Saturday, October 30, 2010

Livin' Like Rich People

It's not every day that Superman takes time to brush his pony.
Nor do you see a little girl trying to tip a very hairy cow.

SayJ thought the sheep was more her size!

Sunny insisted the cow was a girl because "she has long hair..."

The boys in the parade.
Today we mooched off of our friend's the Richs' at their neighborhood fall festival. They had a petting zoo that you can see from above was awesome. They just had 6 or 7 farm animals out for everyone to pet, brush, ride, etc. They were the most docile animals I have ever encountered. April even asked the horse if he had been given benadryl. They also had a chili cook off which Justin won!! And a costume contest and costume parade. Micah and Christian went together since Sunny and Sadie Jane wanted no part of it. Both boys were highly surprised when they did not win. Christian was the Mad Hatter and was a really cool costume. Micah wore his Superman costume with ALOT of pride thankfully...since last year he never actually wore his halloween costume. So even if he refuses tomorrow we are still in good shape. The "parade" consisted of the kids walking in a line for a couple of hundred yards. Over dinner we were talking about the day and asking Micah what his favorite part was, assuming it was either the giant inflatable slide or the animals...when he replies his favorite part was walking around in a circle! It is the little things right? So here is a sneakpeak at our festivities. Tomorrow is our Harvest Party so we'll see how it goes...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Little School Girl...

This morning we've been up for quite awhile. Sadie Jane has brought me every book she could find and we have literally been reading for 45 minutes straight. That is alot when most books have 15 words tops. Then we went over and had art class and Sadie Jane colored with a pen and markers. Some on the paper too. We had two hours before Micah got up so Sadie Jane got some individual attention. I can't believe how different these two are...they are both so smart and so cute (only a Momma would think so) but in such different ways.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Party 2010

Micah with two of his favorite people: Jaxson and Mrs. Truett. Jaxson is the one with the green mohawk:)
Sadie Jane pushing chairs...
My Micahbird
Where's SayJ again?

Today was Micah's Fall Party at school. I offered to be the room mom because I was determined to be involved this year after last year barely making it to the party on the right day. We had a very simple party and everything went relatively well. Next time I believe I will leave Sadie Jane with a sitter. She was EVERYWHERE...including on tables, chairs and out the door. As always it is fun to see Micah with his school attitude on...which thankfully, is much better than the attitude he has at home.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rainy day finds...

Just spent this crazy rainy day trying to entertain my babies. I guess I should state I am NOT a stay at home mom...I am a get out every day mom. The four walls start closing in on us pretty quickly. Anyways, Micah, Sadie Jane and I found this seven year old MattyB's youtube videos of him rapping. They are awesome. This one about his sister is so sweet but he has some other ones that are just hilarious. So, if the rain is still heading your way or you need some uplifting today take a look at these.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend at the Farmhouse

Ang and I at the rehearsal dinner.
Micah checking out his farm.
The amazing tub (to the kiddos at least)

Ang and her little brother...

Ang and Cookie.

This weekend one of my oldest and dearest friends got married in South Georgia. I say South Georgia because we traveled for five hours and I wasn't really sure where we were. I was the matron of honor and I think this is the first wedding I have been in after having children. Sheesh. It is alot harder to be a helpful and productive attendant when you are also worrying about two other tiny little children. Mick gets the father of the weekend award as he helped so much and really did great with Micah and SayJ. The wedding was at Gin I guess I know we were there. It was BEAUTIFUL and we stayed in an old log cabin. Micah called it our farmhouse and boy is missing his calling...he is a farmer in his heart. Too bad he was born a big city boy:) When we got there Micah went on and on about the clawfoot bathtub and after the rehearsal we came into our cabin to find Micah had gotten a bit ahead of us and had gotten naked and was in the tub with no water. He is just so silly. Micah loved being there and loved every part of the wedding. He sat with a new friend for the WHOLE wedding while Mick rocked Sadie Jane out of earshot. I was very proud of him, and the ring of M&M's around his face after the ceremony. He took the picture above of the cross during the ceremony and told the girl he was sitting with that he took it "for Jesus". The ceremony and wedding was so amazing and were at to do it over again (still to Mick, I just want a different dress and better pictures) I would definitely copy some of Angela's things. She rode in on a horsedrawn carraige like a storybook. Angela was my best friend through high school and I spent alot of time at the McLendon house throughout that time as well as college. I am so excited that Angela met and fell in love with a Valdosta farmer...she was so happy and glowing and I was thankful to be apart of her day. Hopefully even with my whole family there she was glad too:)

PS She did marry a boy named Kevin, but I apparently took not a single picture of the boy...what a great matron of honor I am...

High Cotton...old times they are not forgotten...

We stopped this morning on our way out of Gin Creek to pick some cotton and try to get some pictures with Micah and SadieJane. It is times like these I wish I had a good camera to take some artsy fartsy pictures (or if Suzie traveled in our suitcase...that'd be even better:)). Although taking the pictures didn't go that well and Micah was grumpy and SayJ did not like being in the cotton(you can tell by her little face). .. good thing we didn't waste all that money on a camera. Hee hee.