Friday, April 11, 2014

Simply Jesus

Simply Jesus. Well, no, not really,
The verses this week for is 
1 Corinthians 2:1-5

It's what this whole life is about. I have even less of my own words to say about this weeks verses. Shocking. 

But I do think the main point can be repeated. Preaching not just Jesus, but Jesus CRUCIFIED. Killed, for mine and your sin. That's all we need to hear. Shouldn't it be enough. But often it's not. We look for more...and while the Bible teaches much more, it'd serve us well just to back up off the legalism/hairsplitting/sinidentifying and just focus on sharing that big hunkoftruth called The Gospel. 

So, no more persuasive words from this girl (on these verses;)). I'm gonna think about the Word and do my darnedest to apply it in real life. I invite you to do the same.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

His Word. Last word. Always.

Real hard time writing anything for this weeks lent lesson for
Joshua 1:8-9 pretty much preach their own sermon. There is not much to add. 

Basically I get the truth is all we need. It's what we need to meditate on. Beth Moore is amazing, Billy Graham can still bring it, friends can counsel, preachers can preach, and teachers can teach. But all that greatness can't compare with God's Word. Sometimes I let all that greatness get in the way of meditation on the one thing that will truly quench my thirst. I'm thankful for the other stuff but I needed a reminder that His Word is all we need.

Then there's fear. Ugh. Worry causes fear. Which means I'm no stranger to fear. At all. But wow, a command to be strong and courageous; to NOT fear. Nothing else to say bout that cept meditate on it. Let it sink in and preach it to yourself daily. The conviction and change is a personal truth for me.

The Lord is with us wherever we go. My kiddos have the hardest time with this truth and frankly, I'm not the best at remembering it and comprehending it either. But all of these truths are ones I LOVE. They bring answers. I love answers. They bring contentment. I could use a big slice of that. They crowd out worry and anxiety. I would love to live a life free from fear. They remind us we are never alone, despite how often we might feel alone physically or just in our circumstance. His presence is constant.
Thank you Jesus for truth. It's truly our source. Claim it with me today friend.