Friday, April 11, 2014

Simply Jesus

Simply Jesus. Well, no, not really,
The verses this week for is 
1 Corinthians 2:1-5

It's what this whole life is about. I have even less of my own words to say about this weeks verses. Shocking. 

But I do think the main point can be repeated. Preaching not just Jesus, but Jesus CRUCIFIED. Killed, for mine and your sin. That's all we need to hear. Shouldn't it be enough. But often it's not. We look for more...and while the Bible teaches much more, it'd serve us well just to back up off the legalism/hairsplitting/sinidentifying and just focus on sharing that big hunkoftruth called The Gospel. 

So, no more persuasive words from this girl (on these verses;)). I'm gonna think about the Word and do my darnedest to apply it in real life. I invite you to do the same.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

His Word. Last word. Always.

Real hard time writing anything for this weeks lent lesson for
Joshua 1:8-9 pretty much preach their own sermon. There is not much to add. 

Basically I get the truth is all we need. It's what we need to meditate on. Beth Moore is amazing, Billy Graham can still bring it, friends can counsel, preachers can preach, and teachers can teach. But all that greatness can't compare with God's Word. Sometimes I let all that greatness get in the way of meditation on the one thing that will truly quench my thirst. I'm thankful for the other stuff but I needed a reminder that His Word is all we need.

Then there's fear. Ugh. Worry causes fear. Which means I'm no stranger to fear. At all. But wow, a command to be strong and courageous; to NOT fear. Nothing else to say bout that cept meditate on it. Let it sink in and preach it to yourself daily. The conviction and change is a personal truth for me.

The Lord is with us wherever we go. My kiddos have the hardest time with this truth and frankly, I'm not the best at remembering it and comprehending it either. But all of these truths are ones I LOVE. They bring answers. I love answers. They bring contentment. I could use a big slice of that. They crowd out worry and anxiety. I would love to live a life free from fear. They remind us we are never alone, despite how often we might feel alone physically or just in our circumstance. His presence is constant.
Thank you Jesus for truth. It's truly our source. Claim it with me today friend.

Friday, March 28, 2014

She forgets truth:(

Sadly I haven't been getting my bible study emails this week and just now got the assignment for the week. This week was so busy trying to be crafty and celebrate a certain special girls birthday I didn't even realize it til the day of the assignment. So here's my way late take on the second half of Jonah. Jonah 3 and 4.

Gonna just give you a list of thoughts to think about on this one. Then ways to apply those thoughts. Wanna switch it up a bit.
- God's got this. No really, whatever it is, He's got this. Promise.
- God is compassionate and ultimately longs for us to come to repentance.
- God's way/plan/will is ALWAYS best. Pinky promise.
- God's in control. We are NOT. 
- God will speak in whatever language we need to hear it. Analogies, parables, life lessons. He is cool like that. 
- The older brother and Jonah were not very different. 
- We ALL need God's patience and forgiveness. Even if we think that big need is just for "those people". 

The applications:
- Stop trying to control things. You can't . God can. No really, stop it.
- Jonah got mad at the plant. We think it's silly yet we often get angry ... In a very passive aggressive way...but angry nonetheless when we think something in our life is not fair. But the truth is the truth. If we were working on fair we'd all be in hell one day. So start living thankful not bitter. 
- Comparison with others is counterproductive. Run a daily assessment before The Lord about MY relationship with Him. Pour the energy I spend thinking/stressing/worrying by comparing with others into studying God's Word.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It Can't Be!!

It just can't be days from sweet SelahBelle Ruth's first birthday! She was just born a minute ago, right? This last year has been one of the hardest yet greatest years of my life. Adding a 3rd baby has been a blessing, no doubt but even yesterday I was rocking SelahBelle to sleep and I thought about how "easy" life would be with just 2 sweet babies...gasp! I just put that in writing, didn't i? Don't judge, I'll get to the good part. But I had put the other 2 in bed and just wanted to get SB to sleep so I could go watch a show with Mick and she wasn't having it! I thought Lord, please just help a sister out! But then I almost heard Him laugh and then I got it. That's just it. It'd be easy, I'd not be sitting in that dark room meeting with my Jesus at that very moment...or the hundreds of nights this year when I've done the same. This little girl has fought hard this year to be apart of the Harper 5 and we've fought and prayed hard to keep her here. Over and over again The Lord uses a child to remind me of my continual need for Him. I have been looking back over my scrapbook/Instagram and I love seeing in weeks and pictures all that God has done in and thru SelahBelle's little life. 

These next few weeks will be a little emotional for me remembering what happened a year ago. But for this week we simply celebrate her birthday and give God all the glory for making that possible. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Everything I need to know... I learned from a snow day.

During the snow days.

Update on FB Hiatus.

Well, I think I'm past my 30 day trial period off Facebook and I made it. I have thoroughly enjoyed being more present day to day and not needing my phone at all times. I actually haven't even been counting the days or super excited to get back on. That is victory friends;)! I got on a few times to check messages but otherwise I really wasn't tempted. It turns out I CAN live without it and I'll be alright...even if I did almost miss one of my best friends birthdays! 

Now the question remains, do I head back down that spiral of time sucking or do I find away to be wise on the book  oooorrrr do I just leave it behind. Hmmm. I'd love to hear how you balance it. Not that you have a super addictive personality like mine; but I'm sure I could learn a thing or two from some of you wise women out there.

My plans as of now are to get back on, see what I've missed, get overwhelmed then stay off again for a while. I have a feeling when I tell my kiddos (especially Micah) their opinion will be to ditch it for good. I know Mick feels I've partially replaced it with Instagram, sorry for my multi picture days! But Instagram doesn't have the same stronghold/sin issues for me that fb does. Granted I still waste time there instead and am working on that. Technology. Grr.

I know this is boring but wanted to update my progress;). More excitement coming next few posts... SelahBelle is turning ONE this week!

Friday, March 21, 2014

I love my people.

Warning: this is for me to read on a day when I'm thinking "my people are gonna drive me to the crazy bin". So don't be pegging me to be one of "those Momma's". We both know who I'm talking bout and I'm not her. I'm not. 

These people are where I've been spending all my time lately. Like the last 7 years kind of lately. This week especially we've been having lots of togetherness because all 3 of them refuse to share anything til they get the stomach bug, then they share it likes it's their job. I've been getting one on one with each of them due to pukefacetime...and then more time recovering and quarantining so we are just bonding away over here.;) in between trash can runs and underwear changes! But seriously what I've noticed on this time is that I really like these people God has I entrusted to me. They are fun. They are funny. They make me laugh at and with them. Twice today we gave to strangers in need. They loved it. Micah actually insisted we give to a guy asking for money. Their hearts are on it. Even when mines not. They've got flaws...aplenty. But I'm sure glad God doesn't focus on all my junk all the time so I'm choosing to see their good too and not be so hardcore on them at times. SelahBelle continues to grow and change. I have no inkling who she's gonna be, but I can't wait to see! SadieJane continues to throw glitter at the world. Dancing, cartwheeling and intermittently becoming Mary Poppins in between. Hilarious and precious all rolled into one. Acting could be her thing if I wasn't far too afraid she'd become vain or a drug addict by 7. Yet, who knows who Shea's gonna be either. It's why I love these people. I do my best to teach, mold and disciple; but they are gonna be whoever God ultimately makes I pray they accept Him on their own one day. Then there's Micah, sweet baby bird. He is more like me than all the rest. I can hear the wheels turning in his head when anything the slightest confrontational takes place. I love to watch him play ball. Play with friends. Play anything really. He is so handsome and polite. 
That's enough. I want so badly to end this post with lists of their flaws because there are a few. And this is (almost) to sunshine and roses for my liking but there was that whole puke tmi so I think we're good. I wanted to just bask in God's goodness given to me in pint size refining packets. So I'm gonna stop there. God is good.