Monday, November 29, 2010

NO fit pitching allowed!

Well, sortof. We have been having an AWFUL time with Micahbird and his fitpitching abilities. I mean he can really take a sane feeling Momma to a whole level of insanity in just a mere matter of minutes. Mick actually experiences more of it due to the fact it seems Micah could care less whether he get Mick's good attention or bad, just so that he gets it. And attention and yelling and all sorts of ugliness has happened in regards to these fits. Ick. Do not put a secret camera me on Dr. Phil, although I have yet to use tabasco. Anyways, Mick and I finally sat down and discussed the issue and lo and behold we decided to actually be proactive about things and lo and behold realized that possibly we, incredibly awesome parents (HAHA) might be contributing to Micah birds behavior by not having a game plan. Sooo, one quick fixed folder and family meeting later we have a new kid in the making. Well, sortof. We implemented our little program over a week ago and it has REALLY made a huge difference. We don't have angelchild on our hands but things have improved drastically. I know that "most" people do not have a child like Micah, the world(and teacher's) can only handle a few with his disposition. But if you do here is something that could help...

Note: Mick and I came up with the plan during naptime but then we knew we wanted to implement it immediately so I had to scramble to put our plan into action. You could definitely make it more fun, creative and aesthetically pleasing:)

Micah can also describe the program so that should tell you it is pretty easy. Basically we had a family meeting as soon as he woke up and talked about how his fits had gotten out of control and that we as parents were also not doing our job the best we could. So we told him we were going to try and "help" him not have fits anymore. And focus on the positive behavior. Bottom line he has the opportunity to earn a sticker before nap and bedtime. If he hasn't pitched a big one then he gets a sticker. Once he gets five stickers he gets a (small) prize. Micah loves it and has taken ownership of putting the sticker in the box (we also added coloring in the box with a is the little things, right?) He hasn't gotten a sticker everytime but he had dried it up quite a few times in order to get that sticker. Once he looses it though he really lets loose...Nice.

Sadie Jane also was addressed at the meeting as she has been standing in her kitchen chair alot. We talked to her about not doing this anymore. Micah enjoyed this part thoroughly. We have seen little to no improvement from SayJ. Hmmph.

Ok, enough of my little parenting issue. I just thought one day it'll be fun to show Micah his little folder with his stickers...then I'll drop to the floor and show him what he did in order to lose one. Both are surely to embarrass him good. Hee hee. Lord help him not to still be pitching them then.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful Thanksgiving

We have alot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Always have and always will. Because we serve and worship a God who blesses His people more than they could ask or imagine. But this Thanksgiving God continued to remind me that those blessings often times are behind very hard times and hard times are often a time where we draw closer to Him. My sister and her boyfriend and newest little boy were all with us for Thanksgiving. She hasn't been around for Thanksgiving for a long time and even longer since we all also got along during that time. So thankful. And then we found out my cousin DavidAllen had a heart attack yesterday right before the meal so my Dad ended up going to be with them for a while. We ended our thanksgiving by stopping by the hospital to see that amazingly he was doing great. So thankful.

Our family went down to the lake a few days ago and I saw Micah and Mick and Hayden very little. They fished nonstop and I chased SayJ who fell a gazillion times. I don't have any family pictures because of this. The day before Thanksgiving I got to run off with Mick for a while and then with my mom for a while, what a blessing to have a little break from being nonstop Momma for the last few weeks. Mick is still not feeling great so you can pray that he gets better because all this sickness is really taking its toll.

Hope that you all counted your blessings, even if it is during hard times. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I sure am thankful that someone reads these silly posts!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pink Piggin' It.

The whole gang, after riding and lunch. We were all worn out.
She's got boots and they are definitely made for walking...
Getting ready to ride.
Silly boys.

Maxsim after his wild ride with Taron.
Thanks to Kevin for a fun picture right before we headed around!
I am sure he purposefully strategically got the picture of the old Rich's Pig to the right side of the picture... that he and I both used to ride in when it was downtown when we were little (we didn't ride together to our knowledge).

Last year we missed out on our annual Pink Pig trip because we waited til it was way too crowded. So this year we went early with the Wallaces'. Taron does everything in advance and it is something I have tried to get her to rub off on me, but so far the advance trip to the Pink Pig is as far as we've gotten. This was Sadie Jane and Mick's first trip and she was enamored by the whole experience, her father not so much. SayJ sat and looked everywhere on the ride so I tried hard to get a picture of her looking but I got alot of the top of her head. Maxsim is 6 weeks old now and he had to ride sitting up in the seat, they wont let you hold babies just for your personal information. It was hilarious. He is so cute and was a trooper through all the "big kid" stuff. Micah and Jaxson definitely loved the Pink pig and this Christmas all of our traditions are going to finally be fun for Micahbird. Poor Sadie Jane has a few more years of just muddling through:)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


So, SadieJane has gotten a little more high maintenance lately and I am not sure why? She has become grumpy, fiesty and clingy whenever we are at home...or when I am around generally. We are "trying" to give up nursing...key word...trying...don't judge me people. She has been snotty. I am with her all. the. time. Micah has been pushing and shoving her alot. I don't know if any of these are the culprit or not. Either way she is still sweet and cute as pie. But I sure do wish I knew what was making her act like a stinker lately.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Little Turkey...

...I mean indian.
Best Buddies.
Silly Indian.

Daddy skipped out of work for a few minutes to make it!
Thanks to Nana, Micah and I got to spend a good amount of time together today and after the feast, and he was so much fun one on one. I forgot what it was like. can see the remnants of the snots on his face. Nice.

Micah and Abigail eating "chicken". Micah refused to believe that it was turkey.
I mean indian. Hee hee. Today was Micah's "feast" at school and honestly we both were pretty excited. I also went to the feast when I was at the same preschool so I have so many good memories, I couldn't wait for Micah to do the same, and he of course, didn't dissappoint. We've had the snots and a tummy bug around our house and Micahbird has had a little of both, poor guy. So today he was finally feeling pretty good and feeling like he would eat. Thank goodness. He did a little performance before and then the class ate their feast. It was too cute. He and his buddy Jaxson managed to be next to each other for the performance. Which worked out nicely for our pictures. Micah also sat next to a friend from high school's little girl for lunch and they apparently made plans to stay late so that they could have a date and eat alone. Seriously. They sat there eating and giggling for a while. I finally had to make Micah go. He LOVES school so much!! I do too. Please pray we all get well soon I personally can't take much more of this junk in my house. Thanks!

Monday, November 15, 2010

This is starting to get really good...

In the last few days things have started to get really good between Micah and SadieJane. Up until now SayJ is mainly just in the way for Micah and I have a hard time doing anything with BOTH of them at the same time. But, I feel like this past weekend we started turning that corner into real friendship for these is just beautiful.
This morning we were once again stuck inside due to a monsoon so we played hidenseek and rode around on bikes in the house. Sadie Jane was too little for anything to ride so we made do with the dumptruck and Micah actually had fun pushing her around (and he didn't simply run her into walls) (although that did happen by the end:()
Mick took the pictures of the two of them holding hands this weekend. Precious.
Now things aren't always sweet and loving but up until now there were very FEW moments that were even close to sweet and loving so that is why I am so excited for this time of sibling bonding.