Monday, December 31, 2007

My two little readers

I had to put this picture on here because those of you that know Mick know that he does not read. I even have to read our Bible study out loud. So, I had to take pictures of him reading to Micah. Micah wasn't interested in listening he was too busy posing for his picture.

Short Visit

Well we had a short little visit with my roommate from college. Krissy, Aaron, Camden and Ellis came to visit on their way home to New Orleans. It is always so much fun to be with them, even if the time is short. We are thankful to be their stop on their way to and from seeing family. It is funny you take for granted the friendships that you have in college and how close you become with people. It isn't easy to make those kinds of friends later in life. Krissy and I were roommates for three years and I wish we lived closer now. I of course had to get a picture of the three boys. Those of you from PC will be excited to see Krissy's boys, they are growing so fast.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the plague moves out

Well, as if Micah being sick wasn't enough. Mick got either food poisoning or a stomach virus Christmas night. I wanted to put our Christmas photos up...yes there were a few smiles on Christmas day between the coughing and puking...this is the first calm moment I have had to do it. This journaling thing helps me to get a few minutes to myself and actually think about what I have done. It also makes me stop and think if what I am doing is good use of my time or not. Taking care of my family has been a good use of my time just an overwhelming one. We are all praying for a well new year but we aren't banking on it yet. So here are the pictures above. Micah with his new baseball rocking horse and Micah with his favorite little person, his cousin Bay. She loves to hold him and Micah actually sits still for her...not for anyone else.
Through all this yucky sickness I have been forced to actually do what the Good Book commands...Pray order to stay positive and in order to simply get through the day. As I prayed this morning I realized that is the kind of dependence the Lord wants us to have on Him. To come to him every moment of the day seeking Him first and the rest will be added. Amen.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Please pray for my friend Wendy from college and her family. Her father passed away today from complications from cancer.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

the boys are all nestled all snug in our bed...

I can't tell you how beautiful this picture is to me. It is fitting that I have a break on Christmas morning. I have been sitting thanking the Lord for all He has been teaching us this last week. Once again His plans are not mine. But I am continually learning that He is in control and when I yield to that things go much smoother, or at least I am at peace.
I wanted to take this time to write about the past few days just to purge myself from the awfulness it has been. Micah went back to the doctor yesterday because he still wasn't getting any better. The only way he would sleep was with me sitting up on my chest. Thank goodness we went back for a Christmas Eve doctor's visit because his ear infection had gotten worse and then he has bronchiolitus...or however you say it...Sweet Micah had to be put on breathing treatments. I just sobbed in the doctor's office. I know it is silly but to see someone so helpless hurting so is just painful to watch..especially when it is your someone.
So, as I sit here on Christmas morning, I am ever thankful for a new day, for Jesus' birth and all that it means, and I am thankful that Micah is breathing a little bit better. He got sick again this morning, but I just took this picture of Micah and his Daddy sleeping...while I actually got a shower by myself..and dried my hair!
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Kiss your babies today and be thankful for their health, we definitely took advantage of having a well baby! There will be many more pictures to follow, snotty nose and all!

Friday, December 21, 2007

no good, terrible, very bad day

As I write this I am watching Micah play in between fussing. I am writing on the computer so that I don't go crazy myself. We went back to the doctor today and Micah actually has an ear infection in both ears and a sinus infection. He is one sick little boy. Then when we went to get his medicine it wasn't ready and then we had a little fall that scared me pretty badly. Mick got home and he and I both think we are coming down with something. So much for Christmas traditions. Now we are just trying to all make it to Christmas in one piece. It takes alot sometimes to get us to slow down and be thankful. But the Lord is reminding us that we must have total dependence on Him....good times or bad.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sick Baby

Well, Micah has had a few little colds in his short life but they never seemed to bother him. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he has an upper respiratory infection. It is just the saddest thing. He is so mad at life right now. Sleeping is not part of his plan these past few days, which makes it not apart of my plan either. I hope that being sick at Christmas is not apart of our annual traditions, but I did tend to get sick on days when the doctor's office was closed. Seeing Micah sick makes me think about how amazingly our Heavenly Father must look down at us when we are in pain. Watching Micah, I finally understand why my mom used to say she wished she could trade places with me...I thought she was just saying it...but you just wish you could when your baby is sick. I am thankful that the Lord uses Micah to teach me such important truths.

With all that being said, it is still the week before Christmas and there were traditions yet to be made. Yesterday, after the doctor, Micah seemed ok...he didn't get really sick til last night. Being the bad mom that I am my mom and I took Micah and my nephew Hayden to ride the Pink Pig. If you aren't from the ATL you might not have heard of it but it is a little pig that used to go around the Rich's tree in downtown Atlanta. My sister and I rode it every year. I can still remember how much fun it was. So I definitely wanted to make it a tradition for Micah. Hayden also had the cough and sniffs so the two of them together sounded lovely in the backseat. Micah loves his cousin Hayden, but Hayden isn't Micah's biggest fan. Hayden often asks when it is time for Micah's nap so I can play with him by myself. They are really sweet together, Hayden is 3 years old now and is really good at singing make up songs to Micah...yesterday this is the song he made up...I thought I should document it so he could see it later...

Yes Jesus, ride the train
yes Jesus, ride the train
for the Bible tells me so
(to the tune of Jesus Loves Me of course)

They both loved the Pink Pig...Micah sat in the seat all by himself and Hayden just kept saying...oh my gracious...even though they both felt a little yucky they had the best time and we even got to stop at the Varsity on the way home. This tradition will be even more exciting when Micah can remember it!

I am off to take a nap while Micah snores through his nap.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

great kid

Well we accomplished alot yesterday and Micah was great throughout the day. He is very amiable when it comes to doing the things I need him to do. I worked while he napped, then we went up to the chicken house to work and to meet some of the softball girls that I led in Bible study that are now all in college. Micah loved them...he knows cute girls when he sees them and he squealed through the whole lunch. It was cute to us, probably not as cute to the other customers. Here is a picture of the ladies man and all his ladies... Sometimes it isn't so tough to be the Coach's kid.

After his second nap...praise the Lord for naps...we went to attempt to see Santa. Most of you know I am not a huge Santa fan. It's all kind of weird to me. The whole sitting in a strangers lap...and then there is the whole santa- Jesus confusion. But, my mother was determined that she have his picture with Santa, and some of you even shamed me that I would not take my child's picture with Santa. Peer pressure won out this year and we took him. But not again. Santa smelled like an ashtray and the picture is just so very cheesy. Oh, and it was pet night to see Santa so Micah was in line with two dachshunds...and you all know what a pet lover I am. All in all Micah was a trooper and we have the 25 dollar picture to prove it. I am making it sound a little worse that it was fun and it will be fun to tell Micah about...but I don't think it will make it in to our annual traditions.

Monday, December 17, 2007

trying to figure this out...

I finally figured out how to add a picture into my post so here is just a random picture of Micah. Yeah for me!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Twas' the week before Christmas

Usually all that is left the week before Christmas is shopping. But now that Micah is here we have so many traditions that I want to start and so little time. Keep an eye on this weeks notes because we are going to be busy. We have special people coming to visit and special things that Micah is going to do...whether he remembers them or not! We are so thankful that we live in a country where our child can freely learn about Jesus. We are thankful that we can share traditions with him but we want to also keep perspective on what is really important. There will be plenty of pictures for him to see. When and if we have a second child there will be no way to take as many pictures of him or her. Most importantly I am looking forward to doing things that will ensure Micah knows the real reason for Christmas, and in doing so will remind and renew Mick and I's reason to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Santa Cow

Here is Micah visiting me at work. Bet you can't guess where we are...for those of you that know me you already new it was the chicken house! I was in charge of Santa Cow and Micah loved him! Who needs to go to the mall and see Santa Claus when you can see Santa Cow.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My how does life change

I am not sure how to begin on this thing but I am going to just write what I want to remember about my life each day...
If someone had told me how much your life changes after having a baby I would never have understood. Micah is seven months old now and he is such a joy. Every day is something new. Today he is rocking. No matter where you put him he sits up and then starts rocking like he is on a rocking horse, never mind the fact that we don't have a rocking horse or that he wouldn't know what to do on one if we did. I am hoping that using this as a daily posting will help me be thankful for each day and all that it includes. Being a mom is much harder work than I ever thought, but much more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. Hmmm...that verse in the Bible is so true about God giving us more than we could ask or imagine. He is so good!