Thursday, December 29, 2011


Mick and SadieJane at Christmas Eve
Our fam.

Heather's fam
Captain America, needs no description.
Bay was happy to help SadieJane open gifts, she has been opening gifts for hte little ones for four Christmas' now.

It's a Domestic Christmas for SayJ. She got a kitchen too. Too bad she has never witnessed anyone iron because I haven't since before she was born, maybe even Micah...judge me now people.

Foot massage's by CharleeRay!! Hilarious!

all rolled into one. We had a very busy a smushed Christmas. It was alot of fun and we tried to spread it out a little bit more since we had church on Christmas day so that helped but it ended up with Christmas Eve breakfast and gifts with my family then Christmas eve service then dinner with my family plus the Harper's and then Christmas day church and lunch and presents with the Harper's. It was nice to stretch it out a little bit more this year but it still seemed a little smushed. Thankfully my sister, Heather was apart of Christmas again this year and brought her family. It was nice to have little to no drama and to have all of our family together. The babies definitely make it more fun. The joy and excitement in their eyes makes it more fun for all of us. And SayJ got the real reason for the season when I told her it was time to go to church on Christmas Eve she screamed "SEE baby Jesus??!!??" She doesn't get everything but she at least gets the excitement of baby Jesus being pretty important in the whole Christmas deal. Which is good since by default my children believe in Santa too. Ugh.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stone/Snow Mountain

On top of Stone Mountain...
all rock and sand,
Came pictures with Daddy,
and holding Mommy's hand.
Micah's climbing the mountain,
and climbing trees and looking for a water fountain?
SadieJane found the Snow Angel to smile at,
while Santa had quite the chat.
The softball girls gave us a trip to Stone Mountain Christmas,
and tickets to Snow Mountain to go with...
Micah had a blast,
and sledded and threw snowballs FAST!
Not alot of smiles from our SadieJaner,
we had alot of fun, even with our little stinker.

To Grandmama's house we go...sortof.

Me and my sissy:)
Jessica and SayJ fast friends this year!
Me and Jess, fast friends always:)
The Whole Crew
Grandmama and all her grands, and greats!!
Mohawk Delilah
SayJ with Sissy Doll
We had our annual Watt's family Christmas in LaGrange on Sunday. It was so much fun. My cousins live on so much land and have every redneck toy you could dream of. AND they are much older than my babies and tend to them so well. Meaning, fun for me:) My cousin Sissy made the girls dolls! They both loved loved them and sweet Delilah even fell asleep on hers. We named ours Sissy doll and she is a big hit at our house.

Party Palooza.

Micah, SadieJane and I all had Christmas parties the last week of school. It was crazy hectic but fun for all of us. SadieJane had a pajama party and she rocked a white tutu because I just couldn't send her to a Christmas party not in a skirt. Micah exchanged gifts with his turtle friends and loved it, Jaxson actually drew his name and got him something he loved. I don't know what it is, but he does. Those parties were fun, but most importantly they marked a two week break for us, and boy could we use it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Living Tree Debut

Micah performed in all three nights of our church's "Living Christmas Tree" Performance. He sang "Away in a Manger" and it was beautiful:) Micah loved being on stage and loved performing. He even wore a TIE for two of the nights. There was a lot of crying, but he arrived on stage with tie withstanding. He had lots of fans come watch him, and the tree. But on Saturday night our whole Disney crew came to watch and to have Christmas dinner with us. It was a blast. SadieJane watched every performance and couldn't wait for Bubba to get on stage. Until she found baby Jesus that is. She screamed when he left the stage on Saturday and then on Sunday she just yelled out "Come back, BABY JESUS!" for all the church to hear. It was a tiring weekend, but Micah has thoroughly enjoyed choir and is thankfully not the least bit stagefright.