Monday, July 30, 2012

Rain Dance

This summer has been an awesome summer of play and fun. While our bank account probably doesn't appreciate it (nor does Mick), I have worked very little and spent alot of time just playing, swimming, dancing and having fun with Micahbird and SayJ. We have had a great time just being a family. Doing new things and loving on each other. Of course our discipline and structure have been a struggle but we are making progress....surely. God has been so faithful this summer to give us what we need and a summer together as a family was so needed. Of course Mick has been continuing to work his booty off so that we can have all of this fun, and we are so grateful. Ready to enjoy these last few weeks with my babies before school starts...unfortunately Mick starts softball this week so his summer is officially done.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Appreciate the Cow!

We attended our 6th Cow Appreciation Day. This year we went to the mall. I love that SadieJane wore her dress that my cousin Sissy made, for the 3rd year in a row!!! Love it. Next year we will be wearing it halter style. So, when people ask me aren't I tired of the chicken apartment after working there my whole adultlife...I say nope. We still dress up for more free chicken. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Love your neighbor...

Oh what a fun day this was for all involved. I recently threw a baby shower for my neighbor Emna. You might remember when I first met her here. My how things have changed since that post in January. Emna and I have formed a great friendship and have had MANY more talks and cry sessions since then. Still from what I can figure she is in a very controlling relationship with a man that I do not understand. She is due with a baby boy in September and had yet to have a piece of clothing or a diaper for their baby. I have been praying for Emna for a while and have included quite a few people in praying and caring for her. So I figured what a great way to put our faith into action. I had been telling her how I felt Christians were different so it became time to show her. I invited a few friends who had prayed, or counseled or met Emna over to shower her with the love of Jesus and for us to meet her "need" for the baby too. It was such a delight and quite overwhelming to see my friends share their gifts and Jesus with her. She was overwhelmed that people who did not know her would be so kind. It was such a neat picture because people from all areas of my life were represented there. Sherry, a girl from my small group had been praying, Angie, my boss from preschool had counseled and prayed, Erin had gotten a daily play by play at school and been praying very specifically, my mom had met and loved on Emna, two softball girls, Hallie and Kelsey had been there the day Emna first came over and had talked and prayed from that day, and one of my BFF's April had prayed each time I'd asked. Others sent gifts when they couldn't make it, so the babies clothing needs are at least met now! Oh what a beautiful picture it was as I watched friends serve Emna and give gifts, while others cleaned up and a few sat and listened to every story that Emna wanted to tell. I love Emna and her situation is still so complicated. I do feel that God could give her peace in her situation but I do not know how exactly her situation can be "fixed". But I quoted Romans 8:28 the day I met her to her and I trust that God is continuing to work for the good, even when I can't see just how. I also know that Emna and I might always be the Muslim trying to convert the Christian and the Christian trying to convert the Muslim. But it is a joy to know her and to be able to be a friend to someone that I know God brought into my life for purpose.

Lit up like the 4th of July!

After the parade we headed to swim for a bit and then had The Harper's over for dinner, sparklers and fireworks! Erin, Barrett and Brynnaboo joined us since their Daddy was at the fire station for the holiday. We had a great time and could see the fireworks perfectly without ever leaving our yard. Yippee for fun, food, friends and fireworks!!


Paradin' it .

As usual we hit up the big ole' Dville Parade of politicians this year. The kiddos love it and we love seeing old friends. This year my sister and her two kiddos came with us and we of course met the Harper clan there as well. Just another tradition. Soon enough I'll get caught up and be able to post a substantial post on something other than holidays and traditions. But for now, you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit. I say that to the two people still reading the trusty ole' blog!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Drive In

Mick and the kiddos and I decided heading to our local drive-in would be a lot of fun for Mick's one day off of the summer (other than our family vaca). So we made the trek into the ATL and got to see Brave. We had heard it was dangerous and weren't sure what to expect. There had been a recent shooting, but I think somebody walked up on somebody knockin' the boot. Which we were not going to be doing so we figured we would be ok. It was so much fun, and we felt pretty safe there.  The kiddos loved it and it was alot cheaper than going to the theater. It was SayJ's first experience with a big screen movie. She loved Brave, but she also loved being able to walk around the car during the movie. We loved it so much we are headed back tonight I do believe!

Friday, July 20, 2012

You have a baby!! a bar!!!

Bay and SayJ cutting a rug!

CharleeRay and I dancing the night away!
Micah with drumsticks that the drummer wanted SadieJane to have. Shh...don't tell Micah.

Signing the wall!

Lyla and the Edenfield's came to dance with us and then get ice cream!

I had quite possibly sweated my hair to a state of unprettiness!! Wowzers the shine!

Well, we are those people. You know those people that let their kids dance barefoot in a bar in Panama while drunk people are getting frustrated because they can't get their "sad white people dancin' groove on". We really were helping people. Nana and Pops love the bar and live music place called "Tootsies", you know just like the one in Nashville where everyone who is anyone got there start? So Mick and I can't go unless we bring the children with us. So off we go, to the bar with the babies. They love it, we love it. Finally we convinced Uncle Mickey that it wasn't dangerous for the kiddos and so on our last night at the beach the whole Harper fam descended on Tootsie's, watch out there was little room left on the dance floor til we left. SadieJane was my favorite, as just like her Momma she danced the whole time everytime we went there! Micah (who has mad dance skillz) sat on a stool and soaked it all in. He just watches each musician intently and taps his foot to the music. We all know I don't miss a chance to do some "sad white girl groovin" on and that I did!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photoshoot on a Timecrunch

The last night we were at the beach, we realized we hadn't used our fancy schmancy new camera for a beach photoshoot. So five minutes before we needed to leave for dinner we had one. It was painful, oh so painful. The kids were hungry, the wind was blowing and everyone was squinting. Oh well, there is always next year...These are a lesson in what we need to do different when next year comes...but for now, these are for Jenny!