Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the Move.


This week has been so busy and it isn't slowing down. Not to mention the fact I haven't been feeling real well and Sadie Jane and Micah are having trouble sleeping through the night. Plus, cry me a river, Mick is at the field every day and starts playoffs next week. So to say we are on the move is an understatement. But in the busyness of it all Sadie Jane decide to pull herself up this week! Crazy! The same day she pulled up she also started letting go too. I mean, this is way to early for total mobility for me and it looks as though that is where we are headed. She just truly wants to keep up with her brother at any cost. You can see in the first picture she pulled up to his train table as soon as she figured it out. Ahh the choking hazards with a preschooler and a baby.

We also were on the move to Grandmama's house on Wednesday. We had not seen her in a long time because she has been homebound due to breaking her leg at Thanksgiving. But she is now good as new. She uses a walker to get around but her leg is doing great. She is even driving. Oh dear. Micah and Sadie Jane did great at her apartment and I think she enjoyed our visit. I am sure she needed a nap after we left. We stopped by Mick's game on the way home since it was the biggest one. They won and put themselves in 2nd place for the state tournament starting next week. Which means no traveling this first round!!! Yippee! Especially since Sadie Jane screamed the whole way home from the ballfield. Micah really was such a big boy yesterday and he only finally lost it when he said, I can't hear with all her screaming Momma, I want my Daddy. I said, me too buddy, me too.

We made it all day and I even got the kiddos to bed solo. But Sadie Jane thinks she is a newborn again and is waking up in the middle of the night to nurse!???! I do not like this at all. Anyone know what is going on? She turned 7 mths yesterday! But this eating thing has been going on for over a week. I am in need of some serious sleep or some major undereye makeup.

Ok, well this post wasn't supposed to be so whiny, I apologize. Things aren't that bad. Actually when I stared at SayJ's sleeping little face this morning I was still in all my sleepiness overcome with gratitude to God for all He has entrusted me with and given me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who would want to leave this face?

Not me that is for sure:) Yesterday marked Sadie Jane's first trip to the nursery. I took her late and picked her up early but it counts people. Mick can stop reading here...because it was his ultimate decision and I choose to respect my husbands wishes on things where I know I tend to be a bit overboard. I mean I respect all of his decisions not just the ones where I go overboard, well maybe not some on the ballfield. Oh forget it, you know what I mean. But anyways Mick felt it was time for Sadie Jane to go to nursery so I took her.
The thing I wanted to talk about is who made it a sin not to take your child? For weeks when I walk in church and carry her to Sunday school I get lots of looks and lots of "You know there is a nursery, right?" All wellmeaning people but even the greeters at the desk start to ask me each week when she will go. Then I started to be ashamed for wanting to keep her with me. Now our Sunday School class is a different story, they all have kids in high school so they have made SayJ feel SO welcome in class and actually no one in there mentioned the nursery to me. They all actually waved goodbye to her yesterday when I took her and some mentioned they missed her in the class. Which was so sweet. Yesterday when I left her I was of course upset and I am sure no one meant to hurt my feelings but I felt like I was wrong for even having trouble leaving her. This is all from my perspective so please take into account that I am hypersensitive and might be a bit misleading in my telling. But I say all this because it made me want to work at the greeter desk and let people like me know, that indeed there was a nursery, but feel free to do what is best for your child and family. I know some children need to go to nursery, or some parents need their child to go, but nobody judges them for that, but if you choose the opposite you must be doing something wrong. I have said before that my babies don't really cry much when I leave them and if they did I would understand we might need to separate more every now and then to deal with it, but they don't. Anyways, just a thought. I just want people to understand that while they are wellmeaning each family has their own set of ways to handle things. I think those people who put there children in the nursery as babies are great people and I have no problem with them doing it....and since there are hundreds of babies in nurseries each Sunday I also realize that I am the minority:) So from that perspective I will continue to defer to Mick and put Sadie Jane there, but I am not excited about it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Best Party Location of 2010

We had a weekend full of birthday parties. It was a busy one but lots of fun. Yesterday was Sunny's Party, my best friend April's little girl. And then Paxton's party was today, my best friend Amy's little boy. More on yesterday in another post...but I wanted to get these pictures posted so Jenny and Budda could see Hayden, the horse whisperer as soon as they could. Paxton's party was in Palmetto at Serenbe Farms. It was AWESOME! I can not wait to go back there with the kiddos and just hang out again. The Dobb's outdid themselves with delicious bbq and a precious cake. There was a hayride and a petting zoo too. As well as a trampoline and a treehouse. I mean, this place was incredible. We all had so much fun and just wished we could have stayed longer. Not alot for Sadie Jane to do, but she was so good. I love that girl. And Micah and Hayden will probably sleep better tonight than they have in weeks. Those boys wear me out, but I love watching them experience new things. They love life to the fullest. I am tired from chasing and the activities of the day. We also put Say J in nursery for the first time, I cried, she didn't. I see a pattern here with my children and I. More on that later too...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Going Green...

a day late. Yesterday was earth day and Sadie Jane is dressed in green and in the grass so I thought it was an appropriate title. Sadie Jane had her 6 month check up this week and I just realized she is almost 7 months old. How does this keep happening? I just wanted to record her cute outfit (thanks Pops!) and her stats from the checkup.
Sadie Jane weighed 18.2 lbs and was 25 inches tall (i think) She was again in the 95th percentile for headsize and weight and the 50th for her height. Round and roly poly she is...but she is moving everywhere but she is making up by eating her baby food and still nursing five times a day and right now one time in the middle of the night!! She is pulling up on everything and loves to laugh and smile. She even put herself to sleep in her crib today which was a first. Micah used to want me to put him in and then he would whimper and go to sleep. But Say J usually just plays in there unless I rock her to sleep. Today she wanted neither so she cried for a bit and then laid her head on her blankie and off to sleep she went. She has had a little bit of anxiety if I leave the room but still loves to smile at friends and strangers. Now she even lenas out to try to love on them. She is just pure sweetness to this Momma. (well, except for those 130 in the am feedings...but even then I know from experience I will miss them when she is all grown up like Micah:))

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Save Me!" Eyes

Sadie Jane has learned to pull herself up to standing at the steps. It is one of her favorite things to do right now. Micah's favorite thing to do is almost pull her arms out of their sockets by pulling her up the stairs! She isn't so fond of this move...but he helped her climb yesterday then insisted I get some pictures of it. Since he's so moody about pictures I had to take some. They are so close up because I had my left hand on SayJ's thigh to ensure she didn't go tumbling too far. You can see in her eyes she is begging me to save her. I have a feeling I'll be getting this look for the rest of their lives together.

Sidenote: Just a funny Micah conversation today:
Micah(looking around the kitchen): Ooooo, that cup is green, green is my favorite color!
Me: I know, you do love green, what is your second favorite color?
Micah(looking around the kitchen again): Hmmmm...
Me: Other than green...
Micah: Dark green

Thanks Sissy!

My cousin Sissy is so talented and can sew just about anything. She just made this cute high chair cushion for sweet Sadie Jane...she even added ruffles, knowing SayJ needed all the girliness. I went and bought two cute fabrics at hobby lobby and asked her to do her magic. I was going to let Sadie Jane just use the old baseball one of Micah's, but this is soooo much cuter! Sadie Jane loves it too, snotty nose and all. Thanks so much Sissy! Can't wait to decide what else you should make. Hee hee! By the way, this is my high chair from when I was a baby, looks like a few of the things my parents saved are actually being used.