Monday, August 31, 2009


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belly pictures...

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Not really sure how I got this to work this way. This is from shutterfly but I think you can still see the pics. Yesterday, before the shower Suzie came over to take some maternity pictures of me. It was pouring rain, Micah would not cooperate, Mick was in his tighty whitey's and I was sporting at least 3 chins...but Suz managed to get a few neat shots and I am so thankful. Suzie is starting her own photography business and if you are in need of a good photographer check her out. These pictures of swollen me don't really do her justice. Thanks so much Suz and it was so good to hang out either way!

Go look at her work!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amongst Friends

Stack of girliness! Pink is such a beautiful thing.

Oh how I love the monogram machine:)

April and I

Me with the "Mom's" at the shower.
All the younger girls...sorry Val:)

The hostesses from the side. They make me look so small.

Being silly...

Me with the hostesses minus Taron:(

I've always wanted to be on a cake:) Thanks Taron! I even got to take home a thigh...
Part of my gifts for the girls that matched the table decorations...that match Sadie Jane's room!

Today I had a shower with some of my closest girlfriends and some Mom's:) I hadn't planned on having a shower with my second but three of my best friends surprised me by planning one anyways! Amy, April and Taron (who had a sick baby and didn't make it:( threw me a small shower today and it was so much fun. My sister in law Wendy is throwing me another one in a bit so don't be offended if you didn't get invited...your turn is coming...I am totally teasing! It was a rainy mess and Micah was a terror so it was so nice to get together with friends and celebrate Sadie Jane who is growing rapidly. I got tons of monogrammed things...which I love. I would monogram anything that sat still. I feel a little more prepared for the big day knowing she will be so well dressed. Seriously I am so thankful for the friends God has blessed me with that all minister to me in different ways. Thank you, Jesus!

Sidenote: Some of the monogrammed stuff was given early by my cousin Sissy...and I wanted to make sure I said thank you and I love it! Since I don't have her email I thought I would say thanks here:)

Second Sidenote: All of the personalized stationary, etc. for Sadie Jane was done by another of my best friends, Alison who just opened her own business. If you need a really neat unique gift she is your girl! Thanks Alison!


Terrible pic of me, but the only one of me, Jane and Sadie Jane!
Paul and Hayden
Jane and Hayden*

My mom says my posts lately have been boring, especially if they are without pictures. But it is hard to take picture with snot running down your face:) Now I am all better, except for the whole baby in the belly thing...and back to pictures...and hopefully excitement for Jenny! Friday we headed to the lake to hang out with my parents and Hayden and my cousin Jane and her husband Paul. Jane is who Sadie Jane is named for so it was fun to catch up with them and play a little at the lake. I didn't get very many pictures there either because it was hot and our lake house is on top of a hill. That is a great combination to create some really nasty "cankles" (for those that don't know, that is where you see no difference between your calf and ankle) With all the swelling my toes looked like they might pop off. Pictures of that to come. It was a short trip and Micah got attacked by ants...his arch enemy so he is one unhappy boy. But it was still good to see Paul and Janie and spend time with them on the water. Mick did get to put the seadoo in for a few hours! Only once the whole summer...hopefully next year we'll do better.

*Micah was so grumpy he did not want his picture taken or anyone to look at him for that matter. So Hayden was happy to get all the attention:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

lessons from the Lord

So I've been sick for what seems like forever. Finally got an antibiotic after my second- husband initiated- trip to the doctor. I am feeling much better so it looks like Mick is as smart as he says he is...This being sick so close to Sadie Jane's arrival has served the Lord's purpose I think. My controlling nature is in full force this close to me being out of control with a new baby and all. I am so used to taking care of everything with Micah and getting a good bit done at work and keeping the house somewhat together...but with this sickness and my really large (just ask anyone) belly it has all gone kaput. I got nothing. My child's watching tv nonstop, work is all drama, and the house is a complete and utter disaster. It isn't that I was perfect at any of these things but I had control. Or I thought I God gently...ok painfully used being sick to remind me that none of these things are in my control and reliance on Him is the only way I am going to have a chance of making it as a mother of two. He was gracious and compassionate to remind me of this truth BEFORE Sadie Jane comes so as to lesson the blow. Not that I could even begin to understand the mind of God but in talking and praying with Him I feel that to be His character in this situation. He is so good and is slowly easing me into a refining process and I am thankful for it because I am being drawn closer to Him. I am sure in the weeks to come and months...ok years...I will get closer and closer to this truth and I look forward to not buying the world's idea of together and control...but I sure haven't gotten close to attaining it yet. Rambling...I am...but just had to get it out there.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

funny bird

Micah is a funny bird. Lot of times we tell him he is just weird. I wish I could remember all the funny stuff he does...but I have a hard time remembering if I had a shower today or not. So I thought I would list a few funny or sweet stories about Micah...the first one is more about Haydee than Micah actually.

~While riding in the car on the way home from dinner Micah starts telling Hayden how Sadie Jane will eat. I am trying to transition him into the fact that Sadie Jane will nurse...and I know he will be so interested in this function. (he's always been a boob man) So Micah tells Hayden that Sadie Jane will eat boobies because their will be milk in them. Mick is not really laughing...he is a little uncomfortable that I am discussing this with Micah and that Micah is in turn discussing it with Hayden). Hayden says oh yeah, I remember that, he used to stand and stare until I sent him packing when I fed Micah. Hayden thinks for a minute and then says " are you gonna use that pump thing again?" I said "Probably" which he replies "Good, because I really like to watch that thing". Soooo, we know who is now too old to be around the nursing scene this go round. (BTW, Mick's uncomfortableness definitely grew once Hayden stated that!)

~Micah understands that we go to church to learn about Jesus and we try to talk about him alot today he asked me to hand him his Bible and then he smartly stated "we read about Jesus in there".

~ We pray every night and I have had the joy of overhearing Micah's prayers when he says them with Mick. When he says them with me it is pretty routine but with Mick he either prays for something very random or surprises us with his is a list of the last few times: -golf balls and golf clubs -mommy and Sadie Jane - his big boy bed and Sadie Jane's crib - Aunt Heather (this one got me, it was the only person he wanted to pray for two nights ago...I am hoping God was doing something big and let Micah in on it:)) - Daddy - Haydee, Jenny, Budda (always all together) - who knows what tonight will be!

~ Tonight we celebrated Nana's birthday a few days late (Happy Birthday Nana!) and Micah insisted on putting her card in a ziplock bag instead of an envelope...he would not let me put it in the envelope and cried until I got a baggie out and put it in.

~Micah loves to hit the baseball...or at least swing the bat and he has a great time "running the bases" from the living room to the bathroom and back. He does this for 3o minute intervals and on his return trip always yells "here comes dirt!" and then slides in in front of the tv. Sometimes I even have to wipe the "dirt" off his knees.

~Yesterday Micah had a really bad fall. And got the worst goose egg yet on his forehead. Which says alot because its probably the 100th. We had quite a time getting ice on it and he and I both were in tears by the time Mick had administered proper medic care. After he finally calmed down Mick and I found out what really happened. We thought he slipped on the stool in the bathroom trying to wash his hands but turns out...he tells us...he was stacking the ittle ool on the big ool (little stool on big stool) and when he jumped he went BAM on his noggin. Lovely...the boy just oozzes testosterone.

There is more but here comes the bird now...lucky you I will stop!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Supermen!

After dinner last night the boys had me put on matching Superman tattoos...ok, it was my idea.
Just one of the Bird's usual photo op face...nice.

Being sick so far hasn't been fun, BUT, my boys have been pretty good to me considering. Mick has been so much help with Micah and even came home for lunch yesterday to check on us. Micah was also pretty good sensing that I needed a little mercy yesterday. So, maybe life after Sadie Jane will take a little more work on each of our behalves, but from encouragement from you all and my two supermen...(which is all the work of the Lord), then I think we'll be just fine.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So there is so much to be done before Sadie Jane makes her arrival. I have been stressing a little about it...ok alot. With Micah I had everything laid out and ready to go by this time...but poor Sadie Jane notsomuch. We did get the rocker for her room yesterday so I will post pictures once we get two more things...see so much to prepare. My main concern has been how will I handle Micah when I am trying to nurse a baby 12 times a day (if she's anything like her big brother, she'll come out hungry). Well God decided to give me a trial run because I am sick. I think it is just a sinus infection, etc. but for some reason when you are pregnant everything seems way worse, plus I am not a good patient in the first place (shocking, I know). So today and yesterday I have had to put Micah under the loving care of his favorite babysitter- Mickey the Mouse. It is so hard for me but I have no choice when I can't move my head or it feels like it'll burst. So, this is life after baby? I am not sure, but hopefully it'll be somewhere in the middle but I am definitely turning that anxious corner and hope I can get well so I can get everything done, like yesterday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

sweetest me:)

Today has been a busy yet productive day. I had to work and Micah stayed with Destiny for the morning...then lunch with family then the dreaded grocery store. I always talk about Micah being difficult and I am sure dinner will be its own story but he was great at the grocery store. Which is no small task. Anyways, we left the grocery store and walked outside...the sun was so bright and I said oh I wish someone would turn that sun off it is too hot! Micah said I can't turn it off Mommy. I said oh well...We get in the car and head to the bank...he was being so good I figured one more errand was in order. I look back and he has his hand to his ear like he's on the cell phone this is how his conversation went:

Hey Jesus

Can you turn the light off?

Thank you Jesus

Bye Jesus

Then he hung up his pretend phone. I said who did you call and he told me he had asked Jesus to turn the light off. Boy does he get things more than I know. I was so proud that he at least knew Jesus was in charge of the sun:)

I know, not exactly rocket science but it was the sweetest story ... to me. And that was all that mattered. Thank you, Jesus!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sneak Peek...

My posts have been so dark lately I thought I'd share a little brightness. Sadie Jane's room is coming together well. We have a few more things to add but I couldn't help but put up the picture with the wall words thing on it! The picture doesn't show the colors really well but you get the gist...What do you think?

Monday, August 10, 2009

what to do with a heavy heart?

I went to my Maw Maw's funeral today and while it was hard it was good closure in knowing that she was with the Lord. I had been anticipating it because I really wanted to have that final goodbye. I was expecting to feel some relief at the end but I knew there was a possibility that my sister would make an appearance there. She did. So the closure I felt with MawMaw was overshadowed by my unrelenting urge for reconciliation with my sister. To go from being so close our whole lives to becoming strangers who can't make eye contact is insane to me. I was physically sick with anxiety because of her presence. I hadn't seen her since I dropped her off at the rehab center nearly a year ago and hadn't talked to her since a few weeks after that. There is so much emotion and confusion pent up inside of me that I truly didn't know how to react. I had prayed all morning that if she were there God would give me wisdom in what to do...but nothing really came to mind. We eventually spoke and I at least got to tell her I love her and I introduced Micah to her because he knows we pray for her alot. I am just so sad. I want so bad for all of it to be behind us and for us to just be sisters but it isn't even close to being that easy. I got Micah and I in the car and sobbed because instead of feeling like my Maw Maw died I feel like my relationship with my sister is dying instead. There is hope and a promise that I will see my Maw Maw again and talk with her. But with my sister I have no idea when I will see her again or how to communicate with her if I do.

I know this post may be a little too raw and real and I probably should have kept it internally, but you all know me and my openness, and I for some reason continue to feel the need to purge myself from the situation in hopes that something miraculous will happen and this will simply be apart of the beautiful testimony that is to come. Oh please, Jesus, let it be.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Maw Maw

Maw Maw is on the far left.

Well our bad day ended on a really bad note yesterday. My Maw Maw who had been going down hill fast in the last few weeks, due to cancer, passed away. It wasn't a surprise to us, we knew that it was coming but it is so sad nonetheless. It is sad for us, but for her a rejoicing. She knew Jesus and we are so thankful that she isn't suffering any longer. The last time I visited her a few days prior she didn't even look like herself and it made me really sad...not wanting to remember her that way. I prayed over her that she wouldn't have to live like that much longer because I know she didn't want to, and nor do I quite frankly. The hardest part is my Dad having to deal with the loss of his parent. My PawPaw died quite awhile ago and was sick most of my his passing was a little bit easier to cope with for my Dad I think. Sadly I wasn't as close to my Maw Maw growing up as I was to my other older relatives. She and my Dad shared the characteristic of being a little harder to get to know. But I loved her and really made an effort to get to know her better after college. She, as all of us do, had a fascinating story of life and love and family and I am thankful I got to hear about it on a few occasions. After we started our family it got harder to get together and I regret that Micah didn't get to spend much time with her at all. My Maw Maw did live a long and healthy life and only at the end did she suffer and fortunately for not too long. So love on your family today being reminded that we aren't promised tomorrow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

At my very best...

I am terribly inconsistent. This is just a release on life with a two year old boy. So if you skip it that is good too. So I read the book, got the t-shirt, turned over a new leaf...whatever you want to say. But after vacation with Mick's whole family I vowed to be more consistent with disciplining Micah. Like anything else -I know what I need to do, and I can tell you what will work...but on days like today I start getting weary in well doing...or in wellspanking. Micah has tested every limit today. Each "right now" has ended with timeout or a spanking. I so don't want to spend days like this, it is just a real downer to be such a downer. Plus I am feeling the weight of this other (please Lord, much more compliant) child. We played this morning and had some sweet hang out time but anytime I would suggest Micah go potty, get dressed or walk two steps he rebelled. Therefore consistently I must discipline and discipline I did. We finally get in the car to go to the chicken house for some work and he immediately starts working the system. His new thing is not wanting to go potty. The kid can hold it for like 5 and 6 hours at a time...which is fine but he'll say he has to go then refuse once we are committed to saddle up. I refused to lose this morning so I informed him we would be there til there was a stream and he got so angry...oh my gosh...disturbingly if he were two years older I think he could have taken me out. Then he turned all red and screamed bloody murder...TWICE. We get that situation under control...he surrenders...tee tees...sweet victory for me...notsomuch after all that. We then come out of the bathroom to other people that want to speak with us but we are both to distressed to communicate. I go get some work done with gritted teeth and Mick shows up in the nick of time and Micah runs to Daddy. He is somewhat compliant through lunch for Mick and then as soon as he leaves its more with the testing. The afternoon continued like that til the boy went to sleep with no two another lovely punishment for avoiding the "right now" again. So I am now a bit calmer but am praying I can be consistent for the rest of the day and then do it all over again tomorrow. And I am sure again tomorrow at my very best I'll be as inconsistent as I pray not to be.

With all that being said I do love my sweet bird and even now wouldn't trade it for the world.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mick's Dream Room

Micah on his big boy bed...all proud.
Pointing to his personalized scoreboard.

The scoreboard! Thanks to Nana and Pops for some help funding such a cool finishing touch!

Micah showing off his new his big boy briefs noless!

The boy loves to cheese it! Sitting on a trunk that was Uncle Cliff's army trunk.

Another wall...

The bed (was Pops when he was a little boy) with Pottery Barn sheets and pillows...we couldn't afford the comforter but the sheets look just as cute if you ask me.

I mean Micah's Dream Room. Hee Hee! We have just finished Micah's Big Boy Room. The theme of course is baseball and I will have to say it is pretty cute. Mick took lots of ownership in creating this room and I think he wishes it was his. Micah has been sleeping in his big boy bed for amost 2 months or so now and doing amazingly well. He has come to terms with baby sister getting his old room and his crib. Even though yesterday during a fit he cried to be put in "baby sister's crib" too funny! We finally attacked Sadie Jane's room this past weekend and are close to being done. The hardest part was the painting and thanks to my handy hubby I didn't have to pick up a brush. We are waiting on a few things to finish her room and I will post pictures of it then. I will have to say I LOVE it!

We also went to the Dr. today to take a look at Sadie Jane. She is so cute and played Peekaboo the whole time. Which was a neat little gift for Micah because that is what he says he is going to do with her when she gets out. She is a big girl too but not as big as Micah was...she is only in the 77th percentile....Micah was in the 95th or above. But Dr. S. thinks we are looking at another big baby so we picked the tentative birthday for Miss Sadie Jane to be September 28th. We'll see if she holds on that long! I can't believe we already have a date...this pregnancy has gone by so quickly.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Laserspectacular...all wet.

Happy Very Belated Birthday Aim!
Pax in action.
Once the Laser show began, Pax was about to conk out. So cute!

This boy can sweat.


We didn't get in the rainstorm...but we were wet from sweating!

All the girls...including the ever enlarging Sadie Jane.

Micah eating a moonpie sportin his mohawk of course!

Our family

The only picture of the boys together. We miss those days that we could pose them side by side:)

Last night we headed to Stone Mountain Park for the Laser Show on the side of the mountain. Micah had never been and Amy was having a very belated birthday get together. We actually ended up timing it just right because when we arrived they were all there...we were about to park when the bottom fell out. So we took our fried chicken picnic to the back of our car. Amy and the other families that were all set up ended up drenched from head to toe! I was so glad we didn't get there any sooner. I am not real fond of that wet panty feeling. The soaked friends were all really good sports and so was Paxton who had the luxury of his own stroller. Amy mentioned that she was mostly glad I wasn't there yet...thanks Aim! We had a great time after the rain and enjoyed the laser show. I didn't remember all the fireworks before so Micah was not real excited about that. Happy Late Birthday Aunt Amy! We got home extremely late and ended up sleeping half the day today. What a lazy way to spend our last Sunday before the chaos of school and softball begin. Reality hits tomorrow!

best friends are hard to find

Although they are hard to find I do have quite a friends that is...and I am so thankful. This is a picture of my best friend from high school, Angela, and I. She came in to town briefly and our family got to have lunch with her WHOLE family. Which was really fun since I was sort of a fixture in their home throughout high school and college. I always called Ang's mom Cookie, because she made cookies virtually everytime we were there...Micah got to talk to her and meet her and he found it so confusing that I called her that. The whole time he apparently thought we were going to have dessert. Anyways, Angela moved away after college and never came back. Rare in the land of Dville, but she has found a place for herself in South Ga. So glad it isn't too far away. Here's to friends!