Monday, June 28, 2010

Nine Months...No Way!!

I will say it again that I can not believe our sweet Sadie Jane is nine stinkin' months old today. These pictures are ones that I would never have taken because she has on some of Micah's old pj's but they are hard to come by when she is in 18 months ones. But the pictures turned out really cute and I didn't have a chance to take any today. It is funny that even in blue boys jammies she still looks like such a girl to me. I also wouldn't have backed that far away from her to take the pictures on the stairs. Ah hm. I know, that is me the overprotective momma. Sadie Jane continues to be a joy but she is going through a rough spell with the sleeping and being a little bit more of a particular girl. Here are some quick facts from the last month:
-She started waking up at one every night and wants to eat again!! Uggh.
-She doesn't really love baby food and has already started eating a few big girl foods, carrots, beans and of course my beloved goldfish:)
-She gave up the bottle in May after being sick for a long time. BUT Victory at church yesterday Mick got one down!!
-She loves to wave, baby girls got one trick and she wears it out.
-She does not like Sunday school at all. Not sure what we are going to do about that one.
-She just wants me when I am around. She can be so happy but then if I walk in she goes all whiny til I pick her up. Stinker!
-She loves Micah and wishes he would play with her. Although today he did give her a little lovin'.
-She still nurses SIX times a day if you include the midnight snack she has taken to liking. Plus cereal in the am, plus veggie at lunch and then dinner of fruit and veggie with some table food too! Sheesh!
-She can crawl at the speed of light and loves to cruise around and even lets go every now and then but so far her boots aren't made for walking and I am not upset.
-She has no teeth, still.
-She does this new smile that she squnches up her nose and eyes and smiles at you...something Micah does now when you take his picture.
-She is just like her Momma, she loves to dance (she has two tricks after all:)), her dance move is signature and I love it. I call it the Stevie Wonder...she just kinda does the snake back and forth. It is hilarious.
Ok, ok, enough already. The one other thing is how Sadie Jane seems to be staying a baby a little bit longer than Micah. There are so many differences and similarities between the two and I try not to compare. But I am happy to at least have a reference point this go round. Sadie Jane is growing up but I just feel like she is more babyish than I remember Micah being...maybe it is the cuddliness or the fact that she is still so compact:) I don't want to baby her too much but it is hard when you know it could be your last. I have a feeling I wont be through wrestling with this feeling til she walks down the aisle...ok, probably never.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend with the Cuz.

Playing outside right before the sun went down was the most fun of the week. We love our backyard and are so thankful for Mick making it great.
Sadie Jane loved her new pool, she just didn't want to stay in it.
No day is complete these days without a few dives down the slipnslide. Hayden and Micah tore it up! They were wild and crazy and hilarious!
Love this sweet face.
Hayden and Micah also play "doctor" Yikes! This time Hayden had a hurt leg. Glad Dr. Micah could get him fixed up real nice.
And here is the dr's office. Double Yikes!! This picture is like the ISPY version for Micah and Hayden.
Nice melon.
Sadie Jane getting left by the boys...again. Poor girl.
Have you tried the new spicy sandwich yet? There is my CFA plug for the day:)
We finished each day with our best monkey friend watching some Curious George 2. Micah is obsessed with this movie and we were thankful for the few minutes before bed to wind down. (I am talking about Mick and I, not the boys.)

We kept telling Jenny and Budda that we would keep Hayden for a weekend so that they could enjoy the lake childfree. We kept him this weekend and has a lot of fun. I have heard people say once you have two it doesn't really matter but three is harder...but not by much when the third is older than your two. Hayden helps a good bit. The hard part is the competitive spirit that he and Micah have on overdrive when they get together...from cup color to pj's to getting into and out of the car first. EVERYTHING is a race and with Micah being a few years younger he inevitably loses and he is a sore loser at that. Micah also does not share toys OR his Daddy well. We decided those were the two things that we definitely need to work on. Other than that and the things that go with having three we had ton of fun as a family. Playing and playing and hanging out together. We took a trip to the mall, the pool and walks around the neighborhood and of course the precious slipnslide.
As a sidenote we have eaten at home EVERY night this week! I know for most of you you wonder where else would we have eaten, right? But those that know us well know that we utilize coupons, family and sharing food so that we can eat out as much as possible. BUT, with the new grill and a trip to Sam's we have had a great week eating at home and have really enjoyed it. Boring news, but needed to document it because I am pretty sure it wont happen again for a long, long, time. But now we'll at least eat a few meals at home.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun with the Girls!!

This summer our friend Destiny has been home from college and we have all LOVED it. She has come over and babysat the kiddos for an hour or two and let me run errands or run with Aim, etc. It has been great. But it stunk that I couldn't hang out with her too. So yesterday after she watched the kiddos we went to the pool and her sister Devon came too. Sadie Jane loved Devon! We all had so much fun, unfortunately Micah is still in his don't take my picture unless it is my idea stage:( Boo hiss. Thanks Des! We love you. My sister and I had a few of the same babysitters when we were little and they are still special to us. I wanted my babies to have someone else other than family that they got used to hanging out with (especially Sadie Jane with her separation issue). It is so fun for me to come home and watch Micah talk to De--es. He somehow makes her nickname two syllables. So thankful for these fun summer days and to Mick for working his booty off at summer school so we can play at the pool.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Heavy Heart...

Last week Heather checked she and Chase out of the facility she was enrolled in. I haven't talked to her since my last visit that just Micah and I went to visit with her and Chase. Details of the situation aren't really that important nor is it my business to share her business (at least not on here:)) I mainly share so you know not to send her things there anymore...and I would just ask you to pray for her and the baby. Her situation is hard no matter where she resides and I simply want to be apart of her life. It looks like she is cutting me out again and that makes me so sad. I have alot of other emotions too, but sadness is the most prominent. Heather sometimes reads my blog, so if she's reading I simply want her to know that I love her and am proud of the changes she has made for her life. I know it was hard being where she was and partly understand her wanting to leave. Again, no matter what choices she makes she'll always be my sister and I will always love her. The end.

Busy Family Weekend.

We had a fun weekend but it was pretty full and busy. Friday night was baby Rex's first birthday Pool Party. It was alot of fun and the kiddos loved getting in the pool. Sadie Jane sported a hairbow in the pool which made me smile of course. After we got home Micah decided to make his tonka truck a push toy. Meaning Mick should push him in it and they had such fun. Then Micah pushed Mick and nearly broke it. That is what the funny pictures are from.
The next day we had a shower for Mrs. Mann or my friend Erin whichever you like to call her with some supper club friends. I did not bring my camera for this one. But the story to tell is about Micah and Erin's little boy Barrett. Those two are two peas in a pod. Seriously they are like each others clones and Erin and I have discussed the fact numerous times that they talk, act, do the same things. They were the lone two at Aunt April's house and they went up to the playroom and got quiet. I jokingly said I better go make sure no one is jumping out the window and I go upstairs to check and lo and behold what have they done but opened a window with no screen and are dangling things out the window. Neither would fess up to opening it and they each blamed each other. Needless to say they stayed downstairs the rest of the shower.
Sunday we went to church and hung out as a family. The story of Sunday was that Miss Sadie Jane got kicked out of Sunday School. Baby girl cried and cried so much that they had to come get us. She was even doing that pitiful thing where she can't catch her breath. Sad. I don't know what her deal soon as I got her she was fine. I hope it isn't really bad separation anxiety due to the fact that I NEVER leave her anymore. Not neccesarily my choice, just no opportunity to get a sitter etc.
I think Mick had a good father's day. He got a grill that I am possibly more excited about than he is...hee hee. He did get to watch baseball, nascar and golf all simultaneously so I think that was probably the better gift. Ok, so this post is a bit boring so I will stop.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there who read the blog. I think that would make this a personal blog since I am pretty sure Mick is the only male who reads least I kindasorta hope so.

Anyways I wanted to start a new tradition of asking Micah a few questions about Mick each Father's Day and recording the answers...of course adding Sadie Jane when she can participate.

1. How old is Daddy? 37

2. Your Daddy has big________? whiskers

3. What is your favorite game to play with Daddy? baseball

4. What is Daddy's job? baseball field

5. Daddy bothers you when he _________? not anything!!

6. Daddy makes you happy when he__________?

7. What is Daddy's name? Daddy

8. What is Daddy's favorite food/restaurant? soup/outback

9. Anything else you wanna say about Daddy? I love 'em

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Captain Adorable.

Micah has a pair of pj's that have a cape like the Superman ones, etc. But they say Captain Adorable. And while he drives me bonkers at times he really is adorable to me. Today was his three year old check up a month late and since there were no shots it was pretty fun. I didn't realize all the hearing and vision stuff that started with that checkup. Unfortunately we had a very sweet hispanic nurse that spoke with a VERY thick accent so I don't know how well Micah would have done had he understood more of what she was saying. When she asked Meeca to please nime the piture he looked at her like she had two heads. I finally told him that she was saying name the picture and he immediately caught on. When it happened again I had to explain to her that we talk "country" in our house. Micah was so scared for the whole examination that his dr commented he was the best behaved three year old he had seen in a long time. I assured him he was not the best behaved three year old at our house...and in proper fashion as soon as I got the words proud of you...out the mouth in the car a fit came upon us. He is 35 pounds and 3 feet something inches. The big news was the doctor said no booster til 40 pounds. Micah was super disappointed as was I because now it looks as though we are going to have to buy another car seat since we can't kick him out to put SayJ in and I don't think we can beef him up five pounds in the time it takes our sweet hungry hippo to gain one more:)
On another note for Micah we have been extremely injury/accident prone lately.
His injuries in just the last week:
-black and bruised eye from being hit in the eye from a frisbee shot from Haydee
-scraped elbow from a fall on the walk to the pool
-we all remember the near death visible injuries...just psychological
-the worst was a terrible fall from the top of his playhouse when trying to also carry his applejuice up. bruises and a huge scratch on his back.
Those are just the ones I remember...hee hee.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SayJ says Hi!

This is my first attempt at video. Sadie Jane has started waving today anytime you say hi or bye. Too cute not to post.

So it is sideways with no sound. Nice. You get the picture...haha...the video. I will do better next time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain Rain DONT Go Away!

The two dry girls!!
And the silly soaking wet boys!!

When we got home from dinner tonight we had planned to go for a walk in the somewhat stifling heat. But as we were getting out of the car out of no where it started pouring rain. Micah was so disappointed that we weren't going for a walk so we all went out on the back porch to listen to it rain when it started getting harder and harder. Somehow the boys just started getting wet and then Mick started a water fight with Micah. Sadie Jane and I stayed inside the doorway and took pictures and we all laughed and laughed. Good times. Memories. Love it.