Sunday, October 28, 2012

Punkin' Patch

We have had a looong softball season. Winning does that. So while we had great plans to go apple pickin' it hasn't happened yet, and I was getting pretty antsy that we would have no fall pictures to show for this year. So, I compromised. I told Mick to please just take us somewhere close after church today  and I'd get pictures that would look like we were at a big ole farm. Good enough. My babies are there, and there is a picture of the 4 of us. Yippee skippee!

Proud Panther Momma Here

I would like to document that I believe this was our first "season" of either sport that I indeed did NOT have a midseason breakdown. I think there was just not enough time for it. I am currently working on my post season breakdown, because I'd hate to have a season without one. Haha. This year seriously has been such a blessing. Perhaps it is because we found out about our "blessing" during this season but the team really had something special this year. We still had quite a bit of girl drama as well as of course Mama Drama from parents BUT, none of that could overshadow the fact that we had an amazing group of girls, with great character who took us far as a team. From the very beginning we have gone about coaching as a family "team" effort. Especially softball, my heart is all in as much as Mick's is, if not more at times. I was reflecting on the season yesterday and just thinking how thankful I was that these girls continually loved on my kiddos and their parents too, often grabbed a chair, a bag, or a kid! They may have talked about us behind our backs (in fact, I'm sure of it:)) but they were so kind to us on and off the field. I am so thankful that we receive a blessing from attempting to be a blessing to others. Micah officially became the manager/coach/dugout rat. He spent as much time as possible in the dugout, on a bucket with his Daddy. I loved that Micah didn't miss near as much Daddy time as he had in the past. I also was thankful that the girls were super aware that he was there and made sure they didn't cuss by saying "butt or stupid". I am not so sure I can expect the same from the baseball team. The girls finished 5th in the state and got to compete in the Elite Eight tournament in Columbus. It was an honor and a first for almost everyone on the team. This year there were no real superstars as everyone contributed each game to put together a win. The girls that worked hard actually succeeded which is just a beautiful thing to see. Often times, it just isn't the case. I will miss this group of seniors as well as they have really been apart of me getting back in the groove of being a mom to my two and to the team. We will see how baby #3 affects things, but I hope that the Lord will continue to multiply my time, patience and arm radius so that I can both parent and minister to some really cool high schoolers.

We put the family in the JDAY Family Fun Run

This year we all had been anxiously awaiting the JDay Family Fun Run. We knew that our whole family could compete this year and we were pumped! Mick and I ran the 5K. Hayden and Jenny ran the 1 mile. Micah ran the .25 mile and SadieJane ran the 50 Yard Dash. We all represented well. But it was SayJ and Mick who brought home the medals:) SadieJane got 2nd place after a photo finish, because she was looking back to watch the girl pass her and win!! But we were proud for sure!! Then, Micah had a little trouble with "distance running" since he ran the 50 yard last year, he ran out of steam and almost gave up. But, after some encouragment from Mick he finished and we were glad. Jenny and Haydee towed their line in the 1 mile. Mick, who was supposed to run WITH his pregnant wife, left me shortly after the start line. Mick can not lose and when he saw there were other men he knew competing he quickly left me in the dust. He won first place and that is all that matters?!?!?!? I finished a frustrated wife, but ran the whole way and was proud to do it while carrying precious cargo. I am already planning on training for next year and leaving mick in the dust!! I guess the whole me not being competitive thing is really going out the window! What a great family day we had though!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thanks for the Win's Chippy!!

We had the opportunity to go to Chipper's last homestand with some tickets from Mick's managers family, Payton. Payton got to make the trip with us and we had a blast. Nevermind we were in the very top row or that the kiddos were exhausted. We had a great time!! Chippy didn't fair to well the night we were there but it was neat getting to see him take the field and the excitement that went along with it. The kiddos will be able to say they saw the great Chipper Jones play and Micah actually has always thought he is great. Who knows, he will probably wont to name his first child Chipper Ten Harper. But I've heard of crazier ideas.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stinkerbell's Third Birthday Partay!

Like with Micah, I promised this year to be a fussproof birthday party. But alas, things got crazy nonetheless. Pizza, pixiedust and cupcakes. That was the plan, but add in a bunch of kiddos and you are bound to get off task. SadieJane had a blast and this year was the first year that "her friends" came.(she picked who came aside from family) She loved it. So mission accomplished. You can tell by my face in the pics above I was a little tense. Ugh. Had to have a "coming to Jesus" meeting with Jesus himself the next day about keeping my attitude in check. I would like to blame it on pregnancy hormones buuut sin is sin regardless of circumstance. Fabulous. All in all, it came and went and the pictures are here to prove it. Can you tell my blog is surely getting the shaft as of late? I hope I can manage to put pictures of this next baby up:) But truly we are having so much fun as a family these days, its hard to find time to update. (Go Panthers!!)  Today is our first round of the state tournament for softball! The saddest part of the party was realizing I didn't get the usual picture with all of the children on our lawn art:( So here is the list from memory over a week late: Jaxson, Maxsim, Barrett, Brynnaboo, Abram, Lexi, Bella, Caroline, Kyndall, Kylie, Katie, Maddox, Maddie, Matthew, Tana, Hayden, Aunt Dot, Nana and Pops, Jenny and Budda, Des and Tyler, Cindy, Kyle and Heather, and at least three very important people that I know I have forgotten.