Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Hostess with the Mostess I am Not...

We had Aunt Amy's Baby Shower today at my house. I feel like I am always learning how to be a good hostess and most of the time I feel like I am not very good at it. I always get distracted and wonder the whole time what other people are thinking. What a waste of my time. I wish I wouldn't do that but I day I will get satan to stop having me do that.

Ok, but enough about me Amy got lots of great things and seemed to have a great time. Since she doesn't have her own blog I am putting all this info on here so her friends can see. Thanks to Amy sharing my blog with her friends my blog readers have doubled!

Amy has been the best pregnant lady I know and I found myself a little emotional about today and all that it means. Amy's mom and my mom have a group of friends that have been together since we were born. Those are the ladies that helped me throw the shower. Now Amy and Kristen and I are the next generation and it was neat to see all of our families growing together. Friendships are so important and you learn that more when you have children of your own. Or maybe you just appreciate them so much more. Probably because you weed out your true friends by the ones that will still go to dinner with you even after your child is a terror at the table! I digress...Amy did a great job at her shower and I am so excited for Paxton to be here. Only a few more weeks and he will get to meet Micah.

Micah's friend Jake was at the shower and they played together. Unfortunately Micah's personality came out in force and he intimidated poor Jake. He actually hit Jake over the head with a bag then stole his plug. Soon, Jake is just going to rare back and smack Micah and no one will blame him.

A few of Amy's friends from college came to the shower and stayed a while later just to hang out. Micah loved them...and I'll have to say I enjoyed just having some girl time. I rarely get that anymore so thanks ladies for hanging out with us! Amy and I have always been like family and it is almost like we are sisters at this point...we have different groups of friends and it is neat to see as we get older that they start to overlap.

I was going to write this blog from Amy's perspective but she tends to be a little sensitive lately and all of the things I thought to say were funny to me but might not so much have been to her. I love you Aim! Happy Baby Day!

Oh no a boo boo!

Micah fell this week and actually drew blood. He had a little scrape on his of course we had a photo shoot to get the full effect of the injury. Micah falls alot and he has learned to just rub it and move on. This fall required a little momma lovin' but after that he was good to go. This child has such a large head and I know he hits it on something like 10 times a day. These are just some other cute pictures. I think it is quite funny that he is looking right at the camera for the picture that I took of the two of us. He is my child and I do like to have my picture made:) Micah has a few more talents these days...when I say few I mean two. He can raise his arms up and say touchdown...(well he doesn't say touchdown, we do, but you know what I mean) and he loves to clap. The other day I was watching Regis and Kelly and they were clapping for the next guest and Micah was playing he put down his toy looked up at the tv and started to applaud. It is so cute.

The cutest thing he has ever done was yesterday though. He has gotten the wave down now. He doesn't wave with his whole arm anymore. He waves his little hand and we were at the ball field and he was standing at the fence. He saw Mick coaching third and stuck his little chubby hand through the fence and started saying dada dada and waving! It was just too sweet! Ok, sorry for the Micah lovefest I will try to keep it to a minimum for a while now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Day in the Life of SDH &MR7H

Every so often I wanted to chronicle what our day looks like so that as time passes I can see the changes and ways that we are growing. So, I am giving you fair warning that this is sure to be a pretty boring post. Stop now and it wont hurt my feelings.
Now that Nana is the only one still reading I will continue...
Here is a usual day for Micah Bird and I:
8:00 We are up and going, Micah springs awake with babbling and calls me until I get in the room.
Every morning when we walk out of his room there are pictures of Mick and Bay and Charlee Ray. Micah loves to wave good morning to them. I am serious, every morning.
Some books say you should give the child plenty of time to wake up before feeding...not this soon as his pants are changed he wants to eat
8:15 We nurse and then I head straight for the shower. Micah now plays in the floor of the bathroom while I do so ...which is why our bathroom looks like a tornado hit every day( who am I kidding so does every other room) Micah is as regular as an old man on metamucil so he takes his morning poop while I am in the shower.
8:30 While trying to get dressed and dry my hair Micah is pulling up on my pants, which in turn usually pulls them down. Silly, boy! You think I am kidding but all of this happens every stinkin day.
9:00 We head downstairs to play and then eat breakfast. I race to see if I can get a bowl of cereal in before Micah demands his breakfast of apples and cereal. We try to remember in the whirlwind of the day to pray for Daddy and our friends...
9:30 More playing and a little whining. I check my email to start working and Micah destroys another room. My chicken house coupons strewn every where.
10:00 Hallelujah, nap time is here. Micah usually cries to tell me he is sleepy then off to sleep he goes.
10:00 - whenever he wakes up I work work and return phone calls. I check to see if the clothes I put on actually match and then more work for the chicken house follows.
11:30 Micah wakes up and plays and then eats lunch. These days it is still baby food like chicken dinner, squash, and then at least two fruits. The boy loves to eat.
12:00 We are out the door as quick as possible to get things done for work out in the land of the living. CFA and then any errands I have to do for schools, etc.
2:30 We are back at the house playing a bit more and getting ready for another nap.
3:00 Micah nurses and then down for a nap. I usually have my goldfish and finish up things for work that I didn't get done earlier.
4:30 Micah chunks his plug and calls for his Mama. We decide whether we are going to a ball game or staying at home.
5:00 At home there is more playing and then dinner for Micah. Two veggies and fruit and then some yogurt for the bottomless pit.
7:00 If Mick is coming home during waking hours he comes home about this time and we decide what we are doing for dinner. I do not cook in season so right now we decide WHERE we are going for dinner...or if we are having grilled cheese. Micah eats another snack while we eat our dinner and then back home we go.
8:00 Micah gets a bath and we play some more. This is by far Micah's favorite time of the day...well it is equal to when he hears his daddy come in the door. If Mick isn't home then we pray for him to get home safely and that they win the game:)
9:00 We start praying that Micah is getting sleepy but usually at this time he starts really waking up. Playing and being very needy. I tend to get the same way and if I am home alone I pray for strength to make it through the next hour without loosing my patience...sometimes I forget to pray and I just loose my patience instead.
9:30-10:00 Micah nurses again and is finally off to sleep. Thank you Jesus!
11:00 Mick and I say hello and goodnight. We try to talk about the day but sometimes I fall asleep before we finish.
2AM Micah awakens for his nightly party in his crib then goes back to sleep after about an hour of arguing with Mick and I.
Then we start it all over again at 8!
If you are still reading I know you are just so enthralled...who knew the life of a 10 month old and his mom could be so exciting!
There are variations and we get lunchdates, and prayer group and other changes. There are a few days where Micah stays with Nana but this is the general flow of how my life looks now. Boy, is this different than anything I could have asked for or imagined. It sounds pretty mundane and boring when you look over it...and some days it is...but on most days there is something spectacular that happens while Micah plays or laughs and I get to be apart of it all so for that I am eternally greatful!


I thought that these pictures were a little bit bigger but you'll get the gist anyways. I am blessed that Micah gets to stay with me and I get to work and contribute to our income. BUT, it is a very hard job to balance and it is very hard to feel like you are doing a really good job at either when you are stretched in two different directions. This week Pops had kidney stones so Nana was unavailable to babysit.(Please say a prayer for Mick's Dad, he is in much pain) Boy did I take her for granted. We had our big regrand opening Ribbon cutting this week and I HAD to be there...and Micah could not spend the day in his sling smiling at customers like he usually does. So, my dear friend April kept Micah while I worked. Thanks Ape!
These are two pictures of Alison and I at the Ribbon Cutting. We ended up running the whole thing so we were so thankful that it was a success. (At least in our eyes) Sorry for the boring post but I thought I'd share a bit about my job...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

more random easter pics...

Here are a few more random Easter picture. The first picture explains the reason we have very few good family pictures. My mothers photography skills leave a lot to be desired...sorry Jenny. This picture of Hayden would have been cute if we could actually see that he is holding his little hymnal at the church. He wanted his picture made all by himself. Mom did her best...which wasn't very good!

The next picture isn't her fault that it is bad because of the lighting. We had to take it though because we are standing in the very place where Mick and I were married. Some people I guess go to the church every Sunday where they were married, but we get to enjoy it only every now and then. It is a very beautiful place and we are thankful that Micah got to see it this year...before he could say things like do we have to take a picture here? or Mom this is silly...etc. etc.

The last picture is Mick's favorite again and again. It is only on the blog because I know he will ask why it isn't on here. Most of us are over seeing Micah almost crack his head open on concrete!

Thanks for looking and reading! I will be back to our daily events soon!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter was busy to say the least. We had alot of fun seeing family, fishing and spending time at the lake. It is hard to have Micah there though because now that he is crawling you have to watch him like a hawk. Everything goes straight in his mouth. We made it to sunrise service just barely. Unfortunately we were dressed like eskimos so my cute outfit picture didn't happen because well you couldn't even see that we had matching outfits on. All that thought and effort down the tubes. This is why God gave me a boy!

Here we are by the chapel where we got married. Micah is somewhere under all those layers. He was definitely the warmest person at the service.
Here are Mick and Micah...looking me at least.
Hayden catching his first fish!! He was so excited to have his new fishing pole too.
Here is Hayden pushing Micah. Micah doesn't look too frightened. I have a few more pictures from Easter but Micah is calling so I will post those later for those who care.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

And for my issues, things are better and hopefully will continue to be..thanks for your prayers.

sad game...great pictures though!

It was a heartbreaker on Saturday. We were winning by alot of runs for most of the game then lost! Needless to say Mick was less than happy and I felt really bad for he and the boys. Micah had know idea and loved the whole game. Wendy, my sister-in-law and the girls came to watch the game and so did Amy and Brad. Once again, not a single picture of Bradley. This has got to change. He is one of Micah's favorite people yet we have no pictures of them together. One day...

The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed getting out and seeing lots of fun friends. Here are the pictures to prove it. By the way, the picture of Amy and I was taken by a 5 year old. My niece Bay is so advanced...even in photography.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Early Easter

We are headed to Mick's biggest ballgame of the year. Against the county rivals. Oh don't you miss high school. Longhorns is coming to sell food so I am going to eat my weight in food. After we leave there we are headed to the lake to spend Easter with my fam. We are excited because we go to sun rise service where we got married and it is a pretty special place to us. Micah will get to go for the first time. So I will let you know how our travels go. Time with the Hill's is always interesting.
As a side note I am having some health issues right now and I would appreciate a few extra prayers! Thanks for those of you who read and pray, what a blessing!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 Drowned Rats...See How We Ran

Today we had another monsoon...but no loud weather sirens for severe weather thank goodness. Micah and I went to the mall to eat lunch with Aunt Amy and Aunt April. On the way out it was pouring and we both got soaked. Micah thought that it was hilarious and laughed about it the whole way home. Which made me laugh too. With all the rain Mick didn't have a game so we got to spend some time with him. It was very much needed! This picture has nothing to do with today but we visited Amy on Monday and her Dad put together Paxton's jumperoo that he wont use for another good 4 months but Micah will enjoy it until then. The Dobbs are so good to us, and especially Micah...we probably wouldn't have shared his toys as well as they do!

Monday, March 17, 2008

tennis time

It is that time of year again for tennis to start back up. I swore last season I would not play again due to my many nursing sessions in between the second and the third set. But I am at it again with two fewer feedings a day I hope to be able to get in an entire match each time without stopping to feed my little hungry man. This Sunday was our first match and I got to play with a lady who is so neat and actually coached my mom tennis and is so fun to play with. We won 6-0.6-2. I say this not to toot my own horn (toot, toot) But because it shows how short the match took about 50 minutes. We walked off the court and Mick immediately asked where these quick matches were when he was dealing with the screaming 4 month old! Oh well no one had to see me whip it out on the court so all is well. Here is our fam on a beautiful day at the tennis courts and my fun partner Jill! While it was hard to get there being on the court and doing something for me was actually pretty fun. It was also fun to see Micah clap for of his few talents!

P.S. I don't think my arms have seen the sunlight since before I got pregnant with Micah...they are blinding...

mr. independent--chatter box

Micah has really amazed me in the last few days. I find myself just overwhelmed with thankfulness for this little boy and sad at the same time that as each day goes by it is gone forever and we can't get it back. Trying to take in every new thing with awe and excitment is my goal but often we just get caught up in getting things done and we miss an opportunity to see the things around us grow...including our children. As I am writing this Micah is standing at my feet pulling everything off my desk... this is one of those times where I am tempted to get frustrated instead of being thankful he can stand and grow and move. He is only exploring new things.
Ok, enough of that, this weekend I caught Micah reading! I love to read and when I was younger people used to tell my mom that she needed to get my nose out of those silly books all the time. I still love to read but rarely get the chance to stick my nose in a book for any prolonged period of time. With that being said I try to read to Micah everyday. Sometimes he pays attention...mostly he eats the pages. Well, this weekend he has started being so verbal. Talking to shoes, us, the couch and pointing etc. I looked down on Sat. afternoon and he was reading a book, pointing at the pages and gibber jabbering about each page. It was great. He then went back to eating the pages but for a moment I caught a glimpse of what I hope to be my little reader that wont get his nose out of a book.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Baseball Fun!

It has been so nice the last few days that Micah and I have gotten to go to Mick's games. Micah loves being outside and yelling for or at his Daddy. I made him the shirt he has on in the picture because we don't have very much purple for him to wear. I always wear purple to the games! Micah even has a purple bat that Mick found at the Dollar store! For those of you that know Micah well you will notice he has shoes on...not the nice expensive ones his Nana and Pops got him, but the hand me downs. These are the only ones he will keep on.
This is Amanda, one of the softball girls that Micah fell in love with...from a very early age whenever he saw her he would squeal with delight. Yesterday at the game when she held him he even rested his head on her shoulder. It was just too cute. She is such a neat girl so I am glad he is already discerning as to the ladies he likes.
Another family picture taken by Aunt Amy. She's the only one we can get to do it. Yesterdays game was particularly fun for Micah because he had lots of people come play with him Aunt Amy came to the game for a while too and Micah was very excited. Look at this picture of her...isn't she huge?! I think she must be having twins. She looks like she is due any day...I don't think she can get any bigger. Just teasing! I said all that because those are things people said to me that drove me crazy...I mean we are already hormonal right? And Aim is getting some of those comments now too and feeling a little sensitive, right Aim!
Last but not least my child's most risky talent. For those of you who have not seen this. Mick has been doing this with Micah since he was very little. The boy has legs of steel. I don't particularly like it but apparently I can't control Mick very well. Last week at Olive Garden (yes, Mick does it in restaurants) I overheard to older ladies saying they should probably report us to social services. Well, they can just take Mick away not Micah...that would solve the problem. Although you can see that Micah knows no fear and loves it very much!
It was fun for me to be apart of the games again. It is important for me to be there and stay connected because if not we end up having totally separate lives instead of ministering together alongside one another. I know things are going to continue to change with Micah needing certain things but I hope that we can continue to be apart of Mick's profession of coaching and ministering to young people.
And for those who care...we won both games!!! Yeah!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

funny side note

Micah is continuing to have trouble sleeping. I don't have trouble sleeping...I just don't get to because of the little rascal.
Micah gets a pacifier in his bed with him at night and during nap time. When he is ready for me to come get him he takes it out and bangs it on the side of the bed...making an obnoxious knocking sound until I come running. Before I get there I usually hear a thud from him hurling it across the room. Sometimes he can nail the dresser across from his bed. His daddy taught him to throw...oh aren't we proud. When I get him up I always locate the pacifier and put it on the side of his crib for the next nap/bedtime, etc. Well when I went to get him this morning he did the knocking thing and I went in to pick him up. I could not find his pacifier. We searched but could not find it. I got another one when it was time for his nap. Then when he awoke from his nap...knock...knock and thump. The pacifier had been thrown but when I went to get him out no paci! He looked at me while I searched on hands and knees for the thing and I seriously think he got satisfaction out of knowing where the plug was and that I couldn't find them. His room is small and has very little in it so it drove me crazy that they were lost. I know the suspense is killing you but I found them stuck down between the bed and the wall. I was so excited to find them and Micah just had this silly grin on his face, like gotcha mom! Unfortunately for me, I know that by having a boy there will be many more moments like this and if I don't learn to laugh at them now we will both be in a heap of trouble!
The weather is beautiful and we have been able to go to Mick's games...more pictures of that to follow!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

high hopes

Well, I spoke to soon in my excitement for the tv. Micah has turned into a high maintenance baby again. I believe it is teething this time. We didn't get to watch tv last night because we went to eat with my parents and then forgot about getting flowers for the chicken house so we got home late then Micah wanted my full attention. Micah constantly has his hand in his little mouth. Poor guy...poor me. Today Micah turns 10 months! I can not believe it. He is into the double digits now and I have to start thinking about a birthday party. Hee Hee! Gotta go work but does anyone have any answers about teething? Could teething make him this grumpy and what can you do about it?

Monday, March 10, 2008


For those of you that don't know I have a very addictive personality. This is why I am glad I never tried maryjane or any drugs, etc. I know I would have been hooked. I tend to get addicted to things. If I find a shirt I like I want to buy it in every color. I love coca cola classic and have tried to give it up on numerous occasions but I just can't. By working at the chicken house I save roughly 60 dollars a month because that is what I love to eat. If I like something I tend to get addicted to it. One thing I really like is television, I wish I didn't but I do. Anything to do with relationships...which is why I love my soap opera- General Hospital...I love MTV reality shows, because I was never allowed to watch it when I was little(we didn't have cable anyways)
... and I love the Bachelor. So today is a fun day for me because there is a 2 hour bachelor special. Mick has ball games so unfortunately Micah will be subjected to my addiction. He usually naps during the soap opera or else I have to turn it off. Anyways, this is just useless info but I usually write about Micah so I thought I would confess some things. I would do one of those 5 things no one knows about me but who are we kidding there aren't 5 things that I keep to myself. My life is an open book...some wish it weren't but it is...
If you are still reading sorry for the silly rant!


In our house calm weekends are few and far between but we had one. The only real excitement was at our weekly trip to Target a tornado hit Dville about 3 miles away. Yikes! We had to go to the back wall and tuck our heads between our knees. No we really didn't have to do that...we just stood in the back in the lawn furniture that doubled as a changing table. We also had to open a pack of diapers because Mick didn't bring the diaper bag in and they wouldn't let him out into the weather to get it. Micah was so embarrassed to have his ding ding out in Target but he got over it. I say if you have to be trapped someplace Target is the way to go!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Micah's 1st Baseball Game

Today Micah had a really good day. A good day means he went down for his nap and bedtime with no fight. He just laid down and looked at me and then off to sleep he went everytime. Unbelievable! Some of you may think that is strange but it was a huge blessing today. We also traded out with my friend Alison so that we could both work. I now see why God made children be at least 9 months apart. Charlotte and Micah are 6 months apart and it was tough balancing them both. It was fun though to see them interact and talk together. I didn't get any pictures because I was watching two babies for goodness sakes. Thanks Alison for your help with Micah today...we will miss ya'll next week.

We also went to the ball field for the first time. Micah loves being outside. The picture below is not so good of Micah but it is the only one of he and I so I posted it anyways... This is one of Micah and his favorite person in the whole world. Don't get jealous everyone but he loves his Nana something fierce. He doesn't even want to come to me when she is around. I can't imagine why not when she caters to his EVERY need and want!
This is Micah later in the game...he is thinking how long does this game stinkin last? it's cold mom!

We had to wait til after the game to get a picture with his Daddy..and now that it is downloaded it looks like his Dad scored some drugs off some of the high schoolers during the seriously Mick looks silly but I had to put the two of them with their matching hats!
You might be wondering if we won or not...probably not...but for those of you that are we lost! Boo! They ahve won every game then we go and they lose! Now we can't go back. Good thing we aren't superstitious. Oh well there will be many more. Joy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tired of teeth

There are no pictures today because we are both to stinkin irritable and tired to be smiling for pictures. Micah is having a teeth explosion in his mouth over the last few days. I feel for him I really do...but ...boy could I use some sleep. He just needs his mommy so much during this time. And then on top of things he had a fall today. It happens so fast and with his large head he always hits it first. Then there was blood. I tried not to freak out but I could not for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. It was on his hands and in his mouth but I could not find the source. It stopped pretty quickly so I guess we are ok but geez louise it scared me. I didn't let Micah know that...I always hated it when my mom freaked out when I got hurt. I always ended up crying not because I was hurt but because she was scaring me to death by acting so weird. Oh well, there isn't much exciting going on in our lives and I think I am going to be thankful for that today!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Prayer Group

I had been praying about finding a group of women to spend time with and have a bible study with...then I realized I barely had time to do the things I am doing, there would be no way I could prepare a bible study each week. So I decided what I needed most was some time sharing with other women our needs and prayer requests then spending time with our Heavenly Father lifting each other up. Today was our first meeting and though small it was oh so effective. Each week I hope to give those few of you that read a glimpse of something I have learned from our time together. (Anyone who is interested in making it to Dville for our prayer group I would love to have you...just let me know)
Today there were just three of us, but it was such a sweet time of fellowship. Often on my blog I give you a humorous look into our life. But the truth is being a mom is hard work and I have gotten to a place where I am quite overwhelmed and disheartened with being all God calls me to be. satan has really done a number on my mind and thoughts...causing me to doubt and question every thing I do. And while like so many I put on a happy face and pretend everything is great. I am daily waging a war against my thoughts of negativity and discontentment. It was so good today to be reminded of what is true, and good, and right. We all need people in our lives to bring us back to that place.
Today my friend April shared a story that I wanted to share with you...
She heard a story of a man talking about satan using doubt as his number one way to attack Christians. If you think about it almost all of our struggles stem from when we begin to doubt. If we fight that doubt initially we wouldn't have near the trouble we do. Easier said than done. April also talked about his analogy for satan. He talked about when they used to kill chickens and they would ring there necks and then cut their heads off. The chickens would still run around with no head. satan is the same way...his head is cut off and he has already been defeated. But he is still out there running around with his head cut off veing for our attention. I realized how often I let that be a distraction to me and what God has for me and my family. Sorry for the long winded post but God used those things in my life today and I pray that He teaches you something new today too! I am so thankful for friends and the fact that we can kneel at His throne and leave our burdens there...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thanks Aunt Amy!

Today after church we were at our favorite place, the mall...and it was a beautiful day outside. We were about to waste the afternoon inside when my best friend Amy called and suggested we take Micah to the park. We had planned on doing something outside but would have probably wasted time and money inside the mall before making it outside with Micah.
This is Micah's first ride on a swing. He loved it. He is checking out a cute girl on the swing next to him and not looking at the camera though.
Here is Aunt Amy and I hanging out with Micah. Paxton really would have liked to come out and play but Amy wouldn't let him. She is already so strict. I will say that the park was packed and Amy being the teacher that she is disciplined two children that were strangers while we were there. They had two flat tires when we left and no one knows why...just teasing. She was only protecting our babies.
Here we are swinging. Micah is looking at his Aunt Amy and wishing she would share the basketball she had hid under her shirt.
This picture definitely needs to be explained. We had been sitting outside on a blanket and when we got up we realized we had been sitting there with a baby and a pregnant lady right under this sign. How silly! So I took a picture of the silliness. Plus, this is the only picture of Uncle Brad that turned out well.

God Made Dirt

I have not posted anything in a while so today will be a little long. We made it through the tubes on Wed. with little incident. Micah was pretty fussy after and I cried a little bit too but all in all it went as smoothly as we could have asked. We had a long week with Mick pretty much gone constantly with baseball being in full force. So we decided to pack our bags and head to the lake Friday with Jenny (my mom) and Hayden. You don't realize how much stuff you need for one night. I will say it almost isn't worth it to go on your own but I refused to let the baby dictate our weekend. This is Micah playing in the dirt. Yes, there is even some under his nails and he might have eaten some. He is all boy and loved every minute of it. We were just so thankful to be outside and to have some nice weather.
This is a picture of the boys racing. Micah must be checking a tire or something. This is Hayden's 3 wheeler. Never mind that we have counted the wheels umpteen times and explained it's called a four wheeler he still calls it a three wheeler.
Micah also loved the sand. I can't wait to go to the real beach and let him play this summer he will have so much more fun than last year when he was just a few months old.
Our trip went pretty well except for Hayden being in constant trouble. Boy is he a mess. I had to spank him a few times. I said I wasn't going to spank my own children and look at me now, I am even spanking other peoples children! He also bit Micah...I am already getting a taste of what it will be like when we have another child because I get to see Hayden act out in jealousy the way I am sure Micah will...
The funny part is that Hayden didn't come clean on what he had done at first. We were in the car and Micah started to wail...which he rarely does and we asked Hayden what happened. He said he didn't know. We were pretty sure he had done something but we just didn't know what. He insisted his innocence and I sent him to time out for a previous violation of running in the parking lot with cars. While in time out I guess his guilt started to sink in and he confessed to my dad that he needed to go find Micah and dad asked why and he came out with the fact that he bit Micah. All is well now and we have discussed it in detail but I know someday I will want to recount this story to Hayden. For now we aren't going to leave them alone together until Dracula gets a little older.