am around at the house. She is having real separation issues. I am sure they'll pass as we transition to having daddy around more. Here's hoping month eight is a little bit healthier than month seven.

Sprinkler Fun

So cute...these two.
Hard to capture Char Char on the move:)

and of course our SayJ pulling the lovely ear. Poor baby!

After Micah's last day of school Nana had Charlee Ray and Sadie Jane has another silly ear infection so she kept them both at our house. Thanks Nana! Then I promised Charlee that she and Micah could play in the sprinkler together. Those two are so cute. They are less than a year apart and I can already see a lifetime friendship coming. I wasn't ever able to be as close to my cousins because none of them lived close by (only in adulthood have I really gotten to know some of them:)) but my kiddos are so blessed to be close in proximity as well as close because we spend ALOT of time with them when we can. Hayden of course is like a sibling but Wendy's girls are so fun to have around and they love my kiddos. These pictures sum it up of the joy that Charlee Ray has...she is all giggles and she and Micah play so well together.

Sidenote: Just fyi for those who wondered. Heather's courtdate was pushed back in order to gather more evidence. Not sure what that means..."supposedly" will be offered a plea or trial by the end of June but at this rate it may be Christmas?? Just keep praying that God's purpose prevails and that we all have the strength to deal with the outcome, whatever it may be.

Last Day of Micah's First Year of School

Yesterday was Micah's last day of his 2 year old preschool. He went on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours each day. At the start I was not sure about it at all (this is an understatement), but it turned out to be a blessing for our whole family. Micah's teachers were a perfect fit for him and by far that made the greatest impact on both he and I:) I am still considering homeschooling and working on doing some of it this summer to see how our family would flow with it. Micah is enrolled for two days a week next year in the three's and I think that will be a good balance for us to work at home a little and then at school he'll get the interaction with friend's and a different teacher. Plus, Sadie Jane and I will get a little time together again. Bless her heart her undivided attention is few and far between. I wanted to compile a list of my pros and cons for this year so here they are...
No temptation for tv when he's at school
time with SayJ
Interaction with friends
Different teacher to teach
Learned ALOT
Music, which Micah LOVED
Emphasis on learning about God

Had to wake him up alot to go
VERY cranky after school on those days
I don't know all of what influenced him at school

These are just a few things...I will add as I think of them. Gotta go get him out of in front the television.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus...

So proud of my little Micahbird. Had no idea how he would do performing up on stage. Especially a big stage like at Six Flags over Jesus. But he did great. He was super serious and I can't wait to watch the video because I was taking pictures I missed enjoying it. Micah had a whole fan club. Nana, Pops, Wendy, Bay, Charlee Ray, Taron, Jaxson, Budda, Jenny and Hayden. As you can see the program went long and our crew got VERY antsy. We were thankful for our friends and family and we are thankful that Micah had such a good first year experience with school. I can't believe tomorrow is his last day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mohawk Men


Mick and Micah both had Mohawks for the boys as they kept winning during the season. I even had a friend Brittany die purple in mine. I will say a mohawk on a grown man, not exactly a good look. But I understand Mick wants to be apart of the team. I made the mistake of mentioning to Micah if he'd like one and as soon as he said yes, Mick had the clippers going. Those two are quite the pair and I will say if you want attention shave your kids hair into a mohawk. We get lots of looks and comments...thankfully Mick shaved his off but I am not sure what to do with Micah's now. I do NOT want a skinhead three year old. It is a good look for some (like Mick) but it just makes my baby look way too tough. We'll see who wins that battle soon:)

Sidenote:Took sweet SayJ back to the doctor today and another ear infection was the verdict. One more and we are looking at tubes before next winter! Yuck. We will see how this summer goes. I sure don't want to go that route but it did make a big difference with Micahbird.

I keep meaning to post Mick's article that was in the paper. Yep, I am married to a journalist:) Just teasing. Mick took this season to heart and wrote a letter that he hoped would get published somehow. The nice sportswriters in the sentinel actually put it on the front page of the sports section. What a blessing and a huge witness for our family. We are so proud of Mick and the impact he makes on our family and all the players, as well as their families. Mick takes things well and handles all of the hardships and challenges of being a coach so well. Let's just say, we wont be publishing MY editorial take on the season any time soon...So here it is...I will warn you that my Dad, who never cries, cried when he read it...that meant more than anything to Mick to see that it meant something to others.

It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose *

It’s whether we win!!

This is not the saying that most have grown up hearing, but don’t stop reading because you think this is some sports crazy nut that thinks winning is everything. Now that I have your attention, my name is Mick Harper, the proud coach of Chapel Hill High School’s Baseball and Softball programs, husband of the best wife, father of two beautiful children, and son of two great parents. I am a teacher, a coach, a father, a husband, and so many more things I cannot keep up with, but I just felt the need to publically talk about my other 50 kids, the tremendous athletes of Chapel Hill High School. I am writing this after a devastating loss in the Elite 8 round of the baseball state championships, but you just read that my belief is “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether we win!” I believe this. Again, don’t stop reading; let me tell you what I mean. On May 19, I shed tears and witnessed tears from young men that hurt so badly because they lost a game, but they won so much more. These kids set school records in wins and made it further than any other group in the school’s history, but it still ended with a loss-NOT A DEFEAT! Over the last 4 months for some and 4 years for others, I have watch boys turn into men. I have watched 20 individuals turn into a family. I have watched a group of fans turn in to a crazy mob of supporters. I have watched seniors turn from upper classmen to older brothers. I have watched people battling for positions against each other lock arm and arm fighting and cheering for each other. I have watched what sports truly means-teaching young men and women how to live life the right way. The score board said we lost, but I witnessed the BEST bunch of WINNERS I have ever seen. I lived character being born and developed; brotherhoods lived out, and love for one another in action. What a privilege to be their coach! I WON, THEY WON, WE WON because we all got to be a part of this. I will end with this illustration and this is why I thank God for what I do. God gave us a picture of winning through defeat. So many people think Jesus lost when he died on the cross, but we know WE WON because of his sacrifice. Look at how God can use anything-even a game-to teach us what is important. God bless, Coach Mick Harper

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Handsome boys, Micah, Chase and Hayden.

We have had a LONG week. We lost out in baseball and then the very next day I got strep throat...five hours later Micah tested for it and then the next day Mick got it too. The blessing in that was not the awful painful sore throat and sickness but that God gave me Mick being home before it all hit the fan. Then we all got better and Mick and one of my best friends, April threw me a surprise early 30th birthday party!!! It was such a blessing and once someone emails me pictures (hint hint) I will write more about it. Then today we made it to church and to visit my sister. It was a blessing to spend time with all the kiddos, my parents, Mick and my sister. It had been a long time since we'd all been in one place and also gotten along:) Chase is growing and doing well. Brief incident with him tonight and again a blessing that everything is ok. He is such a sweet baby and just goes with the flow. This was the first time Sadie Jane had met him and she just wanted to touch him, it was so cute and a blessing that we were able to hold one of our babies and let them play. Our whole family went today because we wanted to and also because we aren't sure what will happen Tuesday as Heather approaches either a trial for her impending charges or possibly a plea on Tuesday. None of us really knows what will happen nor do we even really know what to pray at this point other than for God's will.

Oh and just this one of us girls. Such a blessing to hold this baby. I don't want it to go by so fast.